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  1. 45 for the bottom 2 darters?
  2. I would have a metal lip as well. Like a peanut or a Danny should work during the blitzes. But besides that you seem pretty set.
  3. I have practiced re-entry in my outback as well. The best advice I can give is grab the opposite handle with your hand and lift yourself up while kicking your legs. To be honest it didn’t take too much effort to get onto it. Just practice a few more times and it shouldn’t be to difficult. The conditions of the water also play a role in your ability to get back on. Good luck!
  4. I’ll take for 30 shipped?
  5. I got a treble stuck in my palm this spring. Fish was still attached to the other treble and it took a good 20 min before I got it out. Not a fun experience. I needed to radio in a boater with cutters. His cutters eneded up not working so I had to crush that barb down and rip it back out. Now I always have cutters on the yak.
  6. Possibly split the green 2oz darter and needle?
  7. Hahaa this reminds me of this one spot I fish. That’s the technique I’ve seen everyone use there. You could wait for it to float up the water column and then use that method.
  8. Still looking!
  9. Sorry for the double post. Please delete one
  10. Title says it all. Can be used or new.
  11. Title says it all. Can be used or new.
  12. I’ll take the ss needles for 30 shipped