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  1. are any of those other ones available or just the blurple one.
  2. oh J2, didn’t even know they had that. how much would you want for it and what color do you have. was really looking for the other ones but might consider
  3. yea the JJ2 as well. send pics of what you have and price
  4. Looking for jetty swimmer, jj1 and jj2. Preferably new. White or black. but open to other colors as well. Post whatever you have
  5. wanted to keep it under/around a 100
  6. let’s put this up again. 170 pick up
  7. bump
  8. looking for a ski rack for rod transportation. something in decent condition would be preferred. let me know what y’all have. thanks in advanced
  9. out of curiosity what did you plan on using this rod for? steelhead?
  10. 35? Sound good?
  11. Bought this wetsuit boot last year and used it twice. Don’t really need it just collecting dust. Payed like 60 bucks for it will sell for 40 shipped. (NeoSport 5mm Hard Sole Boot) Size 10
  12. I have a 8foot 1/2-1 1/2oz shimano termar. Sweet rod just don’t use it much. Only used a handful of times. Can post pics if interested.
  13. You only caught it because of the rusty hook. Hahaaa man just kidding, nice job!!
  14. Can you post pic and price