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  1. I don’t think it would be too long. Most of my kayak rods are 7 foot. I don’t think the extra 3 inches would be that much of a difference.
  2. Nice i didnt even know they made those...
  3. Your kayak came with reflective bow stickers? Can you post a picture of them?
  4. Ohh man that is sweet!!! Is that all hooked up to a battery box? And do you have a switch mounted somewhere to turn them on and off
  5. Great video thanks. Was just hoping there was a less expensive brand.
  6. That’s sweet!!! How much did the set up run you?
  7. So as of recent I've been fishing some lakes at night and the boat traffic could get pretty dangerous. I wanted to throw some led strips on the outside of my yak. Possibly a a strip or two on the inside as well. I was planning to use it when crossing lakes or when I see a boat coming close. When fishing I'd probably like to have them turned off. I'm fishing out of a Hobie outback and wanted to know what brand of light you guys are using. Yak Power seems like a super legit company but also seems super expensive. Post your rigs and what lights you guys used. Much appreciated....
  8. If your car is registered with ezpass you won’t even get a notice. I have 2 cars on one ezpass. And sometimes I forget to put the ezpass from one car to another and I still drive through the tolls. Usually says “toll not paid” or something along those lines. But your account will get charged. Not a big deal...
  9. Intrested in suit if you split
  10. Sorry guys. Found some super cheap at the store. Please close..
  11. How much for the two in the green packaging? Assuming they’re 5 inch
  12. Looking for 5 inch red fins. No fancy colors that will break the wallet. Just basic fish catching colors. Looking for 2-3. Please post pics and price. Will consider one 7 inch as well.
  13. Anyone know how water quality is in RB. Thinking of making a drive down right now. Should be fishable right.
  14. Pretty much still looking for all white. But how much for that blue scale
  15. Anyone have any more trollers in white. Open to most makers