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  1. Looks like conch
  2. I'm selling my Hobbie Sports pedal drive kayak. Everything works as it is supposed too. Great for fishing or just a day out on the water. I'm 195lbs and 5'10 and its a comfortable ride. Also includes paddle w/ leash and wheels for easy transport. Asking $800 Does not include fish finder, rods or tackle bag
  3. I used to hunt sea ducks from shore years ago totally doable. Just a heads up though most sea ducks smell and taste awful.
  4. Copperhead! Never saw one of those in person thats a really nice find
  5. nice find! I'm pretty sure that In the top picture just to the left of the head of the snake it looks like there are 2 snakes and they are mating. You can see the 2 tails wrapped around one and other. Very cool. My girlfriend and I spend a lot of time around ponds and in the woods looking for snakes throughout the summer something we both enjoy doing.
  6. Kings Inn on route 6
  7. Did someone kidnap his family again?!?! This guy just can't catch a break!
  8. Female=g.u.n.t Male=gock
  9. I understand if you were out in the brush hunting birds and your dog needs to do it business you shouldn't have to pick it up but if its on a the path then 100% you should pick it up. Im a hiker and mountain biker and it ticks me off that people don't have the common courtesy to pick up after there dog.Have you ever run over a steaming pile on a bike? Its not fun things go airborne when flung off a tire. I speak from experience. I also think the horse riders should have to pick up after themselves. Ive been on trails after a few hores have gone by and had to walk off the trail into the brush to get around all the crap. Im not expecting them to bag it up and carry it out but would it be to much trouble to stop and move it off the trail? I think if we all had a little courtesy for our fellow trail users and picked up or atleast moved the poop off the trail into the brush we wouldn't have these stupid unenforceable laws. Thats my rant agree or disagree but what it comes down to is I don't want someone pet's s**t on me or my shoes.
  10. I was tog fishing off a local bridge yesterday and got caught in a down pour. I packed up and ran back to the car. When I was driving over the bridge heading home I saw a funnel way off in the distance. It was crazy one side of the sky was sunny and the other looked like the the end of the world. One wierd thing I noticed was there was a Blackhawk helicopter flying around durning the whole thing. Maybe they were tracking the storm?
  11. Maybe it's a Negan type of thing
  12. Here are two tails I mounted a few years back.
  13. Hows the surf Is the storm still churning things up?
  14. I took a few cast at them today and had a brief hook but lost it. They are definitely around.
  15. No offence but you think paying someone 100k a year to measure fish and write tickets is reasonable? I understand they are a needed for the protection of our fishery but how about paying them 50k and hire 2 for the price of one. I don't mean to disrespect but it annoys me when I'm fishing out on my kayak and I see an EPO on the shore sitting in his air conditioned truck for hours while collecting my hard earned money. I know that there are good apples amongst the bad but 100k is ridiculous!