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  1. Thanks for all the input. Picked up a BW from plumbing supply. Draining and moving the tank was the biggest hassle. Shark bites connectors made everything else a snap. The BW HW heater I replaced was 17 years old....
  2. Home depot has GE, lowes has whirlpool. My leaking original is Bradford white - should I try and find another BW from plumbing supply store or are lowes/home depot ok?
  3. Was on beach today and all worked well. Unlocked for ride home, and locked once home just to test. Seems ok. I sprayed the heck out of them with wd40, but have read they need to be greased. Read a lot of forums though where which grease and how much seemed to be debated... Would marine grade grease be a good option?
  4. I've never done any maintenance.... probably why I'm having issues now... I took them apart today and the driver side would not come out. Sprayed it down with wd40 and after about 5 minutes it came loose. Spring and cog were kind of stretched looking. I twisted it and it looked like it went back in place. Hub turned easier and this time front wheels locked. Took passenger side apart and sprayed down. Seems ok now... Might leave them locked thru December. It's just my fishing truck, and everything I've read seems to say a little more wear and tear, but not much leaving them locked.
  5. I just opened them up for first time ever:shock: Gear/cog looking thing was stuck inside and spring was stretched. Sprayed with wd40 and it popped out 5 minutes later. Re- seated spring and is turning ok. Opened up other side and lubed. Turns easier. Locked em up, put in 4 wheel and it seems to have worked. Can't turn on dry ground, etc which I could do yesterday... Could it really be that simple? Thinking about leaving them locked thru December since this is only my fishing truck...
  6. What to check.? Dial turns from free to lock, but front wheels not receiving power. Hubs were really hard to turn this year so I made a tool out of PVC to make it easier to turn. Could it be as easy as taking them off, cleaning, putting back on? Or am I looking at something else? 86 Toyota PU Thanks
  7. My 86 Toyota pickup failed me for the first time... Even though manual hubs were turned to lock front wheels wouldn't turn. MM took time out of his (and his family's) time to pull me 2 miles. Thanks again for the help Bob!
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