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  1. Hey All, Heading up to Maine for a quick Fly Fishing trip next week.. The plan is to fish trout one day and smallies the next... Anyone have any recommendations for Small Mouth Bass Flies? Never really targeted them on the fly. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tom
  2. Egg Patterns and Indicators for me... This fish is my best to date, Hooked him on a Blue Estaz Egg pattern first thing in the morning and lost him after about 5 minutes... Came back to the same spot 4 hours later and hooked him again on the same fly! When we landed him he had the other fly still in his mouth.. Pretty cool experience....
  3. I personally Love the Old Horizon Series Rods... I actually have this exact rod that I just broke on a trip up in Maine! Agreed that they are not new technology blanks now but still a great rod! I just wish it was a 4 Piece *
  4. How Old? I might have one but have to check...
  5. By the way SRM413, I thought about these flies as we were paddling along the bank of the river and I saw Multiple Huge (at least 2") Spiders skimming on top of the water!! Wish I tied a few!
  6. Hey All, So quick trip Update... Had a Great Day on the River Saturday! We had a 40+ fish per person day! A lot of small guys in the 1-1.5 lb range with a hand full of better fish. Here was my Best for the day on a Chartreuse & White Snake Fly... Thanks For All the Help! Regards, Tom IMG_9104.heic
  7. Well here is a example: (timeline) 5:30PM - Home from work (me) - Wife & Kids on the Couch 5:45 PM - Fire off Grill & Cook Dinner (me) - Wife & Kids on the Couch 6:30 PM - Eat dinner & Tell Wife I'm hitting the Beach this evening after everyone is in bed 6:30 PM-7:00 PM - Silent Treatment during dinner 7:00 PM Go Out to Play with Kids - Wife Back on Couch 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM - Hang with Kids watch Movie/TV - Wife on Couch 9:30 PM - Put Kids to bed (Who are also pissed because they can't come fishing with me) - Wife on Couch 9:45 PM - Try to leave to go Fishing 9:45.5 PM - 10:00 PM - Wife pissed because she now has to "Deal with the Kids" (who are in bed) and is exhausted because she has been going "Non-Stop" ALL DAY! (refer to time period from 5:30-9:30) 10:00 PM - My "Edit Button" gets stuck and politely remind her she has done ABSOLUTELY Nothing for the past 4 hours! 10:01 PM - Roll Out of Driveway 2:00 AM - Return home and Hit the couch with the pup... 2 Days Later - Return to the Big Bed!
  8. I don't know about anyone else but I have found that as I get older my "Edit Button" seems to be working less and less these days!!! Things I use to just let slide or ignore I end up calling "BS" on which usually ends with me on the Couch with my pup for a couple days... LOL...
  9. IDK about this?? I think I would get aggravated hand winding on the reel (not to mention line twist mentioned above). Personally I think a small Click & Paw reel for small water is a better option. As Kid mentioned above you never know when a little extra line might come in handy...
  10. I'm guessing here but could it be the Combination Regal/Renzetti Vise?? Nice Hybrid!
  11. Hey All, Thanks for all the Input/Information! I never thought this post would have generated this kind of response! I will keep you all posted at to the outcome of the trip. Regards, Tom
  12. That's pretty funny!!!!
  13. No this was Well North of there..
  14. New Personal Best!
  15. Bugs! Yum...
  16. Drifting the Penobscot River... Thanks for all the Suggestions!
  17. Sounds like a Plan! Thank You... What size/Type Hooks for the Gurgler?
  18. Thanks Shakeyfly! I will have to take a trip down to Scott and check it out!
  19. Hey All, just curious if anyone out there has any experience with the Century Fly Rod Blanks? I am a big fan of their surf rods but have not heard much about the Fly Rod line. My local shop has some #8 & #9 weight blanks and I'm itching to build a new rod and wondering if I should pull the trigger on one. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  20. Plastic envelope opener?? The small square ones??
  21. I have a Bit of a mix and Love them all... For me I buy based off 1. Application 2.Functionality 3.Price 4. Color (Hate to admit it but true) Salt Water Reels for Tarpon, Bonefish, Striper - Abel Fresh Water for Mainly Trout - Nautilus & Hatch