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  1. Egg Patterns and Indicators for me... This fish is my best to date, Hooked him on a Blue Estaz Egg pattern first thing in the morning and lost him after about 5 minutes... Came back to the same spot 4 hours later and hooked him again on the same fly! When we landed him he had the other fly still in his mouth.. Pretty cool experience....
  2. I personally Love the Old Horizon Series Rods... I actually have this exact rod that I just broke on a trip up in Maine! Agreed that they are not new technology blanks now but still a great rod! I just wish it was a 4 Piece *
  3. How Old? I might have one but have to check...
  4. By the way SRM413, I thought about these flies as we were paddling along the bank of the river and I saw Multiple Huge (at least 2") Spiders skimming on top of the water!! Wish I tied a few!
  5. Hey All, So quick trip Update... Had a Great Day on the River Saturday! We had a 40+ fish per person day! A lot of small guys in the 1-1.5 lb range with a hand full of better fish. Here was my Best for the day on a Chartreuse & White Snake Fly... Thanks For All the Help! Regards, Tom IMG_9104.heic
  6. Well here is a example: (timeline) 5:30PM - Home from work (me) - Wife & Kids on the Couch 5:45 PM - Fire off Grill & Cook Dinner (me) - Wife & Kids on the Couch 6:30 PM - Eat dinner & Tell Wife I'm hitting the Beach this evening after everyone is in bed 6:30 PM-7:00 PM - Silent Treatment during dinner 7:00 PM Go Out to Play with Kids - Wife Back on Couch 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM - Hang with Kids watch Movie/TV - Wife on Couch 9:30 PM - Put Kids to bed (Who are also pissed because they can't come fishing with me) - Wife on Couch 9:45 PM - Try to leave to go Fishing 9:45.5 PM - 10:00 PM - Wife pissed because she now has to "Deal with the Kids" (who are in bed) and is exhausted because she has been going "Non-Stop" ALL DAY! (refer to time period from 5:30-9:30) 10:00 PM - My "Edit Button" gets stuck and politely remind her she has done ABSOLUTELY Nothing for the past 4 hours! 10:01 PM - Roll Out of Driveway 2:00 AM - Return home and Hit the couch with the pup... 2 Days Later - Return to the Big Bed!
  7. I don't know about anyone else but I have found that as I get older my "Edit Button" seems to be working less and less these days!!! Things I use to just let slide or ignore I end up calling "BS" on which usually ends with me on the Couch with my pup for a couple days... LOL...
  8. IDK about this?? I think I would get aggravated hand winding on the reel (not to mention line twist mentioned above). Personally I think a small Click & Paw reel for small water is a better option. As Kid mentioned above you never know when a little extra line might come in handy...
  9. I'm guessing here but could it be the Combination Regal/Renzetti Vise?? Nice Hybrid!
  10. Hey All, Thanks for all the Input/Information! I never thought this post would have generated this kind of response! I will keep you all posted at to the outcome of the trip. Regards, Tom
  11. That's pretty funny!!!!
  12. No this was Well North of there..
  13. New Personal Best!