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  1. I have a older model Saragosa18000 that I only used a 1/2 dozen times... I had upgraded the drag in it for chasing Small Bluefin... I've been toying with selling it..
  2. We use to catch Fluke in the Merrimack River back in the day around the Ice Breaker... Some years they were there others non-existent. My buddy does a lot of Spear Fishing and says the North Jetty (Salisbury Side) is loaded with Tog & Black Sea Bass but I have never seen anyone specifically try to target them there. Flounder fishing is pretty good just outside the mouth of the river as well.
  3. Didn't notice any Slicks last night or any remanence of diesel... Wonder if there was a Spill reported?
  4. Yup... Tried a new Location on the Pier from where we usually fish that had deeper water but after 3 hours had nothing to show for it.... Had Squid under the light but nothing biting! So moved back to our usual spot and had 4 on the first 4 drops...Ended up with 3 dozen before I had to leave...
  5. The Morning After... Guess I parked to close...
  6. Never personally tried Scup but had a Buddy whole used them in a Red Sauce and said they are delicious!
  7. Hey Sam, Absolutely Nothing better! However my Wife might differ on that opinion... She thinks I'm NUTS! LOL But hey good news, the Squid light also doubles as a cool pool light for the kids so as far as I'm concerned it is a Win-Win..
  8. Pretty Quick project if you already have PVC Spikes... Went to Home Depot and picked up 2 - 4' sections of 2"x2" Angle Aluminum and 4 Pipe clamps... Laid the PVC Spikes into the Angle Aluminum and clamped it down (2 Clamps per spike).. Not super pretty but only a 10 minute project and did the job.
  9. I have 3 in my basement for about 8 months now... Super Bright! Love them
  10. Update... DYI Light Complete and Works...
  11. Working on a DYI Submersible Green LED light right now! We'll see how it works
  12. Just an Update... Been out the Past couple Nights up on Cape Ann... 1st night we had a school of 3-5 inch squid under the light almost all night but could not get them to hit anything?? We did scratch 1 about 8" before the night was over. Last night was a little more productive as I Hooked up a 2500 LUM LED to my truck... Ended up with 8 for the night with a couple of escapees...
  13. MA Sunset
  14. North Dakota Sun Rise
  15. Thanks everyone for the feedback!!! Keep you guys posted