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  1. Anyone in the know, did they change these things apart from the single rear hook? I have a couple from last year, one 5" and one 6" that worked fine, but I just got a couple more and out of the box, both sucked. They hardly stayed at the surface, and I couldn't get them to pop, even with a faster retrieve. They just cranked in below the surface. The old ones in the pic are bone and the new ones are wonder bread.TIA
  2. Anyone know how to stream online or on demand?
  3. Sounds like a great last day out. Looking forward to icing some crappies this winter.
  4. Sorry for your loss SBK. Hoping to give it one more go this week before I do the official car clean-out.
  5. 5 fake dollars for 1usd is a decent exchange rate. Selling the counterfeits gives them the real money that can be laundered and made into $$$ in a bank account in the cayman islands
  6. I was north of wells this afternoon and evening, about 12 birds circling and diving on some of the rocks in deeper water about 400 yards out. Couldn't see any surface activity, so I'm not sure what was out there. Found some peanuts getting chased just off the beach. After an hour chasing the school all I saw was one mackerel chase my sebile magic swimmer in. Left the school and fished an area that gave up some micros a couple days ago. Managed one micro just a little bigger than my 7" redfin and had a couple swirls by similarly sized fish. Very slow, but enough to try again.
  7. I caught my last bass november 4th last year at the mouth of a southern maine river after fishing for about 45 minutes. Walked back to the car pretty quickly to warm up. Called it a season after that. This fall due to work schedule and spending a couple weekends out of town I haven't been able to get out much. Luckily I always get to fish on the Chesapeake bay around thanksgiving, always get to look forward to that. Hopefully I'm going to wet a line this weekend somewhere in southern maine.
  8. The plastic fish lip grippers work really well in that situation. I keep mine on a homemade bungee cord that I have attached to the kayak with a carabiner. Its strong enough that if the fish needs some resuscitation, I can hang it over the side and paddle around. It works well. I also switched all my plugs to have a single tail hook instead of a treble.
  9. banner morning
  10. I was thinking about that, but April is a little too early for stripers up here. Wont be coming up with any theorems applicable to eclipses anytime soon.
  11. Out on the water, didn't notice any darkness. Back to the chalkboard to figure out how to catch fish during the day in August
  12. Looks like we will only get 58% coverage, probably won't be much darker than a cloud passing over head. I don't think I've ever fished a lunar eclipse, maybe Ill try that too.
  13. At peak, yes it lasts only a couple minutes, but the entire phenomenon lasts for a couple hours edit: The partial will begin around 130 and end around 356
  14. So do the fish think its another dusk and dawn period? The map shows us in the 50-75% coverage area. Headed out to try the daytime nighttime fishing. Maybe the fish will be too busy watching the eclipse and ignore my plug.
  15. That is a big school of pogies. Hopefully the blues come. A little south of saco bay I watched a school of bait getting harassed just out of casting distance for about there hours on the incoming tonight. There were some fish closer in, had some chase but never hooked up. Walking around right before sunset, spotted a whale just offshore swimming only about a half mile out. I think it was a minke