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  1. Nothing of any value there...the flatfish with the neat hardware is a 40's flapjack phantom...if in perfect more than $10...other is wooden flatfish pretty common..the rest are all very common.The best one of the group is the green paw paw mouse...but not in that condition,missing tail and other issues.If ex. would be around $25.Wish I had better news for ya.
  2. sounds good....will you be posting the pics soon?
  3. Not in that area....whats the name of the shop,or website?
  4. A great reel in original box with instruction/parts manual,tool ,lube and parts. $125 shipped to you.
  5. Hi...thanks for the reply.I'm basically buying fly reels like the ones pictured.They are either German silver or may be plated silver,with hard rubber sides.May be either raised pillar or not.I will also buy certain Pflueger fly reels and possibly Hardy depending on which ones.More like late 1800's,early 1900's thanks
  6. Will trade for other usable quality fly reels,Orvis,Hardy,others.Will add cash to even value.If not interested in trading I will buy your reel..Looking for Vom Hofe,Leonard fly reels.thanks.
  7. No problem....good luck
  8. $160 for LRH Lightweight reel and case.Shipping included
  9. Hi...I have an LRH made in England in used condition in a Hardy case.
  10. I have a mint 712 greenie in original box with tool/grease bag and extra spool.

    The box is solid but soiled from storage and has writing on it.Let me know if

    you would be interested. Nick

    1. 1badf350


      thanks Send me good pics 240-507-3249

  11. Penn 710 with everything included.... $130 priority shipping included in U.S.
  12. missing pic..sorry
  13. Super reel with everything shown.$140 shipping included
  14. I always pay asking price...if no price and they want an offer I offer 1/2 value or so and they are usually very happy with my offer.If i'm at a flea market and everything is priced..I just pay their prices if I want it.I always help them with values on their items to aid them just as a guide.I have been at a few estate sales where I'm sure the items were overlooked and not thoroughly researched and I have done very well,but I consider chalking that up to my time put in and knowledge in my field.Sometimes at an antique shop a dealer will price a common colored lure at a ridiculous price ...and sometimes you may find one in a very tough color priced like a common colored all works out.
  15. Thanks for sharing...your a brave soul!