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  1. Any squid around the cape? Looking at heading out on a few days. Wouldn’t mind catching some snacks. Thanks.
  2. How often do you guys oil and grease your reels? And can you have too much grease on the gears inside the reel? I am relatively new to the whole saltwater game. I have been reluctant to spend too much on gear because of the corrosive nature of salt water and the amount of time I get to spend out there. But now that I'm hooked I will be looking to upgrade soon. That will come next year!
  3. I was there last weekend and found Hypo needles in the grass just above the rocks. Damn junkies! I couldn't imagine falling on one of those.
  4. We New Yorkers always try to release Sasquatch back to their natural habitat. It was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy the ocean you jack***!