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  1. Lighter. Stronger.Quality control isn't considered a nuisance.Customer service is important to them.
  2. ODM. Hands down.
  3. Anybody tried to cut through a hook with these?Would they handle a task like that if you managed to get yourself buttoned up to your favorite plug?
  4. Don't trim it; build up level with masking tape.If it's not snug,build up evenly with tape till it fits.The $330 manufacturer cut it short where it wouldn't show to save a penny.If you "trim" it, you're likely to have fit'n'finish trouble.Just slide the butt cap over it.Any 2-part epoxy from the hardware store will suffice.
  5. Yep.Beauty of a brown. The"X"s on salmon look like "X"s,not like spots.
  6. Tie some feathers or bucktail on 'em and use 'em fer the tail hook on your plugs.
  7. Genius.Convert a busted Coleman lantern into a $150 bird feeder that keeps the rain off the squirrels.My old man usedta trap 'em in a hav-a-hart,paint their tails with a spray can,and release 'em across town.(the spray was so he'd know if the bastids found their way back.)So far as I know, they didn't come back,but every now and then someone would mention seeing an orange-tailed squirrel in north Clinton.
  8. I'm very pleased to see so many guys from this board getting more involved. Even a year ago,a run at any conservation stuff died a quick death.Politically,this stuff is so convoluted, with so many agencies,so much behind-the-scenes dealing,obfuscation,and deliberately incomprehensible legalese that very few of us (including me) can understand it,let alone deal effectively with it.If Charles didn't post important info on here,most of us would be totally clueless.Big opportunity to do good here, Tim. Conservation forum?
  9. Fwiw...OP was complaining about poachers (illegal by definition).He never mentioned Hispanics or any other race.
  10. ...and you'll have done something positive to end this nightmare.
  11. Wow.I,I,I.Me,Me,Me.Get the shot,Derek.It only hurts for a minute.It's really not a big deal.You'll have a clear conscience if a loved one gets sick...
  12. I'm sorry. I just don't understand the resistance. Masks or shots,if you can't catch it,you can't give it to someone else.Nobody likes shots.Nobody likes masks.I don't believe so many people can be so afraid of needles or so uncomfortable in a mask (and I've got copd).It's gotta be somethin' else.I'm afraid what it says is so many people just don't care about anybody else.Never mind the Karens when we've got so many Dereks.Cowboy up and rejoin America.
  13. Yep.Smart folks seem to have trouble understanding what us dumb folks hafta put up with.I put my shotgun on the roof of the car while dealing with a pair of rambunctious shorthairs, my vest, car keys, coupla dead birds,etc.,and drove off.It was,not surprisingly,gone when I went back.To my credit, it was a mistake I never made again.Unless you count a coupla cups of coffee that met the same fate. Unk.
  14. Built as a baitcaster? Or spinning rod?
  15. Anybody else remember when the Housatonic (in Ct.) caught fire?