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  1. OMG...buy a good used Penn 109.It'll do anything a tog fisherman needs and last forever with a little maintenance. Use the extra three hundred bucks sensibly.
  2. . At least ya don't hafta get epoxy off the cat. They resent the help.
  3. Sounds like your problem needs to be addressed elsewhere.Girlfriends asking "where's the meat?" aren't somethin' we're good at. I hope.
  4. Many kids spend too much time blunting the real world with their techstuff; reality is scary when it intrudes. Also,any kid with any sense should be worried.It's more of a "survival of the privileged" world than it was in the past.$200 K for an education; $7.50 an hour minimum wage--not many of us are born with all the right stuff to guarantee success.
  5. Nice to hear Gary Loomis is hands-on involved again. Time to check"em out.
  6. I use Loctite's superglue. I'm also a FG knot guy. A properly tied and glued knot will not slip.
  7. That's been illegal for many years.
  8. Eel.
  9. I like what you're sayin',esmer. I visited OBX this spring;they had a 1 small slot fish limit on channel bass.Period. Some kind of recognition certificate for a photo of a big fish. Came back with increased respect for them rednecks. I like the one fish trophy stamp idea too.
  10. So-o-o-- The volume of corrupt politicians has a direct correlation to the number of people they make crazy. Just my takeaway. And yeah, I'm from Ct.
  11. Might not be in the cool guys' surf bag, but it takes a brave man to walk the banks of the canal with Al Gag's mackeral whip-it fish dangling from his rod.
  12. They're not common enough up here to target, but we are seeing them increasingly. And yeah. They're tasty.
  13. Hope this all works out for you. Not to criticize, but my first call would've been to a lawyer. In the few ,rare incidents I've had on the right side of the law, a quick letter from an attorney has usually resolved things. Once I even turned a profit. I wouldn't expect his work to be any better than his ethics; also worth mentioning to the lawyer.
  14. Guess I'm missin' somethin'serious here. I put 'em on a shelf -sometimes the same shelf as the reel if I take the reel off the rod. If I take one fishin', I put it in my pocket or my gearbag.
  15. Nope. I'd like to think I could muster that much bravery,but I don't think I could even do it out of stupidity. Pretty good reason for these lifeguard stations to have rescue boats on hand.