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  1. "Embroidery" thread is the bomb! It's a polyester, and-depending on the mfr.- I prefer it to nylon. Madeirea and Sulky are polyesters that are now used extensively by rodbuilders; I've found a product called "Gliss" with which I've replaced most of my inventory. I like the colors,the sheen, and the workability. Treat it the same as nylon (c.p. or no c.p.,depending on the effect you want.) And at $4-$5/ 1000m spool,you can avoid the "specially for rod-builders" rip-off.
  2. Gotcha.Thanks. And as we all know, the first thing the N.Y. contingent wants to do is share.
  3. ? RastaFAri Health Alliance? Little help here, Drew.
  4. Not puttin' down anybody's suggestions here; I've been wanting to buy the Makaira 10000 since it was debuted 2 yrs. ago. To my knowledge, it hasn't been available/produced since (gear molds were broken). If I'm mistaken, I'd sure appreciate knowing who actually has 'em in stock.(not the same as being willing to take my money 'till they get 'em in stock.) Thanks. Unk.
  5. Karen- I've got the same problem in Ct.--no decent builder supply shops around. Try looking up the dates for your local big fishing shows/expos--they should be coming up soon,and-depending on the show- are there so that the various mfr.s can display their stuff.
  6. Pikers.
  7. Give it up, Mike.From the caliber of the questions,we just aren't smart enough to be buyin' rod blanks.Someone might get hurt.
  8. Seems to me, Mass. deserves full credit for protecting consumers thru good policies and enforcement and nipping this problem in the "bud". heh-heh. Get it?
  9. Op- As fishermen we need to keep abreast of the dopers? They're in OUR haunts and -speakin' for myself- I feel no need to research whatever new dope comes down the pike. I'm willing to help anyone in trouble,including junkies,but as fishermen, we need to keep abreast of wind ,tide, and the newest pencil popper.
  10. OMG...buy a good used Penn 109.It'll do anything a tog fisherman needs and last forever with a little maintenance. Use the extra three hundred bucks sensibly.
  11. . At least ya don't hafta get epoxy off the cat. They resent the help.
  12. Sounds like your problem needs to be addressed elsewhere.Girlfriends asking "where's the meat?" aren't somethin' we're good at. I hope.
  13. Many kids spend too much time blunting the real world with their techstuff; reality is scary when it intrudes. Also,any kid with any sense should be worried.It's more of a "survival of the privileged" world than it was in the past.$200 K for an education; $7.50 an hour minimum wage--not many of us are born with all the right stuff to guarantee success.
  14. Nice to hear Gary Loomis is hands-on involved again. Time to check"em out.