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  1. So-o-o-- The volume of corrupt politicians has a direct correlation to the number of people they make crazy. Just my takeaway. And yeah, I'm from Ct.
  2. Might not be in the cool guys' surf bag, but it takes a brave man to walk the banks of the canal with Al Gag's mackeral whip-it fish dangling from his rod.
  3. They're not common enough up here to target, but we are seeing them increasingly. And yeah. They're tasty.
  4. Hope this all works out for you. Not to criticize, but my first call would've been to a lawyer. In the few ,rare incidents I've had on the right side of the law, a quick letter from an attorney has usually resolved things. Once I even turned a profit. I wouldn't expect his work to be any better than his ethics; also worth mentioning to the lawyer.
  5. Guess I'm missin' somethin'serious here. I put 'em on a shelf -sometimes the same shelf as the reel if I take the reel off the rod. If I take one fishin', I put it in my pocket or my gearbag.
  6. Nope. I'd like to think I could muster that much bravery,but I don't think I could even do it out of stupidity. Pretty good reason for these lifeguard stations to have rescue boats on hand.
  7. Guys-- A problem with today's multi-section rods-and the reason this is more of a problem than in the old 2-pc. days- is the effect torque has when transferred thru disparate sections.Twisting is unavoidable during casting, particularly with 2-hand techniques. Each section of the blank may depart from being straight by a small (or not so small) degree,the effects of which are magnified up the blank during casting. To minimize this torque, the blank should be " built to straight"- assembled, checked, and marked for alignment from butt to tip- before assembly. One of the finer points of a rod build that isn't commonly known,and I'm pretty sure isn't practiced on a factory level. (I'm not talking about "spining" or "splining". That wormhole is something unworthy of consideration. Just talking about straight.) It's a crime to hafta mess up today's beautiful rods with tape at every ferrule. Putting the guides in a straight line down a straight blank will minimize torque's effect on ferrule security.
  8. Good question. Could be; the flip side is if the macks prefer being eaten by stripers.
  9. And what's a "fishing girl"? I mean-- I can see what one is, but- how do ya get---I mean, What do ya do--- I want one. At least.
  10. Aaarghh. Okuma brings out a plastic surf reel for$100 but can't get their 2 yr. old Makaira 10000 into production? Pretty quick I'm gonna take my $700 outa the tackle box I hide it in and give it to someone else.
  11. O.K. Now I get it--kinda. Stumbled on it, couldn't make sense of it, and moved on. Don't feel a need to revisit ; don't need to know they're dumber than I thought.
  12. Thanks, Jeff.
  13. You're still single?!? Stop asking questions and RUN! There are lots of fishing females nowadays. Go find one and spend your evenings casting into the sunset.
  14. Thanks, Drew. I'll do that. Way to go,YD. If enough guys do as you did, we can prevent this from happening and secure viable fisheries for the future.
  15. Access to a long and lovely stretch of the Naugutuck River in Ct. was eliminated by the railroad that owned track and property. Called the river an "attractive nuisance".