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  1. Almost a billion dollars researching a bird??? You got to be kidding the same time there are hungry people in this world.Feed them plovers birds gone problem solved.
  2. New Bern is a very nice place.Has a lot to offer. My favorite place to shop,dine. And all my doctors are there. But I live out in the wilds of Trenton.
  3. Very hard to really pic a all around set up. And everybody has there own favorites.But I think what you are looking at.Is a nice setup for sure.
  4. That sounds like a awsome rifle.
  5. I am going to be away till mid next week. I have a few. Not looking to make any $. Just have to many plugs . I will get back to you.
  6. I have heard guys say the like there tikkas. So I sure won't knock them. But I would also check out a Savage. I recently purchased a model 116 in 300 win mag.I have a safe full of rifles. 243,270, 7mm08,308. But this Savage I like the best. Paid a lot more for some of the others. A Sako and a the Savage for $600 +. Came with scope and rings bore sighted. I did change out the scope that came with package. But it is a 1 hole shooter all day long. Personally if I were buying a elk gun I may go a tad bigger caliber than the 7 08.
  7. RIP TJ
  8. RIP TJ
  9. My SH unit is 6 yo. It receives perfect but transmits very static. Can I rule out antenna cause it receives perfect.and asumme mic problem. I did a lot of research before buying a vhf and did find Icom or Standard Horizon top brands.
  10. I called Bennett twice.They would not sell me one? The first time they said just go to where I buy my boat parts. I call a lot of local dealers with no success. I called Bennett again this time they gave me A few places that might have the part. Finally found one in Seattle Washington. They have changed the relay must of had a lot of trouble with the same problem I had. Because that plug in is eliminated. Mitch Master found it after I already ordered it. But that is the old style .
  11. One thing to think about.Drum have a down turned mouth. They sometimes feed in shallow water with there tails in the air.Rooting out crabs shrimp ect. It's kinda hard for them to hit plugs. But they will when feeding. I know when using walk the dog type plugs back in creeks they often miss the lure. But it sure is a fun way to catch them. Popping corks with DOA tails have recently been discovered to catch old drum. That may work if surf is not to rough.
  12. Not sure on the plugs but walk the dog type plugs catch drum. A popper who knows good a traction lure try it it just may work. Spanish are sometimes und er the birds or you will see bait jumping and fish busting them on top reel fast. GOOD FISHING
  13. I always fished the obx spring and fall mostly fall. So summer fishing I am not sure. I do think most cobia have moved on by then the bigger blues are off the coast. Spanish are around all summer but takes a long cast from the beach first light and last light being best times. I would stop by Frank and Frans B&T in Avon, they know what is going on. Good Fishing!
  14. Thank you so much that is it, I found one at another location but it cost me more.
  15. I called Bennett and got the Part number but can not locate A relay Module here in NC. At least so far. They told me I should be able to get it or order it where boats parts are sold. Anybody know where to order A EIC !0! ?