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  1. MOCO, Back, fished all of incoming, 1 fish at 35", super calm, minimal wind. Only sign of life came on a smokey joe redfin unweighted fished slow as paint drying. Fish exploded and stayed ontop and exhausted itself pretty quick. Reviving it took a good amount of time but she kicked off hard for the next guy.
  2. If these are still available I'll take them
  3. Never heard of that city in jersey, lol. Is 55 shipped cool?
  4. Where in NJ are you?
  5. You mean lot 2 is still available?
  6. When freshwater bank fishing I use multiple rods. I usually just put the butt in the water bottle side holder of my back pack and then put a strap, that's attached to the bag, above the reel. Works well for fresh since I keep all my plugs and tackle in boxes. I've never tried on salt since I usually just carry my stuff on my belt. Might be worth a try if you're willing to carry a back pack and use rods under 8ft.
  7. Sounds good, best of luck on your sale and tight lines.
  8. Would you consider a trade for a fully rigged ocean kayak trident 13?
  9. Got it, best of luck.
  10. Sorry for the confusion, your friend would add a surf rod to the reel for my fully rigged kayak or add cash to the reel for the kayak
  11. Is your friend interested in adding a surf rod or cash and trading for a rigged ocean kayak?
  12. First and only bump, 750 kayak with fishfinder, anchor trolly, anchor, battery, charger, and hobie rudder. 900 all listed above with wheels and paddle.
  13. Sounds good, best of luck to you on your sale and tight lines on the water.
  14. Interested in a trade for a fully rigged ocean kayak trident 13?
  15. I'm not an expert but "myco" typically has several more lesions, this fish has only 2. Also these sores appear to be below the scales and the scale doesn't completely look removed. The only way to be 100% certain would be with an examination of the spleen. With that said, there are several other parasites, bacterial, and viral infections that cause "red sores." My guess would be a parasite with an infection at the site. If you want more info on this shoot me a message and I'll provide some links to some very informative research articles on the topic.