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  1. That "etc" needs to be defined. If you're talking terminal tackle and plugs, on top of rod, reel, line, then you're really pushing the budget into something very low quality if purchased new. I'd say to def try and buy used to knock some dollars off and to go little by little. You can potentially get an older model Spinfisher on the BST here. Rod you can potentially find something used along the lines of those described above, but buying everything new will be tough. New line will knock you back some of your budget on it's own, buying a used reel that's spooled will help there too. The most valuable peace of equipment is free, experience, so whatever gets you on the water is worth it in the long run. Tight lines, see you out there.
  2. Purchase complete, please close thread
  3. Ok let's go, sold. PM
  4. it's 11:30pm over here in Jersey, I'm going to sleep on it and I can let you know in 12 hours if you don't mind holding it. If it's cool can you send over the a picture of the bottom of the reel and serial number. Also any idea on how long shipping will be to the easy coast? Im pretty interested, just want to sleep on it if it's cool.
  5. Where you at? pictures please. Thanks
  6. Bump, taking down in 24 hrs
  7. Trying to make this as quick and efficient as possible. I'm located in central jersey. Color doesn't matter. I posted here before buying new. I'll let this run until the weekend. I have cash in hand and prefer a local pick up. Thanks for looking.
  8. Are you willing to ship to 08817? If so, you can consider it sold.
  9. Payment made. Please close
  10. 110 paypal/venmo?
  11. Bag looks good. No tears or anything I assume?
  12. Very nice bag but I'm looking for something just a little bigger. I also thought it was 1 bag not 2. Best of luck with the sale.
  13. Pictures? I may also consider a purchase