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  1. To all who shall see this post, greetings! I recently moved to the DMV area from New York for a job, and found out that I actually quite like it here. I'm currently living in an overpriced apartment in National Harbor, and I fish for catfish in the Potomac since it's the closest I can get to Surfcasting. That said, I'd like to buy a house one day and was considering other locations in the DMV area. I think somewhere near Salisbury would be best because I'd have access to rivers, streams, bays, creeks, the ocean, etc. However, not having spent more than a couple days in this part of MD, I am weary. During my recon of the area, I realized that Assateague is not a hotspot for Striped Bass or Bluefish (at least in the same way as Long Island). I was also kind of bummed that there aren't a ton of Porgy or Sheepshead either. But there are other fish such as Black and Red Drum, which are pretty cool too. Anyway, what are your thoughts on settling down and living in this area as a fisherman in his 30s? What are some other key places worth looking into as well? Thanks in advance.
  2. Not the waterfall area lol. Mid Potomac
  3. I'm new to Chesapeake. Basically I would like to know if it's legal to wade in the Potomac. More importantly, is it safe? I do not plan on walking out more than a couple feet from shore and only plan to go up to my knees at best. I'm used to wading in the surfs of Long Island. Secondly, can I use lures like spoons or kastmasters that have treble hooks on them? I know the law is that you cannot use trebles with bait, but most lures such as SP minnows and poppers use them. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I ended up buying a new rod from a B and T for about 100 bucks. Found out they do rod repair, brought my rod back in and had the tip "repaired" for like 5 bucks. I kept the new rod anyway.
  5. Basically my rod tip broke off, snapped. Normally I would throw the rod away and just buy a new one, but this was one of my better rods and I was looking to buy something stiffer anyway (for tossing heavier set ups off party boats). I'm also into being resourceful now that I'm older. Should I just keep using the rod, even though the tip is gone? It seems like I might've upgraded a 1/4-5/8 ounce to a 2-4 ounce spinning setup. Thanks
  6. What's a good career for a guy who likes fish and fishing? Ideally something that involves both. Besides the obvious bait and tackle store, charter captain, deck hand, etc. I mean absolutely no disrespect to these guys who work like 16 hours a day in some of the harshest conditions for honest pay. It's just that I think the blue collar nature of this field often keeps away a lot of young men, who are forced by their parents and society into studying something they end up hating and that is basically useless anyway (business, history, criminal justice, etc) I'm thinking marine biologist, researcher, environmental lawyer, public advocate, etc.
  7. I would like to know this as well.
  8. I don't fish here and I don't care to. However, what ever happened to the sheepshead in Sheepshead Bay? I know there are a lot of older folk here who may have been around when they were still abundant.
  9. Basically I have a conventional reel. Can I put the conventional reel on a spinning rod? If not, why? Also, I know that party boats don't typically want passengers to use Spinning Reels when fishing. Why? Thanks.
  10. What do you guys think about this: fleece top and bottoms with full wetsuit underneath?
  11. Anyone know where I can buy a drysuit in person in NYC? I'd like to be able to try it on or at least get an idea of how it fits
  12. I recently started kayaking and enjoy it a lot in Jamaica Bay NYC. I want to keep doing it in October when the weather starts to cool down, my question is how should I dress? Right now, in July, I just wear shorts and a tee shirt. But in October will I need a wetsuit? Drysuit? Maybe just polyester top and bottoms and a weatherproof shell? Also it would be nice to wear something that keeps my butt and legs dry. Water is always getting into my kayak