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  1. I have a 2020 Compass and have fished out of it for 3 seasons now. Really like it. The workaround I used for the plastic padeyes was to tie in a loop with heavyweight parachute cord and clip to that instead of right to the padeye. It's worked for me. The 2022 model seat attachment has been modified to eliminate that problem.
  2. No problem beaching the kayak or running through shallow water. The motor nests flat inside the transducer cavity and has a magnetic latch holding it in place. When the motor is powered up it pops out and deploys If you hit an obstruction it retracts. I've run the motor in very shallow water and beach it all the time without any issues.
  3. I got a TTP last year for my Hobie Compass. It is mounted in the transducer cavity (I don't use a fishfinder). I simply unscrewed the transducer plate and ran the wire through the scupper hole and screwed in the motor mount. Nothing to cut or drill. It works as advertised. At full power it propels the kayak at 3.5 to 4mph. Easy pedaling with my mirage drive with the motor, I can reach 5mph to get to my fishing area. I often fish rivers and it easily takes me up stream in a decent current. I reduce the speed and often use to slowly work my way upstream and fish hands-free. I can also turn down the power to hold my position to fish out a spot. I find I hardly ever anchor to fish with the TPP. The battery pack lasts all day with power to spare for every trip so far. Just plug in the battery pack to a wall outlet and it recharges quickly and easily. It's a winner in my book. Good luck with it if you get one.
  4. This was sent to me this morning.
  5. A poly leader is harder to cast and gets beat up rather quickly, in my experience anyway, than a sink tip line. I carry some poly leaders and use them in a pinch when needed, but for spending a day fishing downunder, they can't replace a sink tip or full sinking line.
  6. The best PFD is one you actually feel comfortable wearing. I kayak fish in a Hobie all the time and wear a Kokatat Leviathan PFD. It's very comfortable to wear and doubles as a fishing vest. I often beach my kayak to wade fish and it holds everything I need without searching around both in and out of my kayak.
  7. I have a Hobie Compass and fish rivers and lakes with it. It works great for me. I also carry in in the back of a short-bed pickup and it is easy to load and unload and rides in the box without any problem. Good luck fishing with your new yak.
  8. Great post ^.......and good advice. I too FF all the time in my kayak (Hobie Compass) in both rivers and lakes. I agree the pedal feature is the most useful thing of all for FFing in a kayak since you really can't put down you rod to paddle and steer while holding your rod and fly line at the same time.
  9. Testing of popular pedal drive kayaks > https://kayakanglermag.com/stories/features/best-pedal-drive-fishing-kayak-pedal-powered-olympics-testing/?fbclid=IwAR1LAWLPIpp3IzvslFaoOxBpyzFOwDBraEZcdu2MZVr4FC1N1sZHG9Am2zM
  10. Not cheap, but I wear a Kokatat Leviathan when fishing in my kayak and when beaching and wading. It's very comfortable and keeps my fishing stuff with me and altogether > *
  11. It's good to see most of the Yakers on here wear PFD's. I have a Kokatat PFD that doubles as a fishing vest. It's comfortable and I wear it all the time.
  12. "Full back" backing plate with "rigging bullets" are a way to install a backing plate in an inaccessible area of your SOT. https://www.yakattack.us/search.php?search_query_adv=rigging+bullet https://www.yakattack.us/search.php?search_query_adv=full+back
  13. The kick-up fin recall was for drives manufactured and sold through September 2019. All drives sold at that time had to be sent back to Hobie for a fix. Any drive manufactured and/or sold after that time are good-to-go. No need to wait, but you may have to because inventories at dealers are low right now since Hobie was shut down during the pandemic.
  14. I choose to buy a Compass over the Outback for several reasons. 1. It's lighter and easier to load and unload in my truck. 2. It's certainly has less features and places for storage in the cockpit, but I fly fish and less is better so as not to get my line snagged on stuff while fishing. 3. Saved a little money. BTW, I purchased the camo version with the 180 drive. I love it! Works great for my fishing. Good luck.
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