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  1. What is the blank rated?
  2. Ill take them if there still available..
  3. Sounds Racial...Hmmm
  4. Congrats !!
  5. Grizzley
  6. I believe its Coast Guard property. They didn't use to care.But they do now....
  7. Daiwa BG..Great for the money.
  8. I'm not the bad guy. Am I ?
  10. Karma!!! Piece of Sh.....t
  11. Busting your B...lls you can call me names all day makes my day go But Philly NOW THAT EXPLAINS IT....
  12. Why are you calling me names? You must be from north Jersey.. Im gonna report you for calling me
  13. I believe it. Same with us..Only thing you can do is keep up on it. And call the people out when you see them but they seem like