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  1. I do not have that disease .I'm sorry you do must suck. You are Sgum
  2. What's a choad? You guys took the bait what can i tell ya. As for as Dave's comments about shrinks i don't find it funny have Mental illness I have ( Anxiety and depression) and my Son has Autism as you all know by now. So we go to shrinks. So dave must think Mental illness and people with special needs is funny.. So if i scum for busting your balls. Then what does that make some of you.
  3. I didn't provoke you people on my 1st question. But after that it was a game to me. I haven't been upset for one minute.You guys are to easy .... And Daves comment about Shrink is insulting to the mentally ill and people with special needs so it pissed me off.. And its CLASSLESS
  4. You lost faith in my trolling abilities after a few f...ckoffs and J...rkoffs..Common brother
  5. Obviously you do , you can stop talking to me.....
  6. I don't think I'm the only one that helps people but i bet you don't..So guess what. F..ckoff
  7. Hurry up Tim..I'm gonna tell the whole site to ****...ff
  8. Rap the Rug around your head and then F..ckoff
  9. They are , and i tell them to f..ckoff to.
  10. I'm not Religious just honest.
  11. That's why there are Attorneys. Give that a shot sweetheart
  12. Now Tim take me off this site for good and erase every post and picture ive ever posted.
  13. Dave you can yourself...You are the most ignorant d..ckhead I've ever come in contact with.
  14. I've made plenty of mistakes maybe thats why who i am today. And i don't EVER feel the need to answer your questions. And don't feel there worth my time.