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  1. I like braid, mono is for leaders.
  2. Sand , I have been using the 65 P pro for awhile and have no other complaints other than having the line dig into the spool after fighting a large bass. That is a big problem and I was informed that the new superbraid doesnt do this, so I am going to give it a shot and see for my self.
  3. Nice paper weight. I will do you a favor lol I will give 33 for da reel and a dozen bucktails, white of course. All ya have to do is send me that reel I will pay for the postage. Hows that for a deal ? . You will catch more fish with those bucktails than you will with that reel !
  4. Switching to superbraid next fill up out with the p pro.
  5. I can live with out Nextels Ptt and the coverage is really bad. Hey what ever happened when all you needed was a phone at home ? End of story.
  6. The price of gas and just the thought of 4 or 5 dollars a gallon by Memorial day makes me sick. I have not filled my gas tank in 2months and only put enough gas in the tank to get by. Just my way of fighting back , I dont need to put that extra 6 or 8 gallons in the tank.
  7. Mtbe pollutes ground water and ethanol pollutes the air and does more harm than good. You will get less gas mileage with ethanol and will have to burn more gas to get the same mileage with Mtbe. Doesnt make much sense in my opinion. They should suspend the 5/16/06 ethanol regulation until there is enough ethanol available . If Washinton suspends the ethanol regulations the price of gas would drop like a rock because the demand aspect is eliminated from the equation. Common sense.
  8. The Compass is a very nice looking suv , but the ground clearence looks kinda low to be driviin on the sand .
  9. Next 4x4 will be a hybrid with out a doubt. Tired of paying thru the nose for gas.
  10. Would be nice to get $ 6 a pound. .
  11. Thought Clooney did a good job in the Perfect Storm .
  12. I was thinking the same thing .
  13. Doesnt ring any bells, sorry.
  14. Bikinis and daisy duke clad chics.
  15. Used Sprint for about 5 years hated it. Switched to Nextel which was great until Sprint took over. Now the service sucks big time, alot of dropped calls no signal ect. My 2 year contract is up next month with Nextel and I am not renewing it. Going to try Verizon or singular.