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  1. First of the season
  2. Thanks for the tips. Any concern about tropical line in the colder water temps out here?
  3. I know there's no shortage of fly line recommendation posts, but I wanted to share specifically what I was looking for, and see if anyone had some feedback. I fish predominately on the East End of Long Island. Hamptons, Montauk, North Fork, etc. There's a variety of water I fish in from flats, to saltwater creeks, to back bays, to the ocean surf. I understand there may be not be a "best line" for all these scenarios. I currently have an airflo striper 9 wt intermediate, it's fine don't think I love it. I am looking for a floating line now, think it's best for what I'm trying to do in most cases. I asked a couple local guides and they recommended tropical bonefish type lines, and I get why when you're polling on the flats up here those could be a good choice. I also read an article where Popovics recommends a Rio Intouch Outbound. Anyone have any thoughts?
  4. Thanks everyone, very helpful!
  5. Hey everyone, Like many of you have some extra downtime with what’s going on lately. Any advice for getting started on tying saltwater flies? I don’t have any of the equipment/supplies yet, so starting from scratch, but eager to get going. Thanks.
  6. First stripers of the year for me in the back creeks during a worm hatch
  7. Hey everyone, Looking for feedback on best tides to fish while wading inshore for stripers. I’ve had some luck, but just trying to identify when I’ll have the most luck. Thanks for the insights.
  8. Awesome, let us know how it goes!
  9. Alexandra Resort right on Grace Bay. Excited!
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone!!
  11. Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a guide to use for bonefish in Turks. I’m headed there in late March, and any advice you may have would be really appreciated.
  12. Very helpful thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, I’m going to be out on the South Fork (East Hampton) and Montauk a bunch over the next couple months. Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the help!
  15. Mostly smaller tarpon. I have hired a guide.