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  1. You might be able to wade at high tide align the causeway road from Everglades city to choke. Maybe along the road next to the west side of good land bridge. Also tiger tail beach in Marco island. Further north barefoot beach in north Naples. If I was staying in ec I’d try to rent a yak and find the creeks right there.
  2. Two goals for 2019. Catch a 50 lb tarpon on fly from a kayak. Last week pulled the hook on one about half that size. To get a 50 everything must go right! Also, catch a shark (blacktop, any size) on fly. Water down here must clear up and need to get some bait in the bays to attract predators.
  3. A year ago I was looking for a 10 wt and my first choice was the TFO ticr. Unfortunately the model had been discontinued. About the same time the tip on my TFO bvk 6 wt broke. TFO repaired the bvk, no problem but I was concerned that the bvk may not be beefy enough for me as a 10 wt. I ended up buying a 10 wt TFO mangrove. I fished the mangrove all winter long and I love the rod. It is a breeze for me to cast. I fished it last winter for tarpon from a kayak and it did lots of pulling. i would not hesitate to buy another mangrove.
  4. I’ve spent winters for the last three years in Bonita springs the next town north of Naples. I have fly fished predominately from a kayak in the creeks surrounding Estero bay. many game fish inhabit the creeks during the winter including snook, jacks and juvi tarpon to name a few. The waters tend to be narrow, tea stained, mangrove lined. My best fishing has always been early in the morning. I use black or purple flies tied on 1 or 1/0 hooks. Look for the bait schools such as mullet. If the water in the creeks is cold, fish the upstream deep holes which will hold the Warmer water. Fish outside bends with moving water. I use simple 9 foot leaders 40 foot butt down to 30 pound. Even the 30 pound will cut easily on a snook gill plate. I’ve found the fish in the creeks very spooky and even from a kayak I’ll spook fish and they will move away after 10 minutes or so. hope this helps. Had very poor results on the gulf beaches last year. Red tide messed it up. ill be down in a month.
  5. Saltfisherman, keep up the Reports! Sounds like the fish are moving around to stay away from the funky water. I think that water quality in Estero Bay Area needs to stabilize before the fishing gets more consistent. nice to hear that your seeing some decent size sheepshead. I’d like to try for them with a fly fishing the mangroves and oyster bars. Need nice clear water to do that from a kayak. I have read that those pinfish make great bait if you just live line on a spare rod. hows the grass flats looking in Estero bay? Any signs of crabs, shrimp, rays, etc.? busy tying baby tarpon flies in anticipation of returning in January. bill
  6. Note Lee County rules exempt farms, pastures for grazing and golf courses, however better than nothing.
  7. Saltfisherman, thanks for for all the great reporting. its good to hear that water appears to be improving. I hope it continues. ill be down to Bonita in January. Save some fish for me! Last winter the fishing was a bust for me along the beach. All winter long the water never looked right. i wish that the Florida state and local govts would get their acts together and do something about the water pollution. Water is a precious resource and it is everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean! tight lines. Seeing any tarpon around?
  8. Saltfisferman, thanks for the almost daily updates on the horrible water situation in sw Florida. I have a condo in Bonita and I have been enjoying the fishing down there for the past three winters. between your posts and the postings from the Calooss water keeper I have been reading new information daily. we were planning a short visit next month, but based on what is going on we may just stay away for a while. what disturbs me is the overall lack of detailed reporting of the human health effects from airborne exposure. Not much being reported. hopefully by January both you and I will be again enjoying some kayak fishing down there. Thanks bill
  9. Saltfisherman, thanks for keeping us updated on the water and health issues in sw Florida. My wife and I like to get down to Bonita Springs in August or sept for a few weeks to enjoy the water and beach in the off-season. However, this year I think we’ll just stay away. It’s too bad because I really enjoy the paddling and fishing in Estero bay and on the beach. its really strange, years ago sw Florida was known for its clean water and great fishing while the northeast area was dealing with polluted waters. Now things seem to have flipped. i don’t understand, it seems to me that the state has not done near enough to reduce the discharge of the polutents that flow into lake o. Hopefully by by the winter the discharges will temporarily stop and we can start to enjoy the fishing again. However, last winter the fishing along the gulf was really bad.
  10. Lovers key has lots of options. May want to rent a kayak or canoe and fish the canals at lovers key early in the am. You can also fish at dog beach early it is located just south of the lovers key entrance. There is also access to big hickory pass on the south side if you park at the Bonita springs beach public parking next to the bridge and walk north about a half mile. Parking I think is two dollars per hour. pm me for more info on access or creek fishing.
  11. I switched from the 34007 to owner hooks about two years ago. The owner hooks are strong and sharp. i buy them in larger quantities from amazon. These hooks hold very well!
  12. My baby tarpon flies are very simple. A black rabbit strip tail, with a small amount of black ep as a collar. I also add a few strands of copper flash to the tail. Overall length about 2-3 inches. All material tied on top to show lots of hook.
  13. I am down in the ft Myers during the winter and I frequently fish for baby tarpon in the creeks (dark water). My go to fly is a all black bunny fly on a #1 or 1/0 owner hook. bill
  14. Struggled with red tide on the gulf beach and in Estero bay the entire time I was down in Bonita during Jan, feb and March. I missed the snook on the beach and some shark fishing. However I found that the water way up the creeks was fairly clean and loaded with mullet. I did very well with the juvi tarpon all winter. There were also quit a few snook in the creeks but never really targeted them. However, you did need a kayak or boat to access the fish.
  15. Bill 


    Good talking to you the other day.


    Earlier in the I had a nice snook on but lost it. My 20 pound leader was shredded. The water off the beaches seems to be still a bit cold. Sight fishing has been tough.

    1. bill dietz

      bill dietz

      I was at barefoot yesterday am. Water was clearing up but not clear enough to sight fish. Way too many people for me to fish. Water seemed to me cold between 65 and 68. Didn’t see much bait.


      we have company so I haven’t fished in the creek in about four days. During social paddles I have seen lots of mullet during midday. I suspect there are tarpon in the area early in the morning. Water temp in creek is low 70s.


      once I get out I’ll give another report. 


      Good luck.