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  1. If you are not comfortable with quickcrete I would use some type of gravel. Wet every 6 inches and tamp it as you go up or use a 2x4 like mentioned to fill any gaps. I have repaired some wood fences that had rocks and what not with regular dirt. Works well too. Soak it when done. It might settle over 24-48 hours. Pack again and soak
  2. Throw a dry bag and a half of 80lb quick crete in and soak it with the hose. Done. I do this with vinyl and steel posts all the time for my summer job.
  3. Bought a box of chains at a yard sale for 2 bucks. This was in there.
  4. I sprayed some on. We'll see how well it works.
  5. Theres a bunch of moss on the shingles on one side of my house due to some big trees. Those trees are now gone and I'm looking to clean it up. House is a ranch so very easy to get up. Hit it with a power washer or a stiff construction groom? I understand the water could make for slipping injuries but I don't mind taking it easy or tying a rope around myself if it'll do a better job.
  6. We cook all the time but do alot of grilling this time of the year. I actually think the wife made brownies the first time we used it and some eggs the next morning.
  7. Finished my new kitchen.
  8. I fully rebuilt the stools and apron below. The tile is cut around the apron. Personal preference. As for the microwave and putting a hood alone. We didn't like the in island microwave or want a counter top unit. It's on the exterior wall. Vents right out. As for the transition into the dining I left that as is. Load bearing wall and honestly prefer the little separation. We thought about island lights but with low ceilings and all the lighting there I think we will leave it. Electrical is all in place for it though. Up next is the house reappraisal.
  9. Finished about a month ago. Full gut while living at home with a pregnant wife and a 16 month old all while both working remotely. Luckily my job wasn't that crazy where I had my computer close by during the day.
  10. Installed a 100+ feet last summer for a client. Used the 4" corrugated pipe. We use it for dry wells on new builds too. Had it draining both directions from the back yard. But we had a mini excavator and a dingo for bringing the stone in after we set the pitch.
  11. I have a fiskars splitting axe for my firewood. My axe is a hand me down that was in my boy scout troop when they merged. The head is probaby from the 70s-80s. Has a fairly big head and good weight. May find some good scores at a yard sale, Craigslist, Facebook market place.
  12. I would think 14-15 to start. If he really doesn't have it then you have to let him go and explain to him and the friend of yours why. Not that that's a bad thing. I think 20 is a lot from someone you don't know the work ethic or eager to learn if it's strictly a seasonal job. He may just want to get by the next 2 months and not care.
  13. Does this have the full cable with the transducer if I wanted to mount it in an 18ft boat wired in? Where are you located?