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  1. I respectfully offer $32 immediate PP.
  2. What does it weigh?
  3. I'll offer $50 shipped immediate PP.
  4. I would like to trade a lightly used in excellent condition vr 125 spool for similar condition 150 spool.
  5. Where are you located?
  6. I think more like 2-6. I have a buddy that uses it for chunking and he throws 5oz lead with bait with no problem.
  7. I have a Daiwa Mission X 12' 3.5lbs. If you want to throw a 12' this is a good choice for the price. It's made for carp fishing but can throw and work pencils like butter. Doesn't have a lure rating but can definitely launch a guppy pencil like a mile.
  8. When and where are you available to meet up so I can take a look at it?
  9. Would you accept $200. And where o the Island are you located?
  10. Ok. I'll take it. Thanks
  11. Would you accept $20 shipped for the white one?
  12. Payment sent. Thank you Lateral Line and SOL.
  13. 125 immediate PayPal is best I can do. Let me know if you accept. Thanks
  14. Would you accept $120. PayPal right now.
  15. Thank you Salty, payment sent.