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  1. (*edited - I explained to you that we don't allow people to sell stuff they made - and here you are selling stuff you made again. I'm removing you from the BST Forum for s month. If this happens again or via PM the removal will be permanent. TimS)
  2. SOLD. Close and Thank you Tim.
  3. I could do 300 money order.
  4. do you have some pictures?
  5. Northbar bottle darter, pink over white Tactical anglers subdarter, 3oz, gold/yellow LS69 pikie, gray marbled color ill do $50 with respect offer?
  6. Yes Spinning looking to throw heavy jigs and plugs and also live eels. i don't mind if its used condition but i rather i new one!
  7. all custom painted
  8. my recent paint job
  9. thanks bud .. resin what u mean?
  10. looking to buy a su1209 rainshadow..what you got?
  11. add the prupel one i will pay u 50
  12. how many of them? 5? i take them tonight if u want