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  1. I have had a LEER on my F-150 Supercrew for the past 3 years with only 1 issue (gel coat) that LEER took care of for free, and did it quickly.No problems with flex or moisture. Mine has a carpet like liner, and sliders with screens on the sides,and a slider near the cab. I imagine with a small heater it would be toasty inside in the chilly weather. Love it!
  2. Thanks for the support Mike!!
  3. Nice fish guys! Really nice bone on the 2oz. T-HEX kenomikes! Not just for albies it seems!
  4. Let me know whatcha got. Thanks, Steve
  5. Ahhhh, that time of year has come when the urge to fish and outfit the buggy starts. There will always be those for, and against front vs. rear mounted racks. I've had both and much prefer having it in the back. No problems whatsoever with getting it on and off, takes less than 10 minutes.I use a rolling cart and just wheel the rack up and into the hitch. No sand or debris issues either. Seeing as all of my gear is in the back of my p/u, made sense to me to have the rods, cooler, bait etc there as well. And what's nice is that I still have, and am able to use my tow hooks up front. I've helped, or tried to help guys stuck that took the tow hooks off for a rack and there was nowhere to latch onto.
  6. Looks great, nice job! What product did you end up using?
  7. Metal, will allow me to explore the entire water column. Top to bottom to find where they're hanging.
  8. Yes, they will work on the species you mentioned. Super Strike now offers heavier models of their Little Neck Popper series. I think Steve M realized how good they worked for us in Mexico after we loaded them up with shot.
  9. As pointed out, most diamond jigs are nickel plated. A good, durable plating job depends very much on the base metal and the cleaning process before plating. Kastmasters original Krocodiles and my AOK Tackle line of metals are all solid brass stock. Ultrasonically cleaned, then it goes through a 3 step plating process. Copper, then nickel, then chrome. Lead only holds finish for so long, a lot due to how soft it is.
  10. Our new pups. Adopted rescue pups in August. A bit bigger now Izzy and Roxy
  11. From the album show your pet!

  12. Thanks everyone! Mr. Moderator, please put a padlock on this thread!!
  13. Post # 140..............RedMar. Please PM me your address, with t-shirt size and color preference, (Sand-Tan, Black, Navy, Hunter Green, Military Green)and I'll get your package out to you. Thanks everyone, SOL and TimS. Happy New Year to you all! Steve
  14. Would like to thank the SOL crowd for the continued Support and Patronage of my 'lil ol Tackle biz! Your pics, comments and suggestions over the years have really helped!! A simple "I'm In" will get you the chance for a 1,2, and 3oz T-HEX Metal and a 2oz. PB-40, along with an A.O.K. Tackle Co. Cap, and T-Shirt in your choice of size and color. Will let the random # thing pick a winner on Christmas Night. Thanks TimS and SOL................ HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!