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  1. I recently bought an Atlantic Towers T top for my CC. Has anyone here ever installed one . I was just wondering how difficult it is to do. Doesn't look to bad. Just trying to find the time to put it on.
  2. Nice Palemino Mike. They are cool looking. Congrats on knocking them and the White Cats off the bucket list
  3. I have every color there is and then some. Find myself throwing White or Mackeral color 95% of the time. Maybe this year I'll get smarter and lighten up the Ditch bag. Doubtful though
  4. Haven't missed an Ice Breaker or World Series of Racing in 10 years. Always a good time and the 1st and last trip with the travel trailer every year. Wish they didn't cut back on the oval racing. I miss those weekly nights of racing. 10 this year there that's better last year. One of the best smells of spring. Racing Fuel!!!
  5. Gosa is my go to I have an 8000 and 10000.
  6. It is high. They have had the spillway into Mill pond open a couple times. I agree the high water makes you seek out places out of the way where you have some rock to stand on. There are some great places to access off the beaten path. I'll be at Thompson Speedway for the Ice breaker opening weekend then Las Vegas for 10 days after that. Be mid April before I hit Da Chu. That's when it's getting good any ways.
  7. Only 1 run for me yesterday morning. Water is way up. Today's rain won't help. Gonna have to search for shoreline until it closes on the 30th.
  8. Water is up on both sides in a lot of areas.
  9. I have the Cabelas Salmon/Steel head rod. 9' Works great for me. Throw a 3/4 Kastmaster quite far
  10. Agree. Any time of day. Got to be in the right place at the right time. Myself I usually fish first light or last light. Also this is the best time of the year to chase those nice rainbows that lurk in the Chu.
  11. Monsta. Nice drum
  12. Mike I live right there at the Chu. Took me over 30 years to even get close to 10lbs. Just got to keep putting the time in. And yes there are some nice brookies but they are hard to come by. 2.5lbs is my biggest brookie in all the years and that was from the Basin. Also have a rainbow over 5lbs from there. Football browns use to be common years back. They are coming back some. Been some good ones caught the last couple years from the main body.
  13. Does anyone know if Bob's Bait Shack on Revere St in Winthrop is still open. I have tried to call and get now answer and the website has been down. Was always a good place to get my bait before launching at the town ramp. Be a shame if it closed up
  14. Nice job Dave. That Salmon is a chunker.
  15. Been a tough fish there for me this year. Sunday at sunrise we parked 1 truck at gate 30 the other at 35. Walked the shoreline in between throwing metals and not a hit between 2 of us. Fished until 10am. The fish I have gotten have not looked that skinny though. Yikes he looks starved