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  1. That is what I use, except the rod is the one piece version, custom, but pretty much the exact same thing. Very versitile set up, it will toss 7" bomber, 6oz jig is no problem, good for bait and small weight, maybe a total of 9oz combined. I would not push the low end of the rod, with the 975, unless you are a decent caster. You could probaly get a custom 1209 for about the same price, not as versitile, but possibly a better dedicated rod for jigging the ditch. Also, not that much more $ to go custom lami, the blank is 1201M. Good luck. Angryeel
  2. BM, got an 808 or a flying pan you want to get rid of? Maybe a real fuzz face? Old Strat, (pre-CBS)?
  3. The only way to find out which you need, is to try them on the boat. ANY dealer of props should let you return/exchange one if it is not right. I went through several before I ended up with the one that worked for me. Just make sure you do not ding the prop until you know it is the right one. Angryeel
  4. Even though you spend the money hoping that you will never need to use flares or a vhf, it is $ well spent. You should at least carry a cell phone and flares. You can get PWC flares for @ $15 for 3 flares. A cheap VHF is also not a bad investment, you can at least listen to the weather, even if you never need the vhf. Angryeel
  5. Best from the boat was about 45lbs, with a lot of fish over 30lbs. Best from the surf was a meager 20lbs, but at least it was on one of my own swimmers. I am north of Boston; our spring was full of lots of smaller fish, mid summer had a 3 week stretch of good fish in deep water, mostly boating territory, and fall was terrible, but I think that had a lot to do with the weather. All in all, I think the fishing was the worst I have seen in my bass fishing days, which is only about 9 years. I did catch bigger fish this season than ever before, but I consider that a fuction of increased knowlege and more time spent on the water than in years past, not to better fishing. I feel like that if I knew what I know now, that years past would have been much more productive. Angryeel
  6. I would think that with those 2 rods, you could fish almost anywhere you wanted; unless you are looking to throw 8+bait. The XS10MHC should pick up right where the 1081l leaves off. Angryeel
  7. If I were in the market for a new boat, Dusky would be high on my list. Just a good solid fish boat, with the things you do need, and none of the stuff you don't. As for the weight issue, most any truly seaworthy boat is going to be somewhat heavy for it's size. When it is rough, that weight can be a nice feature. Another boat that seems to be pretty solid for the price is the Key West boats. I have seen a number of them, and they appear to be very solid boats. Not the best looking boats, and they are basicaly just an empty hull, at least the ones I have seen, but they do seem like a good no nonsense fish boat. Angryeel
  8. That rod will throw pretty much anything between 2-6 very well. With that reel, it will also throw a little less than 2, I have even thrown 6" bombers with mine, but it does not fish them very well. It is also not easy to cast them. Sweet spot is from 3-5, in that range it is a great caster. I do not think I have thrown more than @6 with mine, but I think it will do a little more, but you may have to take a little off of your cast. All in all, it is probably a good all purpose rod if your fishing consists of bait and light weights, large plugs or eels, and heavy jigging. If you are looking to throw smaller stuff, I would look at a diferent rod, maybe a custom built on a gsb1201L, the xs10MHC is built on the 1201M. Angryeel
  9. Happy to say that I received a very nice e-mail from Bob at Pure Fishing, and all has been taken care of. I would like to publicaly thank Bob for taking the time to respond in person to my dilema, and further for being so pro-active in doing so. As I told him in my return e-mail, it is refreshing to see a company that is concerned enough to fix the inevitable mistakes that will happen. After hearing from Bob, I am most certain that this experience is far from normal, and that Pure Fishing does in fact have a great service department. In fact, I think the whole incident began with someone trying to be overly accomodating in the first place. I would also like to thank TimS for taking the time to put Bob in touch with me, and for further following up. Again, I would just like to say that any negative feelings I had when writing the initial post have been more that taken care of; which is a good thing, because I am not sure I could live without at least a couple of abus around, especialy when the fish are far away. Thanks again to all concerned. Angryeel
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have no complaint with the reel in question, or with a policy of charging a fee for services rendered. What I do have a problem with is someone telling me one thing; in this case that my reel would be on its return trip within 48 hours, and doing another. This was the only reason I sent the reel in the first place, as I can easily replace parts myself. If they had told me that when they received the reel that they would then inspect it, repair as needed, send me a bill, and return the reel upon receipt of payment, I would have simply ordered the parts and paid with a credit card right then and there. Instead, I was told that I should mail the reel to them, and that they would have it ship shape and on its way home in 2 days. Even if I could not fix the reel myself, I most certainly would have brought it to someone localy, rather than go to the trouble of mailing it. Like the car repair analogy, I would much rather bring my wagon to the mechanic a couple miles away, than go to the subaru dealer. I would also be just as annoyed if I brought my car in for service, was told that it would be ready the next day, and upon arrival at the garage being told that it would in fact be ready in a couple of weeks. I would probably not return to that business in the future. A margin of error for necessary time of completion is one thing, but being completely mislead is another. I am sure that their reel repairs are top notch, and that they get stuff out ASAP, but I wish they had been a little more up front with what the process was. Angryeel
  11. I have a 17' Whaler with a '92 90 Merc; it runs smooth at all RPMs, it is the only two stroke I have run that does not mind running at 1k for 1.5-2 hours at a time. Try that with a 90 OMC, and you will see an engine that really shakes and smokes. After lots of low rpm running, it will start to smoke a bit more than normal, maybe even burp a bit. That is the signal to take her for a quick run at higher rpms, just to get things working smoothly again. About the pissing thing, with the early 90's mercs, at least the 70-115s, they piss very stong all the time, at least they should. All of the ones I have seen move a lot of water. I would take a serious look at that, it does not take long to cook an outboard. Angryeel
  12. With all of the rave reviews of pure fishing service I have read about here, I decided to give them a call when one of my 6500c3s went south. This is an old reel, about six hard seasons on it. I have replaced the drag washers several times, bearings a couple of times and some other assorted parts. Anyway, the reel was in need of all new gears and a few other minor parts. I called thinking that I would just order some parts, hopefully get them quickly, and have the reel back in working order. I explained to the rep that all I realy wanted was to have a functioning reel ASAP, as it is the middle of the fall run. The rep told me to just send the reel to them and they would take care of it within 48 hours, no mention of cost, just that they would be happy to make the reel right again. After all of the rave reviews of their service I have read here, I figured what the heck, why not send it to them and see what happens. After all, they promised me a 48 hour turnaround; even though I clearly explained that the reel was simply old and worn, through no fault of Pure Fishing. 12 days later I receive an invoice telling me that I need to send them a check for $30 to get my reel back. Last time I checked, there are a lot more than 48 hours in 12 days, and now I need to pay them $15 to perform labor that takes about 10 minutes. That is like $90 an hour for labor! Seems a little excessive for something I could have done myself in 10 minutes. I called Pure Fishing when I received the invoice and let them know what had transpired, and that they promised to have my reel in the mail to me in 48 hours, and that now I was being asked to pay an inapropriatly high amount of $ for labor, only to get my reel back in what will be 3 weeks, rather than a couple of days. The Person I spoke to basicaly told me to go pound sand, and that if I wanted my reel back I had better either make payment, or instruct them to remove all the parts they put in and send the reel back as they received it. Now I will have been without my reel for 3 weeks, and when I do receive it, it will be in the same condition as when I sent it off. Now I am out $7 for priority mail expenses, and still have a reel that does not work. I will then have to order the parts, and pay yet more shipping costs, just so I can have my reel working for winter, just when I do not need it. That is not what I consider good customer service. I would have been happy to just purchase the parts I needed, but was talked in to sending the reel back to them so that they could hold it for ransom, after telling me that they would take care of it and have it in the mail in short order. Just wondering if anyone else has received this type of shoddy treatment from Pure Fishing? Personaly, I do not think I will fix this reel, and as the rest of my ABU stuff becomes too worn to use, I will probably not repair of replace it either, at least not with another Pure Fishing product. While Penn may have some issues with QC, their customer service reps are not in the habit of lying to you; if they say they are going to make something right, they do. I am about to send in my 2nd 965 for replacement, yes it is kind lame to have to keep sending them back, but at least Penn has yet to hold one of my reels hostage. I am not implying that Pure Fishing does not stand behind their products, but that they do not stand behind their service claims. Hopefully this is an isolated incident, and most others do not have to put up with poor service, but they did just loose one long time customer. Angryeel
  13. Rhodester, I will agree that some of our local fishing grounds are far better than they were 10 years ago. That does not change the fact that they are but a very small picture of what they were before the advent of roller gear. Yes, the scallop boats are worse for the bottom than the otter trawls, but neither has helped the northern new england groundfishery. I think it is also worth mentioning that without intervention from fisheries managers, there would not be any fishing grounds left up here. As to the international problems associated with the pelagics, you are correct. That still has no bearing on NMFS doing everything in it's power to keep the recs shut out of as much u.s. participation as possible, I do not think 1% of the domestic billfishery is too much to ask for. While I will certainly concede that your fisheries knowledge far exceeds my own, you still have not mentioned too many instances of NMFS favoring recs over commercials. I also think you misinterpret my position as being liberal, when it is quite the opposite. I am not in favor of buyouts, or subsidies or any other such thing; rather, I am advocating capitalism. One of the consequences of a free market is that when you run out of product, you can no longer make any money. Too many people scrambling for inadequate recourses will not be able to earn a living; what happens to those that are unable to compete, most likely the small boats, should be up to the individual participants. The only government intervention that needs to happen is to make sure that at least some of the public recourse is left for the public. Angryeel
  14. MichaelP, I am jealous! Sounds like you have a pretty serious set up now. I wish my boat could hold all that stuff. Have you been out for tuna yet? Angryeel
  15. Spelling is not my strong suit.