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  1. I agree he's looked like the Rep frontrunner since the election.
  2. I didn't say that, I said be fair with comparisons. Personally, I'd like to see a bunch of nukes built. But NG undercuts nuclear on cost in the present environment. Which, depending on your point of view, is either good or bad. @Cabo2005, what can you add about the current economic picture for nukes?
  3. EVERYTHING humans do on the face of the earth has an environmental impact. But in the PG, righties focus on effects of renewables while conveniently ignoring impacts of fossil fuels. Here's the density of well pads in the Permian Basin, NM. Then start adding in pipelines, compressor stations, refineries, cracker plants for NG, etc. etc etc. Maybe try looking at the whole energy picture instead of picking on things you don't happen to like.
  4. Wasn't Nancy Reagan President for a while?
  5. So explain how Biden's responsible for the rise in oil/ gasoline prices.
  6. Yeah that was a good one. But I suppose it's possible he's just that clueless about the oil industry.
  7. True dat. (IMO of course).
  8. Damn that's fugly but also totally off topic.
  9. I don't think your emoji response was that much better than magish going over the line. IMO of course.
  10. I called you a ghoul because of your callousness towards the number of people who were dying. Ghoulish because you advocated the "let 'er rip and kill off all the *weak* strategy".
  11. How about an explanation and source for that statement?
  12. The Deep State strikes agam.
  13. Yeah that's another great idea for super super secrecy.
  14. So instead of using regular programming language, the sneaky Chinese, in order to hide what they were doing, used some kind of code they came up with using Chinese characters for operators? Which Mike's crack team discovered and translated? 你在开玩笑吧 lol