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  1. Some was due to gubmint, and some wasn't.
  2. That's a massive difference y'know.
  3. I strenuously beg to differ. He's not a CEO, his experience is as a sole proprietor.
  4. Could we agree that LaVoy got what he wanted?
  5. What I said is accurate, and the jist of what anybody who takes a CC class in NY hears.
  6. No, it means you cant legally blow somebody's head off in NY if they threaten you with a limp noodle.
  7. No. I'd be very happy to see a US of A where nobody could make any assumptions about political affiliation based on race ethnicity sexual orientation or any of that stuff.
  8. Im behind the times. Who's ahead tonight...flee or Doc Hop?
  9. Why couldn't you have said that to me?
  10. Really, you wouldn't see that as a historical fact that has an influence on the present?
  11. I gotta ask again... are you saying the kneel did not contribite to the cause of death as you read it?
  12. Yeah I already knew what it said. Does the report say the kneel was unrelated?
  13. In contemplating that question, should I be assuming that Republicans came to this country as slaves?
  14. That wasn't my question to you. Re the cause of death, what was it? Did the ME say it was unrelated to the kneel?
  15. I blame Santiago. Next to blame is Raider.