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  1. Well here's one. This is a photo that remains on the A&E website where they're talking about molten metal at Ground Zero. Recognize it? In reality, that's burning paper, not molten metal. Somebody figured that one out last year by exhaustively tracing various photographs of that area.
  2. You've accepted and repeated about every argument and talking point that A&E911 has on their website. My question to you is if you've looked for sources that critique their claims.
  3. If I were a supporter, I wouldn't be happy with his record of constant threats that are usually bluster. These were all headlines... Trump threatens remittance blackmail to fund border wall with Mexico Feb/1/2017 Trump threatens Mexico over 'bad hombres' Feb/6/2018 Trump Threatens Shutdown as Negotiators Close In on Budget Deal Feb/28/2018 Trump threatens to hold his own border wall hostage March/23/2018 Trump threatens to veto omnibus over lack of wall funding, DACA fix March/23/2018 After veto threat, Trump signs spending bill — tells Congress never again April/3/2018 Trump threatens Honduras' foreign aid over migrant caravan April/4/2018 Trump threatens to send military forces to guard U.S.-Mexico border April/24/2017 Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall funds Aug/23/2017 Trump threatens to shut down government to build border wall April/1/2018 Trump threatens Democrats, Mexico over DACA and border security June/19/2019 Trump threatens to shut down government over full border wall funding: report July/29/2019 Trump threatens shutdown over wall, immigration Sept/5/2018 Trump threatens shutdown over border wall Oct/16/2018 Trump threatens to cut aid from Honduras as new migrant caravan nears US Oct/18/2018 Trump threatens to close border over "onslaught" of immigrants Nov/26/2018 President Trump Threatens to Close Border With Mexico 'Permanently If Need Be' Nov/28/2018 Exclusive: Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall funding Dec/11/2018 Trump threatens shutdown over border wall during heated meeting with Pelosi, Schumer Dec/17/2018 Trump threatens partial government shutdown over border wall funding Dec/20/2018 Trump threatens to veto infrastructure, other Democratic bills without wall funding Dec/21/2018 Trump threatens 'long' gov't shutdown over border wall dispute Dec/22/2018 Government officially enters partial shutdown as Congress misses funding deadline Dec/28/2018 Trump threatens to close 'Southern Border entirely' if Dems don't fund wall Jan/4/2019 Trump threatens years-long shutdown for his wall as GOP support begins to fracture Jan/7/2019 Trump threatens national emergency over border wall Jan/9/2019 Trump threatens to cut off federal funding for California wildfire relief Jan/25/2019 Trump ending shutdown with no border funding Jan/28/2019 Trump Threatens Another Government Shutdown If Congress Rejects Wall Funding Feb/15/2019 President Trump Signs Bipartisan Spending Bill Amnesty - Declares National Emergency Averting Shutdown March/7/2019 Illegal border crossings hit a decade-long high in February. March/29/2019 Trump threatens to shut down US-Mexico border ‘next week’ – even for ALL TRADE April/3/2019 Trump steps back from Mexico border threat as companies warn of economic fallout | Reuters
  4. Could we please get back on track here?!?
  5. That's a great point to make in a Trump thread!!
  6. Isn't everybody concerned about the President's health?
  7. Trump's not 6'3" either...which makes his BMI even worse.
  8. He'd be in a little better shape if he walked the course instead of taking a cart and driving it on the green
  9. I thought you recently came out as black?
  10. No way Trump could do even one. #287.
  11. Trump says the country's got the greatest economy of all time and the deficit's only increased 23% over 3 quarters. That's awesome.