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  1. I think my favorite is Jindo.
  2. -He did pick the right guy, didn't he? -The raid to rescue the hostages never had a chance because of the dust storms the choppers encountered. That wasn't Jimmy's fault, but he took responsibility for the failed raid.
  3. Th Biden ballots shipped over from China are supposed to have watermarks and the Ninjas are using UV light to find em. Smaht.
  4. Hey @MattieG. Carter hired Paul Volcker to run the Fed. His appointment was key to controlling inflation. He raised rates very high and kept them there until Inflation declined. It was really painful, but what was needed. Inflation might have remained very high without him. I'd say it was pretty brave for Carter to hire him, because the resulting pain of Fed policy prolly cost him the 1980 election. Reagan kept Volcker on for most of his 2 terms. BTW, stagflation existed when Carter entered office, it started under Nixon with a series of policy shocks.
  5. I don't, that story was from a local paper. It's the Republicans who want a search for bamboo and Panda fibers on ballots.
  6. The Ninjas will get to the bottom of this. Arizona Election Auditors Check Ballots for Bamboo Fibers After Conspiracy Theorists Claim 40,000 Votes Were ‘Flown in’ from Asia The already bizarre circumstances surrounding Arizona’s controversial GOP-led audit of the 2020 presidential election became even stranger Wednesday. Auditors are reportedly checking ballots for bamboo fibers in an effort to confirm an absurd conspiracy theory that fraudulent votes created in Asia were somehow counted in Arizona in November. In an interview with journalist Dennis Welch of local CBS affiliate KTVK, Tucson resident and volunteer observer John Brakey explained the bamboo theory in greater detail. “Well, there’s accusations that 40,000 ballots were flown in to Arizona and stuffed into the box, okay, and it came from the south east part of the world — Asia — and what they’re doing is to find out if there’s bamboo in the paper,” Brakey said... They should prolly do a smell test for oyster sauce on the ballots too.
  7. Observers from both parties inside is not corrupt.
  8. We went over that pic many times. There were observers inside, and a bunch of yeehaws on the outside creating a cluster. That's why they covered the windows.
  9. ..."In a letter to GOP Senate President Karen Fann, the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division said the Senate’s farming out of 2.1 million ballots from the state’s most populous county to a contractor may run afoul of federal law requiring ballots to remain in the control of elections officials for 22 months. And Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela S. Karlan said that the Senate contractor’s plans to directly contact voters could amount to illegal voter intimidation. The DOJ’s concerns would seem to be well-founded. The operation in Phoenix is exactly as clown-heavy as you thought it was. Also from the Post: Ballots have been left unattended on counting tables. Laptop computers sit abandoned, at times — open, unlocked and unmonitored. Procedures are constantly shifting, with untrained workers using different rules to count ballots. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) on Wednesday sent a letter outlining a string of problems that she said observers from her office have witnessed at a Republican-led recount of the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona’s largest county. In the six-page letter, Hobbs wrote that elections are “governed by a complex framework of laws and procedures designed to ensure accuracy, security, and transparency” but that the procedures governing the ongoing recount in Phoenix “ensure none of those things.”..."
  10. They all wear out roads. Tax em all.
  11. Awesome, isn't it? That aircraft flies legs of 3 blocks (0.75 mi) then pivots.