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    Pseudo-intellectual dirt farmer, fisherman and hunter.
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    Vintage race-bred powerboats from the 1960s-70s. Beautiful launches. All vintage well-desgned, overbuilt boats.

    Many things hook and bullet.
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    Recent change of status. Now an unretired science/engineering consultant. Currently a boat restorer out to change a part of the recreational boat industry, 8-50'.

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  1. Pileated's are my favorite Upstate NY bird. I hear them almost constantly when I'm up there, but they're big at staying out of sight. They hang out on the far side of the tree.
  2. Holy ****, I've been nice to you. I meant it when I sympathized with your SIL's cancer. You're incorrigible. Basically, that sequence IS my life you utter moron.
  3. Bite me
  4. Ask The Greek.
  5. Just needed a rocking chair
  6. Ditchjigger did a great Photoshop off that lol. Made Joey look like Mrs. Bates.
  7. Woah. Why'd you give me a thumbs-down? Re grass, maybe I meant a native bunchhrass. And no love for Pandas?
  8. *Weed* is a really arbitrary term
  9. There's more to that story. That's a dead end road in Harwich. It was a drag strip when I was sneaking out in my parent:s car at 14-15, and it's still a drag strip. If that road was built before the automobile, maybe the early residents raced horses there lol. I drove a mile or so of dirt road to get to the drag strip. It was pretty damn safe. I drove around pre-license in RI even moar. It's pretty amazing I never crashed anything bad. My father figured out I was taking the car because of road dust, and sneaking it got harder. But I'm no fool, Ialready had keys made to both cars anyways
  10. Shut up. You don't even.have a streetlight
  11. Terri looks tired too