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  1. Because the more he does it, the more suspicious he looks.
  2. You're just commodities. That's end-state capitalism for ya.
  3. i appreciate that.
  4. that statement was considered pretty scandalous in real time though. seems to me.
  5. Hell, at one time, Republicans were outraged to hear that Jimmy Carter lusted in his heart. How standards have changed no?
  6. No, but I can get a parrot out of a tree without instructions from Terri.
  7. what a moran.
  8. i like Big John's True Grrit. I like Jeff Bridges' at least as much.
  9. This sounds at least as serious as the War on Christmas.
  10. Good. Especially since there's laws about hate crimes, I'm all for serious consequences for fakery.
  11. Did you guys here that Tim's hair is a protected class now?
  12. If Raider's still alive, it's not working.