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  1. I think it's a great idea. I like vacationing in the Florida keys. Maybe someone down there wants to stay on Cape cod. I think there would be a lot of interest on here.
  2. I gave it my first try today and got a couple dozen. I got 1 my first scrape and thought "cool this is easy" and then proceeded to get a total of 7 in about an hour. Then I watched a guy who got there when I did walk back to his truck with a full basket. I obviously went to where he was and did alot better. I should have been in the muck the whole time. The first area I was in was sandy. So I learned something. Now it's time to attempt some crazy clam pasta recipe my wife wants to try. My back hurts.
  3. Thanks Rob, I wasnt aware of the rake size restriction, although mine is under 12 inches. And angler #1, Carl, thanks for the idea. Yes honorable and yes dd-214. I'll probably learn here in town this year and then venture to barnstable next year. Thank you everyone for clarifying the rules for me!
  4. Does 6 years in the Army Reserve count? To be upfront, I was never deployed. Any help would certainly be appreciated!
  5. Not looking for the good spots, just the legal ones. I'll learn on my own.
  6. Thank you, fishratz! Exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for all the questions. The last thing I want to do is unknowingly break the rules. I had no idea shellfishing was so restrictive. Sunrise to sunset I get. 6pm? Weird. Yes I have a boat and a kayak. Looks like I have a new hobby to learn this summer!
  7. Yeah I was shocked too when I saw that basically everywhere I go with my family was closed. Yeah, sorry about the whole "asking where to go" thing. I know it's a no-no for fishing, but I wasnt sure if shellfish spot burning was a thing since you're only allowed to go to certain spots anyway. I appreciate the replies, though. Fishratz, can you clarify "Basically, anything NOT otherwise labeled is open" for me? Does that mean an area on the map with no shading/designation whatsoever is fair game? I was under the impression that you could only go to designated areas. Also, still looking for clarification on what days you are allowed to shellfish. One section says Sunday-Saturday, another says Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I didn't know I needed to be a lawyer to dig for clams. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks, Pescador. I'm just looking for a new summertime activity. Fishing in the middle of the day is usually pointless. I dont see myself wading into the ocean in the middle of winter, so it's summer or nothing for me. Maybe I'll try blue crabbing.
  9. Ive always wanted to try shellfishing, but have no experience and none of my friends do it. I took the plunge and bought myself a Ribb rake, basket, and gauge at Goose Hummock with some leftover gift cards. I then went to town hall and bought my Bourne shellfish permit. I go home to learn the regulations and confusion sets in. It looks like all of the areas I was looking forward to trying are closed for the summer. Are there any open areas for the summer season? I looked at the map online and it only confuses me with all the different area designations (what is a family area?) And to be clear, you can only shellfish on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday? Thanks!
  10. The key to catching pencil poppers is to have your line grab it, not your plug/jig. If you're boating and the fishing sucks, hang outside the canal. Free pencil poppers!
  11. They're called oyster crushers for a reason. It was like a grown man chomped on my finger with his molars. It drew blood.
  12. Dont lip them. Also dont ask how I know.
  13. I broke my paraflex. I just sent it back to star in NC with no receipt, just a description of how it broke. Replaced it without issue or asking for a receipt. Had a friend do the same with his star seagis. No issues.
  14. Nicknotsebastion mentioned good budget gear. If you have a day off, take a ride to goosehummock. They carry the Van Staal rods and they actually have their own tuna popping rod for around $300 if I remember correctly. They've got everything from budget tuna plugs to the higher end strategic anglers
  15. I guess we just see it differently. I'd want to be checked by an EPO every time I fished just as much as I'd like to be pulled over and checked every time I drive my car. Unless you see me doing something wrong, leave me alone. Also, the "luxury of being a law enforcement officer sitting in AC all day" was a comical comment.