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  1. (11) 65lb 150 yard spools of Daiwa J-braid Grand X8. Photo shows 9, there are 11 total. Color is gray light. $110 shipped for all. That's 1650 yards for $110.
  2. I'll take these
  3. I'll take these for $15
  4. Is the green one a Danny or a troller?
  5. Crafy one customs make a nice spiral wrapped 6'6" rod rated to 16 ounces for under $150. I bought 2. I'd recommend that over anything else.
  6. First of all, they earned it. Most state employees cant retire until age 55, except cops, corrections, etc. Then they can only work a limited number of hours per year at another state job. And usually "full retirement" is only 50% of their pay for 20 years of service. You could do it too, you know.
  7. *
  8. Pretty ridiculous I cant let other members know of a fantastic deal.
  9. That's a little small, but thank you.
  10. Preferably a 17' MichiCraft, but open to others as well. Need a family canoe for freshwater. Location is Bourne, MA. Will travel for the right one. Thanks!
  11. *
  12. Sure, I can do that. sending PM.
  13. Yes the first 5 photos are the one that's still available. The "frantic" series is the easiest to fish, all you need to do is reel.
  14. All yours.
  15. 1) Frantic abalone special- $150 2) Genesis 165 abalone "bluefin tuna"- $100 Trades considered for Siren stickbaits