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  1. They could easily just mark the nests with painted wooden posts. Then nobody would run them over.
  2. I need one more CMS Chatham long with Winthrop guides. They have a 12 week wait on builds so I'm seeing what's out there used before looking at more expensive alternatives. Thanks!
  3. Outback only please
  4. Deep seductress 185 still available
  5. Walker still available
  6. Sure, I cant do tonight though. Send me a PM. Walker is still available.
  7. Sorry Charlie is sold to MorningWood. Deep seductress 185 still available. Here's a 80" I caught with a different color.
  8. No problem, both still available. Sirens sell for retail or more second hand ($113), and the SA cruiser has been discontinued.
  9. I would do $275 without hooks
  10. I counter offered in my other thread for the whole lot of these sirens and strategic anglers. If he doesn't accept, the sorry charlie is yours
  11. I can't go that low, I would do $350 shipped without hooks
  12. Cruiser "ballyhoo" (model discontinued) $100 Walker "green mackerel" $100 Meet near the canal or add $10 to ship
  13. Deep seductress 185 "midnight soiree" $100 Sorry Charlie 170 "herring" $100 Meet near the canal or add $10 to ship
  14. You guys are funny. Aren't all charity tournaments for a good cause? So the consensus then is that the Cape Cod Canal is a great place to have any and all tournaments from this point forward. Got it.
  15. The place just gets worse and worse