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  1. I will take it, shipped to Rochester NY please PM me address etc
  2. I will offer $265 for 12ft Avid Conventional shipped and insured to 14564
  3. How old is the Avid? Can u post serial # above rod handle please
  4. How old is the bow?
  5. WHat condition are the reels in? Any scratches, chips, or defects? Are these the older 704z or new version?
  6. can u post close up pic of handle/label of 11.5 please
  7. If not going conventional an old Penn 706z would be classic.
  8. We bought our Limited Sequoia for 49k out the door. A used Land Cruiser i was looking at was 75k
  9. My stock 2015 Sequoia on Ocracoke
  10. We have 2015 Sequoia and no complaints. It is able to handle anything that Hatteras or Ocracoke can throw at it
  11. Is the BG a older made in Sweden model? Very interested if so. Could u post pics?
  12. Would like to buy a Abu 7001 older model made in Sweden if anyone interested in selling Thanks
  13. Looking for a conventional for surf fishing Hatteras this Fall. Anyone willing to part with one? Needs to be left hand retrieve thanks
  14. Looking for a Abu Garcia 7001 reel, older model made in Sweden. Anyone interested in selling? Thanks guys