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  1. Guide. No thanks. Why does everybody search for the fastest and most expensive way. It’s not a race, it’s not a test, it’s not a contest, it’s fishing. Slow down and enjoy it for what it is.
  2. Great advise so far but let me be the first one to say it’s just fishing. Fly fishing is not hard, difficult, requiring of great intelligence or commitment of time, resources and education. No reason to bust the bank, no need to spend money on lessons and there’s no need to join a TU club. All of those things will surely help but are in no way needed. What’s the hurry, this hopefully will become a lifetime endeavor if you enjoy it. After you get started you can take it to what ever level you want. I like to keep it enjoyable. i’m not the best fly castor and I’m pretty sure I look like a caveman with a fly rod but I’m able to catch fish. WW fish, stocked fish, native Brook trout, it’s all easy and difficult at times. I have been fishing my entire life but I’m am totally self taught with the long stick. I started with an 89 dollar 5 wt cabelas combo rod and ten years later I still fish with it. It has not frustrated me nor did it make the learning curve any shorter or longer. I would recommend a 5 wt or a 4 wt. for small stream fishing. I would choose a 5 wt. watch some YouTube videos, walk down to the creek and start flinging it. You will learn plenty and you will quickly learn that the casting is the stupid simple part. It’s the drag free drift that take a bit more practice and learning where the fish are. You will catch fish even when starting out. Learn from your successes and failures. the hardest part is getting started. It’s easy to come up with reasons not to start. Reasons like, i don’t have an unlimited bank account, I need lessons, I don’t know how to cast, I don’t speak Latin, what’s a tippet? Just jump in, you will figure it out in short order with the resources available at your fingertips. Good luck and enjoy the process. if you care to the Main Line Fly Tiers, who meet in the Plymouth Meeting area, are a Philadelphia area fly fishing club that often hosts how to fly fish lessons for short money.
  3. Orange peel is a paint condition also associated with spraying. I have a HVLP sprayer that blows. Worst 150 I ever spent. You have to thin the paint to the viscosity of skim milk to get it to work. Maybe I should have bought an industrial model. So my next to worthless advise is to buy what your painter has.
  4. Back pain is straight forward and simple to diagnose 98% of the time. It gets tricky with disease or those phantom “soft tissue” work related workman comp injuries. May I suggest your not going to the right doctor. A neurosurgeon is who you need to see since the injury is most likely nerve related. Stay far far away from chiropractors and anybody talking about pain management medications. I had back surgery 30 years ago when I was 30 years old. Best decision I ever made and I recommend surgery to everybody with serious back pain not just discomfort. I agree everybody’s back is different so how a peddle drive effects your back will only be known once you go out and pedal it. Good luck and no heavy lifting.
  5. Wow! Very nice Marchese12!! Im working on my stream box with some midges Hook - TMC 2487 size 16 emerger Thread - Veevus 12/0 black Tail - black and purple thread twisted together Wing - Light gray Antron Thorax - Peacock ice dub Hackle - black
  6. Your overthinking the game. the hook gap is an important consideration but a chicken feather or whisp of bucktail is not an issue. Spinning or packing deer hair into the gap would be. Nothing answers questions better than tying it up and testing it out, another fun aspect of fly tying. As for articulation, that’s a total user preference and there is no answer to when it should or should not be used or how many articulating points there should be. The great thing about fly tying is you get to do what you want to do and how you want to do it. I got in on the articulation game and now I couldn’t really be bothered with articulated flies for the fly fishing I do. I found it doesn’t really catch anymore stripers than a plain old deceiver so why complicate it. Best part of fly tying is if you don’t like the fly you can cut it off the hook and start over.
  7. Upper Delaware river is up by NY and is hotbed for float fishing brown trout. The middle Delaware river is considered the Water Gap area. The lower river is considered from the Water Gap to Yardley. From Trenton to the Delaware Bay is considered the tidal river. all four are wildly different fisheries and river systems. March and April are shad fishing on the lower river and striper fishing in the tidal river. April thru May schoolie striper fishing takes off in the lower river. Can’t help with bank fishing spots but I know they are limited and I don’t see many people fishing from shore on the lower river. I see your from Jersey City so I’m thinking you mean the upper river. Can’t help you much in the middle and upper river.
  8. Drive a set pin through a scrap board. Clamp this board to your drill press to use the set pin to center the bottom of the blank. To center this bottom alignment pint to the drills chuck, take a long small straight diameter rod and chuck it in the drill. A coat hanger will work. This has to cover the length of the blank plus the length of the drill bit. Use this to set your table height and line your chuck up with the bottom alignment pin and clamp the board to the drill table. drill starter holes, set bottom hole over set pin, drill halfway, flip blank and drill the rest of the way. Works every time. your not buying bent drill bits, if you are stop buying bent drill bits. Start with the straightest grain wood you can get. Your drill bits are likely not bent but what happens is the smaller diameter bits will flex and follow the grain of the wood. If your still wandering buy a larger diameter drill bit to prevent wandering. There are no style points for drilling the smallest hole. there is a tutorial on this site on how to do this but I don’t know how to find it.
  9. I agree, you definitely can but most probably won’t. To easy to get absorbed in patterns and materials that go beyond what one realistically fishes.
  10. Since differing opinions and approaches offend you, you serious hobbyists can always ignore me and not respond.
  11. You guys must be a hit at the bait shop water cooler. Problem is, you are the only ones who like hearing yourself speak. I believe physics over bait shop banter. Has the new Huk clothing hit the shelves yet?
  12. Don’t buy the hype. It’s lead on a hook. Lead sinks a hook with very little difference in lure action. It’s how does the rubber effects it that matters the most.
  13. What a great idea!
  14. I didn’t say all for a reason. of course there are exceptions to every rule. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles but I’m positive if you stay committed it will all workout. My parents and I are proof of that. I had troubles and my parents never gave up on me. this is the biggest load of crap Yet. Are you serious. You are incapable of a logical conversation. Refused to allow kids to live at an early age?????!!!! yes parents who drink and do drugs discretely (no such thing, kids learn early one) are piss poor role models. Does this really need to be said. Yes our conversation is over. We all have different life experiences. Mine are based on my childhood and my raising 2 wildly successful children and a 40 year career watching numerous kids succeed and the utter destruction of thousands because of the mind numbing beliefs of the John350’s of this world. Just remember the formative years come early. I wish you well
  15. Big difference between fishing LMB and sunfish. Judging on the rod and reel choice I assume your talking more sunfish. For me catching sunfish on a fly rod is great fishing fun and I do it weekly after dinner. Pan fish will eat almost anything tied to the end of a fly rod. An 89.00 cabelas combo 4 or 5 wt will work just fine. I would choose the 4.