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  1. I agree. With the sorry state of the bass population and the almost certain close of the fishery looming, how anybody can refer to any bass as a keeper is discouraging. I know it’s legal but that doesn’t make you any more intelligent for keeping them.
  2. A whip finish is nothing more than a snell knot. A real snell knot not a quick snell knot. Somehow a lot of anglers think of a quick snell where the line only goes under one wrap is a real snell knot where the line runs under every wrap. This is what fly rodders call a whip finish. Whip finishing by hand is a super simple process and is fast and easy. You can learn how to do it in a couple minutes. Five minutes if your really dense.
  3. No denying that but it’s the least pain when trying to figure out the best way to carry them.
  4. I never gave a damn about what the next guy is carrying. He has his reasons for it and I’m not humping it.
  5. No. Just trying to see if your comparison to flatheads has any merit. I have caught similar size stripers and flatheads in similar current. I’ll take the similar size striped bass but I’m also not turning away a similar sized flathead. So have you? I’m guessing not.
  6. Have you ever caught a 50 lb striper in 50,000 CFS current?
  7. Nope between Easton and Yardley is my stomping grounds. I agree the tidal portion of the river will be fine.
  8. I wish. I limit chemical applications and I don’t water my lawn. My lawn is nice but it’s not the best in the neighborhood. The really nice lawns are largely maintained by professionals who largely use chemicals. I do enjoy working on it though. I was out all day today working on it. Tomorrow I will be executing an idea I have had for a vertical herb garden. Hope it looks good. In my head it does but we shall see. I really don’t know what I would do on the weekends without a yard.
  9. Having been out a number of times this spring I can say that the river is very low for this time of the year. We seemed to have started the year at summer lows with the spring flows as low as I can remember seeing them. At this rate, come summer, we will need that water.
  10. Perhaps you should be in the market for a tennis court. I love grass. I like cutting my grass, I like saving 40 bucks, I have a special relationship with my backpack blower. I don’t fish or golf on the weekends so I enjoy keeping my lawn looking nice on these days. I hate weeds. Clover is a weed. Clover gets those ugly little flowers that attract bees. Yes I hand pluck weeds. I have a 5 gallon bucket and a weed puller next to my front door for when I see a weed pop up out of nowhere. They seem to appear out of thin air. Every alternative to grass that I’ve ever seen looks awful. Grass is where it’s at.
  11. I keep mine in their original packages. My secret is to limit the number of packages. No need to carry every possible color, scent and configuration of rubber.
  12. Does the salesman telling you this fish? I would think he doesn’t. I freshwater river fish out of two identical 18’ aluminum roughneck boats. Identical except one has a 24v and the other has a 36v. We are all friends and we all fish out of each others boats. Care to guess what the guy with the 24v system says multiple times every trip? You guessed it, “I should have got the 36v.” Don’t get me wrong a 24v works but you will be far happier with a 36v once you experience a 36v. you want the 100 amp hour batteries.
  13. Thank you for enlightening those of us who don’t fish for GT’s. It’s not about not knowing what’s going on it’s about not knowing all of the variables so a problem can be more readily fixed. What one is fishing for was a HUGE missing clue. I guess the answer is to keep that big fat 200 lb mono knot out of the guides.
  14. I concur. I find nothing difficult or time consuming in tying an FG knot. I don’t know what a rizouto knot is. I finish with half hitches. I switched to the FG from the uni because failure was always at the knot. I’ve not had one failure at the FG knot. Nit sure why the FG is not needed for stripers since it was stripers that would put a hurting on my old uni to uni knots. Of course, I’m not fishing 80 lb braid and 200lb mono leaders though.
  15. I down-weight my leaders as well. I’ve never up-weighted the leader and I have had zero issues with the FG knot. I used the uni to uni knot prior to learning the FG. I started searching for a new knot because the uni to uni always broke at the knot. I can’t say I ever had a FG knot fail. As breaking strength goes, the uni to uni is an under performer. can anybody answer what is being fished for with 80lb braid, a 200 lb leader and a FG knot? It just seems like a really dumb idea but apparently others do it.
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