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  1. Ok nick sorry my hand shave been full here, I will take these.
  2. How much for the lot ranger
  3. How much for the orcas and Japanese jigs
  4. bottom two madd mantis? What size? If large how much?
  5. Sounds good. Perfect timing they had a good giant run here. Should be up there soon
  6. I can get my hands on madd mantis, strategic angler and a few others if you need some help locating some just let me know. and awesome sounds good thank you
  7. Anything from 1- 6oz looking for hogys,nomad streakers,shimano butterfly jigs. Or large madd mantis poppers, or stick baits. The common castings or jigging for tuna gear
  8. Looking for large madd mantis poppers and tuna jigs. Thank you
  9. Looking for some CCW DP4's and Pikies I'm looking to fish these like bill would have wanted, please if you're going to ask 175/200 a plug ill pass thank you.
  10. Looking for spoonfed bunker spoons in white and green and white.
  11. I'm definitely going to take em.
  12. Im in warren county. But I go to Morristown quite often if we could meet around there that would be good
  13. Lol thank you, payment sent
  14. It's right hand retrieve correct?