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  1. I do not have any experience with Okuma rods, only their reels. I do have the 9.6ft and the 10ft model of the Tsunami and have had great experience with both so far. I tend to lean more towards using the 9.6ft for my surf fishing and use it to throw lures up to 2.5oz without a problem. I have it paired with a Shimano Spheros 6000 and am happy with it. Hope that helps.
  2. Hit OC this morning for a couple of hours of incoming tide. Water was clean and green and very little wind. Beautiful day out for December. Threw the bag without a tap. Saw quite a few fellow anglers out there but no bent rods. Hoping for a couple more outings before calling it a season. Hate to end it on the skunk.
  3. Late report but decided to play hooky from work yesterday afternoon and headed further south this time. Water conditions were good with a NW wind. Fished from 2pm - 5pm and finally broke my skunk streak! It felt good to feel the pull of a fish again. Largest was landed on an a bone color SP minnow.
  4. Bounced around Moco this morning at sunrise for a few hours. As others have stated, water clarity wasn't the greatest but the water looked fishy and had the wind to my back. Only problem I had was I still couldn't find em today so the slump continues.
  5. Fished some new beaches in MoCo this morning. Fished the outgoing tide from 6:00am - 11am. Water looked great. Wind was good. Shad in the area and once again caught the skunk fish. My buddy landed a rat striper on tin but that was it. Ran in to some fellow anglers who also had no luck. Plenty of guys out there this morning but I didnt see any bent rods. It has been a tough fall for me personally. Hoping for a better shot in December. The struggle is real!
  6. Nice post and a great read LuckyStrike.
  7. Bounced around MoCo yesterday afternoon and fished the incoming tide. Saw bait in the water but nothing on them. After the longest skunk streak I can recall caught this little guy. At this point I would be happy with a skate! Lot of guys out there but I didnt see any bent rods. Tight lines.
  8. I have always worn a nice pair of wool socks in my bootfoot waders and never had a problem.
  9. The skunk continues to follow me in to November. Out front bouncing around MoCo from 6:30a - 10am with nothing to show for it. My friend caught a schoolie on tin and that was it. No bumps no sign of life in the surf for me. Lot of guys out there this morning but didnt see any bent rods. Stiff south wind picked up and made it difficult to stay in contact with my lure and was putting a nice bow in my line. Will give it another go this week.
  10. Hit MoCo out front for the incoming last night between 7 - 9pm. Ocean was pretty flat with lots of rain fish in the wash but not any fish on them. My buddy CPR'd a nice 27" striper on a swim shad and that was it. Bounced around to a couple of other spots out back with no success. Until next time...
  11. I never had the opportunity or privilege to fish these jetties along the shore before they were buried with sand but looking at these pictures and hearing these stories brings a tear to my eye.
  12. Was planning a trip this weekend to the area. Are they actively pumping sand on the beaches yet or do I need to head further south?
  13. Well, it looks like any chance of having some type of fall run in the MoCo area surf isn't going to happen this year. SMH
  14. Outfront in MoCo this morning from 6:30a - 9:30a. Water was clean and green with a pretty flat surf. Nothing but skunk for me this morning.
  15. I bounced around between NoMoCo and MoCo today. Fished 2 hours before the flood and a few hours after. It was big water when I arrived and I needed heavier lures just to keep in contact due to the sweep. By later in the afternoon the waves calmed down a bit as you can see in the pic. There was plenty of whitewater and the water was a little stained but looked fishy overall. However, I still managed the skunk after throwing the bag at em. No bait and no signs of life. Will give it a go again tomorrow.