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  1. I have a Shimano Calyx 100. Has some age on it and caught a lot fluke before I upgraded. Only issue is the drag is sticky, not real smooth when tightened down. Maybe needs lube. $15 to cover shipping.
  2. Sold to bordenbeachbill
  3. It is still available. Send me your address if you want it for $10.
  4. Found in box of fishing junk. Penn 722 looking for a good home. missing some parts, broken handle but 2 good spools. $10 check to cover shipping. No PP.
  5. Found this in going through box of junk. Functional spool for Quick 330. Don’t remember what happened to the reel. $5 check to cover shipping. No PP. if no interest it goes in trash.
  6. 1. Not familiar. Good tip is to wipe all chrome and SS down with WD 40 a couple times every season. Mine is 21 years old and NO pits or corrosion. 2. I see no need for trim tabs 3. I don’t use transom saver but I have never trailered longer than 5 miles or faster than 35 mph. Per above I have 115 evinrude. House, ramp and mechanic all very local. I did upgrade replacement trailer to have all SS bolts when original trailer started rusting out. 4. I don’t like T tops. They get in the way when casting. In fact I bought mine off the showroom with a Bimini top and I had them take it off before I would take delivery. 5. I think it’s 8# not sure. Came with the boat. I havent been been lucky enough to find the fish box too small. Best that I kept from boat was 33lbs and she fit. I no longer keep the big girls anyway, not that I’ve caught many the past few years. Jim
  7. I had issues with the gap between the spool and the frame of my squidder where mono less than 20 pound would find its way under the spool. So I would be hesitant to use braid with it since the braid will probably be thinner. I actually don’t use the squidder any more. Just keep it for the memories.
  8. I have smaller Stradics and a 6000 gosa. I sometimes use the gosa on a 9’ triumph and consider it a bit big and heavy for the rod. The 5000 gosa and 6000 gosa are the same reel except the line capacity is more on the 6000. The gosa is much more water resistant and which can be important if using it on the beach or jetty. I only use my Stradics in boat where they only get light splashing with salt at most. Stradics are lighter and silky smooth and would be my choice if you can keep them out of the water. You may want to consider the 4000 stradic on an 8 foot rod though. A 4500 size penn would also be a good fit.
  9. I have a 1998 18’ sportsman. Had it since new. I repowered last year with new 115 evinrude since I was happy with the 115 Johnson I had since new and I didn’t see the need for more power. Most of my use is inshore behind Atlantic City and brigantine and I think it ideal for up to 3 guys fishing. I often get comments of surprise that it’s only 18’. It heavy for its size and rides decent in moderate ocean chop. My only criticism is that it’s a little tight getting around the center console. 6” more beam would be nice. If you want any more thoughts or suggestions bounce back. Good luck with it. Jim
  10. We use Medical Alert which is name of the company for my dad who lives at home alone. The device has gps in it so it works anywhere. If help is needed push the button and speak. Can say what problem is or who to Call. If button is pushed and no speech then they place calls to up to 3 people you designate and they make a local 911 call to the location the button was pushed. We have only used it in test mode but it seems like good service. It’s About $400 per year.
  11. Yeah. I remember. It was yesterday. Lol. Caught a 12” LMB in the pond behind my dads house in Florida. Bought it in late 1960s for trout fishing in SE Pa. still in mint condition and on the 6’ brown glass UL fenwick I used then.
  12. About 8 years ago I was using fluke belly strips frozen from previous trips. I was boarded by NJ fish and game officer. He checked my cooler and I only had a couple legal fish. Then he saw the rigs I was fishing had fluke strips. He asked where the racks were from the strips. I told him they were from prior days. He said he could fine me $25 for each piece which would have been a couple hundred bucks. He didn’t fine me and told me to throw them overboard but since then I don’t bother with fluke strips. I am not aware that the related regs have changed. I fish for fluke probably 40-50 times each season and haven’t been boarded since. This reg. Is a shame because when filleted and skinned the ribbons are wasted and based on 50 years of fluke fishing fluke ribbons are consistently the best fluke bait. Now I just use gulp and when available sea robin strips and still catch plenty of fluke.
  13. No worries. The guy that developed it probably won’t make more than $5 million on it.
  14. When I try the surf for kings in NJ Rather than spend $13/ doz for bloods when kings may or may not be around I buy the smallest raw shrimp at the supermarket for $5-6 a pound. If kings are around shrimp or clam are almost as good as bloods. In Florida shrimp is a popular bait as well as clam and sand fleas and is sold in bait shops for southern whiting (cousins to the northern whiting -kingfish). If no kings are around and I have left over shrimp I fry up an appetizer in butter. Try that with leftover bloods. Years ago (1960s) NJ bait shops would sell small frozen shrimp for kings in pint or quart containers. Shops in my area don’t sell shrimp. No idea why shrimp isn’t popular bait in NJ any more.
  15. I’m in NJ. Last 2 years I had to listen to my mechanic who painted my boat complain for what seemed like an hour about how the state regulations limit him from being able to use coatings that are toxic and are most effective. He has to use paints that very slowly wear off and remove the beginning of growth with the coating. Says chance of getting caught are slim but the fine can be bad. I would think most marinas aren’t going to risk using illegal coatings. Given that, I have been pleased with results over the past 2 years but my boat is used 3 or 4 days per week which also helps to limit aggressive growth.