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  1. Ice always works for me. I put a wet small towel in the freezer then wrap it around the ferrule to get as much direct contact on the rod. After a couple minutes the rod comes apart. Good luck. To bad guides not lined up or you could just call it a 1 piece.
  2. For all that are upset at the gulp swimming minnow tails getting bit off too easily, try the gulp shrimp and jerk shad. They are much more durable than the swimming minnow and catch just as good either on a jig or on a high low rig. I routinely catch more than 10 fluke on a bait. When they come loose on the hook rotate them a little when re-hooking them.
  3. On penn spinfisher BR reels the bait runner drag swithes to the drag on the spool when the handle is cranked. So the bait runner feature doesn’t work when retrieving. The reel behaves as a normal spinner once cranking starts Don’t know about other brands.
  4. Sea bass fileting size whiting (kingfish) fluke
  5. Black spacer bar was on the first edition 980. I bought my first one in 1983 with black spacer bar which is around when they first came out. Bought a later one I think in early 1990s with chrome spacer bar.
  6. I was also disappointed that the 9’ avid is stiffer than I was expecting. But I got the red model for half price when it was being phased out. So I’m using it for fishin buck tails and metals over 1 oz and for light bait fishing when the surf isn’t too rough. I also think it will be good on jetties where it will have the backbone to control bigger fish around the rocks and sling fish up on top. I love the 9’ triumph for 3/4 to 2oz plugs.
  7. They still are. I have 3 980s. 1990 for sharks. 2 are mint as spares. They are easy to cast, indestructible, hold a lot of line, made in USA. Heavy for casting all day but great for chunking. I don’t need anything else.
  8. With using braid on spinning for throwing more than 3 or 4 oz the main reason I use a mono shock leader is to prevent cutting my index finger during the cast. I use only 30 pound braid and 50 pound mono. The 50 pound mono has a lot more diameter and won’t cut. I usually use Fg knot. Like was said when chunking using spinning gear I’m only lobbing just over the breakers. I use conventional if I need to lean into the cast and when fishing for brown sharks.
  9. I have a 360 and it has excellent free spin. No resistance at all. When cleaning and greasing I smear a little penn grease on the gears and add a few drops of gear oil on all other friction points. I did have the shaft that the spool secures to bend a bit that could cause interference that could cause resistance. I was able to straighten it out like new. I would clean grease out again being sure to remove any dried or stiff grease and try only using only a little gear oil in the gear case and see if the resistance is reduced. Skip the grease and see if improved.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like relatively common issue. Blues and small cudas were pretty thick this morning for a couple hours on the beach and I didn’t have any cutoffs with the green braid but maybe I was just lucky. For now I’m going to stick with the green braid. I hope cutoffs will be less frequent, probably won’t eliminate issue based on your responses.
  11. I agree with above. 9’ triumph is my favorite light surf and jetty rod. I have 3 mojos 10’ and 10’6” and the 9’ avid and I prefer the more moderate action of the triumph for smaller lures 3/4 to 1 1/2 oz. I also use it for light bait fishing with 2-3 oz sinkers. Been thinking of trimming 3-4” from butt.
  12. Over the last 3 outings I’ve had 4 bite offs where the braid line was bitten off above a 3 foot 50 pound mono leader casting to schools of bluefish with Spanish mackerel mixed in. I use 30 pound yellow power pro with the leader tied directly with double uni knot. I never had this happen when using mono years ago except if I had a shiny swivel between the line and leader. I think I might be getting bit where the line enters the water and I’m thinking yellow line maybe the problem. Fortunately I’m only losing cheap spoons. Any thoughts? Next trip I’m using a reel with green suffix 832 to see if the color change helps.
  13. Back in 1960s and 1970s when they existed fishing was good when water was 40-50 F. In south jersey that was usually 3rd week March through first week May. For last 20 years it doesn’t matter. They don’t exist, at least in south jersey.
  14. Tips are not interchangeable between the Triumph 10’6” and 10’. Not even close. I have the 10’6” and my buddy has the 10’. The 10’6” has a much larger diameter butt section.
  15. Exactly. I hooked or got tangled to a dolphin (flipper type) on a chunk from the beach a few years ago and instinctively thumbed the spool on my penn 980 as the dolphin took off. In about 2 seconds the skin on my thumb was blistered before I even felt the pain. I was able to lock the drag and break him off before being spooled. He ripped off about 200 yards in just a few seconds. It was like being hooked to a corvette.