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  1. Should be plenty of snook I fished there this year for the first time and did well but the goliath grouper are all over the place
  2. Sorry Tim, I could not find your email and again thank you for the help.
  3. What are you fishing for and are you on a boat or just the fishing pier ?
  4. They are catching them good off Block on the Montauk boats and ones from RI and Conn. Who knows how long it will last.
  5. Hi All, It's been a few years since I've been logged on and looking at the forums I do not see the regional forums were they done away with ? Thanks and glad to be back. Dave Never mind I see them now. Still glad to be back
  6. Dave Duffy AKA FishNH here and it's been a few years since I've been on the site but wondering if I can get my old posts transferred to my new name? I could not log on with my old name. Glad to be back
  7. a sliding hook rig will work best for any large baits
  8. For me it depends on the jig and how far the hook is away from the head. Can't hurt to have a few for the days when the fish are hitting short of the main hook.
  9. What do you have left ?
  10. I've been fishing on the Hampton lady, the miss Montauk and the Helen H a lot for fluke this year and saw some pretty impressive fish. This past Thursday/Friday 2 day Nantucket trip on the Helen H there was a 12.3 a 13 and a 15 lb fluke weighed.
  11. Hampton lady doesn't have to go too far for the big fluke grounds.
  12. Thank you
  13. I'm not asking for secret spots just if any one can recommend any open boats
  14. It is the first lifetime ban for PED's. What a dumbass he is.
  15. I'd say a beer is a little bit different