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  1. Situational at best, as in there are times where it might keep a fish stuck while it may have shook off otherwise but the hassle of winding in the leader for the hook after every fish or bite keeps me from using them much, pita especially for the smallest size. I'm happier using hogy's 99% of the time.
  2. Live stream footage from the yokohama fishing show that''s going on right now, if I had to venture a guess, perhaps Shimano is doing a staggered release on the sizes like daiwa has done in the past where they release a few sizes then follow up with the rest. If I see them again I'll screen shot them and post here. I'm 100% positive I saw a spool with "6000" on it.
  3. From the SWB series the 5/6/k had the alu knob same is true with the new series now, Japan has 5/6k in the new models, shame if Shimano USA doesn't bring them over as well.
  4. Got a peek at the Japanese catalog, same pricing domestically as the old model for them. Not sure about what our retail price will be here, the Stella FJ stayed the same price in Japan as the older model FI was as well but we had about a $100 off our prices so only time will tell.
  5. both technically the same physical size range, ie if the fi had a 1000 size it'd have the same body as the c2000 and if the fj had a c2000 it'd be the same size as the 1000fj . The FJ models are a bit lighter than the FI but physical dimension wise, they're pretty close to the same
  6. just a quick correction, the catalina also utilizes daiwa's top tier gearing material, main difference are the cosmetics, the knobs and the lack of main gear mag sealed bearings
  7. not much interest, going to close it up thx sol
  8. reel still available
  9. no thank you
  10. thanks for the offer, don't have much use for it though so I'll have to pass
  11. $425 shipped