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  1. They changed how they sized them to match closer to industry standard. So yes the new 8/10000 is like the old 4500/5000
  2. pm sent
  3. That’s about the only cosmetic blemish I could find
  4. Not currently thanks
  5. No issues, everything functions properly it is a used reel though. There’s some minor cosmetics on the tips of the reel foot, I can take more detailed pics when I get home from work.
  6. Current model stradic ci4+4000, haven’t used it lately for over a year now so figured I might as well sell it $170 shipped PayPal
  7. I have a good condition stradic ci4+ 4000 I'd let go for 165$ shipped
  8. Yep, one mystery solved and now onto the next, I'm curious about the epoxy flaking off in that manner as well. I've seen it happen on other production rods but only on rods that have seen long term hard use.
  9. I have seen instances where certain size A wrapping thread can fuse when used with certain epoxies and it may look like a single piece or rubber but is indeed thread. I have no clue if this is the case here without having the rod in hand but, it's a possibility. For this rod it might or might not be the case, the thread used for the metallic trim is obviously much bigger than size A thread, maybe tightly wrapped thin black thread that fused with epoxy would look like a single tube of black shrink or sorts.
  10. I know lami has another 10' 1 piece option or two, there's another company but I can't recall the name at the moment
  11. I'd love to Kil but I'm down in Florida haha
  12. looking forward to the 7'9 UL blanks