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  1. thanks for the offer, don't have much use for it though so I'll have to pass
  2. $425 shipped
  3. bump
  4. Have a stella 4000 fi for sale, excellent condition and has the box papers and all accessories etc, hardly ever had a chance to use it. $450 shipped More pictures upon request.
  5. Got it, I'll update you when it's sent out
  6. deal, pm coming
  7. Retails for $40 asking $20 PayPal shipped
  8. Who built the rods?
  9. I change when it gets nicked or scrapped bad or when it becomes too short for my liking after multiple reties. If it's in good shape I've used the same leader for multiple trips no problem.
  10. Could someone who owns the rod take a close up picture of the joint sections if you don't mind, thanks
  11. I don't know about the larger tarpon but the canals there were stacked with the smaller ones everywhere.
  12. If you only need it for visibility reasons it should be fine, I generally use the actual leader material sense abrasion and visibility is a concern for most areas I fish. I do find the floro line to be weaker in the same strength rating but there is probably a diameter difference to back it up a long with the stiffness factor.
  13. Ground is actually supposed to be the cheapest option, it is for every service. Nothing makes sense anymore lol
  14. pretty much
  15. I tried to earlier, maybe the site was having issues as it kept giving me an error message after I put in the dimensions