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  1. I'm still not convinced about their quality control, I just recently bought 2 retail spools of 300yrd 30lb SSv2 in the marine blue color. 1 spool has a deeper blue color than the other. Fished the reel spooled with the lighter colored line today and had multiple mystery break offs near the leader, and also appears to be a section of damaged line about a long cast worth of line deep. The other spool of line seems fine thus far but time will tell. I've fished most of the major brands of usdm braid and still prefer suffix 832 the most for now
  2. For sure a defect, and it can happen to any reel.
  3. We live in a global economy like it or not and made in the usa is too ambiguous, majority if not all in most cases the raw materials used to actually make the blank is imported, majority of the components on factory built rods are also imported. Just fish what you like and not worry about it too much
  4. I haven't and never will, but I had buddy who bought into what they sell so I got a chance to peak into the "insider" info. It's a complete joke imo unless you've literally never fished a day in your life before then you probably won't get much value from it.
  5. HGS means high gear ratio and shallow spool, Ultegra actually retails for less than a Stradic FK just fyi
  6. JDM Shimano Reels go by size then gear ratio and then spool depth 3 Gear Ratios PG HG and XG, slow to fast to extra fast, non domestic Reels with just a size, ie 4000 with nothing else will always be a PG gear ratio. Next is the spool depth, there's ss , s and m , super shallow, shallow and medium. if there's no designation after the gear ratio then it will be a full depth spool.
  7. sold to cec127
  8. That works, pm with PayPal info coming
  9. Brand new with box,papers etc. If the shimano stella is Bruce Wayne , the Exsence is Batman lol asking for $350 shipped paypal
  10. I have a brand new one, $30 shipped paypal
  11. It's been on the website for a few days already, it's listed separate from the other suzuki's if that helps
  12. @Mbrody I'd love to hear your opinion on it's true lure rating when you do get to use it.
  13. @aqua-holic are you already planning to test the 10lb version? I can send you a sample if you don’t have any on hand.
  14. closing due to lack of interest.
  15. Not a stella but fairly comparable especially when considering the older stella models