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  1. BNIB Shimano Exsence 3000 for sale, asking $450 shipped PayPal Bellow is a video from one of our very own SOL members with more information for those who aren’t familiar with the Exsence series Thanks for looking
  2. Using the contact option on his website I sent him what you wrote on an earlier post, verbatim Hello Alan I've recently read this on a fishing forum, is this true? "The US market exist is a step above the JDM exist with additional coatings applied to the frame for corrosion protection and harder main gear. Can't verify that but I was told that today." I would show the original sent inquiry if I could but it doesn't appear in my email inbox due to the nature of his contact form. It would be great if we could get an official statement from Daiwa USA
  3. I had the 9ft which has the same ratings as the 10ft and I've thrown 4oz bt on it without issue
  4. Alan Hawk’s response, take as you will.
  5. I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore, hoping it all makes sense in the morning LOL
  6. Lol my brain isn't exactly working right, rightnow either, good luck dealing with the zoo tomorrow easiest way to explain it example, let's say you were to wrap some line onto a empty spool of leader, your first wrap is with your hand holding the line close to the spool, then you make another wrap while holding the line 1ft out, both wraps put the same amount of line onto the spool, your hand aka the rotor travels 360 degrees doesn't matter how far away you hold the line away from the spool you still only went around it once
  7. just checked shimano japan and they do list spool dimensions, the 10k spool is 4 mm wider than the 8k spool
  8. just the highlighted part, ipt is strictly based on gear ratio and spool diameter, the rotor no matter how big will spin the amount of times per the gear ratio and both pg's have the same gear ratios so if both spools have the same outside diameter and just the arbor sizes differs then they will retrieve the same amount of line until you're very deep into the spool on the larger capacity spool, if shimano specs are accurate which their ipt is often misrepresented. if the specs are right, the 10k spool has to be slightly bigger and not just a deeper cut out in order to retrieve more line.
  9. I love shopping there, cheapest expedited shipping around for those who can't wait to get their hands on new toys haha.
  10. Not that it makes much of an difference but what you have is actually their "line" and not their actual "leader" material
  11. In Australia it's "warranty" in practice it's basically what our platinum service is.
  12. Sold, pm sent
  13. St croix announced that all of their blank distribution moving forward will be through rod geeks and from what I've seen rod geeks is not carrying the same amount of options st croix originally had unfortunately. So any regular st croix blanks around are likely to be the last of their kind once sold out.
  14. I have 8 new unopened bags of shrimp scent fishbites for sale asking for $35 shipped paypal
  15. I have an old daiwa long cast reel with a graphite spool, have fought many large hard drag pullers and never had an issue with it, but I can guess if you have max drag running for a long bit it might not end up so well.