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  1. The way I see it, either they come back to Nassau or leave NY, I can't see a new arena being built in NYC, that would be great if it was though. The only other option they were talking about was building an arena at Belmont Park, but that is still a long shot.
  2. I have a really hard time getting the hook out of blackfish, and I especially feel bad that they have been all shorts so far this season. Has anyone tried crushing the barb to make dehooking them easier?
  3. The new Nassau Coliseum will seat 13,000 for hockey, 13,500 for basketball, 14,500 for standard concerts and the ability to flex up.
  4. Yeah it shocked me too that's why we kept trying to start it. As to how we didn't know we were aground, it's hard to say. What I think happened was that we drifted into the bar. I was piloting the boat at the time it happened, my buddy was and it was his first time ever piloting a boat so he didn't have any experience what it should feel like handling. But I think we stopped a few feet short of the sandbar and then drifted into it because there was a fairly strong current towards the bar. That would explain why we didn't feel a bump or anything. A few inches might have been a bit of an exaggerated a few inches too, it was maybe half a foot of water. It mostly comes down to the fact it was the first time piloting that boat, his first time piloting any boat, and I have limited experience myself.
  5. Yes I know the cutouts you are talking about I'll definitely get a cord for this. Definitely beats my idea of having a big paddle as a backup. For that to be effective though I really need to figure out what throttle/choke/primer settings this motor likes, it can be stubborn when cold.
  6. I'm afraid that cord appears to be long gone. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard though, I have turned it over by hand before. I'll see if I can throw a cord together. My fear of that is that I'll either turn it the wrong way, or the cord would get caught in the fly wheel.
  7. When I bought it there wasn't even terminals on it just the wire wrapped around the battery posts so the connections are all new and clean. I forgot a low voltage will draw more current, definitely gonna get it checked at autozone though. Thanks!
  8. To clarify the title a little bit, does a battery need just enough power to get the flywheel going around, or does it need some force behind it to get it going. I have a 1980 something 2 stroke evinrude 70hp outboard btw. I ask because the first time me and my buddy took out our "new" to use boat, we managed to run aground on a sandbar. The only way we figured out we had run aground was that when we went to leave the motor would start up but when we put it into gear it stalled, after doing this a few times, we accepted we had, had a massive mechanical failure, and decided to fish it out. After the first cast I discovered to my delight that we were only in a few inches of water and our prop was most likely suck hence why it stalled when going into gear. After that we managed to drag the boat into a decent depth, only to discover that the motor now will not start at all, after a few minutes of trying to get it started we decide it's flooded and let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes. Now at this point we no the battery is on our last legs and are getting another as this one only gets up to 11.6 volts but we bring a jump starter on board for this trip and figure it won't be a problem. After we let the motor air out a bit we try again for a few minutes and can here the battery starting to have trouble cranking it so we hook the jumpstarter up and keep trying. Then after a few more minutes all of the sudden it starts up, seemingly out of nowhere, and we drive back to the launch not wanting to tempt fate. My question is: Could the battery being low been the problem will it not starting and the new one will fix it, or should we look into other problems like fuel delivery or the carb?
  9. Really how did that work, did they come check of the boat and verify it was yours?
  10. Alright so, me and my buddy bought a 1967 Cobia. When we got the boat we got a bill of sale and the registration signed over to us. When we went to NYS DMV they said they couldn't register the boat because some of the registration was too faded to read because it got wet. They told us that the previous owner had to come in and get a new copy of the registration to sign over. Our problem is that when we contacted the guy we bought it from he said he would be away for 8 months and could not go to the DMV. Does anyone know anything we can do to get this boat registered? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The only thing on it is a permit for a boat launch from 2014, could that help get the VIN?
  12. Pretty soon it's going to be, a lot of things need replacing.
  13. Well let me start off by saying I am very happy to own my first boat, a 1969 16' Cobia in rough shape we are in the process of restoring. The boat also came with a trailer and that's where the biggest problem is right now. In our excitement to get out first boat we forgot to get any proof of ownership on the trailer, not only that but we discovered the sticker with the VIN and other information was painted over. So basically now we are trying to register a trailer with no VIN no proof of ownership and it's not even mentioned on the bill of sale. I have tried contacting the previous owner but he hasn't been much help. Has anyone been this dumb and can offer some advice on where to go from here?
  14. Tried to fish Jones Inlet last night and we were getting hits but we had to leave short of the tide because we couldn't bare the sand fleas! How do you guys deal with them?
  15. Alright I've heard your advice and tried it sadly still no fish. Last night the only thing that was getting hit where tsunami swimming shads and I got a few hits but every time the fish just ripped the tail off and missed the hook! Is this just something that happens to soft plastic swimmer or am I doing something wrong?