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  1. Found on Ebay I think it will be the right size for the Worm Rod
  2. Hi all, Looking to re-build an old rod to reach a rockpile under the bridge. Light line, with the soft blank, should help me toss a sandworm far enough. I'm wondering about the size of the Mitchell 306 My 302 is too big and the 300 too small to balance the rod. Are there any photos of the old Garcia Mitchell reel line-up? I have some old catalogues... but for Rods. I'm just wondering if someone has a pic of the two reels so I can judge the size. I see there not rated very well as far as the drag goes but It's just for schoolies. So, I think it would be perfect. I do like restoring / fishing the old vintage stuff. I just missed out on a 306 on ebay Oh well, figured I'd ask before I buy one and find out it's not the right size. Thanks for your help JimD.
  3. Is there any tips or tricks to wrapping the open spiral trim wraps neat an evenly ? Using two threads then unwrap one leaves the spiral to close together for me. Looking for an plain "old rod look" also, I always have scaled down the wraps as the guides got smaller. Is this correct or should they be all the same length and size ? Ex. 1/8" over the guide foot 4 wrap trim color ...ect. JimD.
  4. Those layouts look great ! Before I send out an order for guides.... Possibly you could recommend a better (8 strand) choice of braid ? (no argument here) This whole concept idea is new to me so why not a new braid.... I've got no problem with new or different. The reel seat was fixed at 584.2mm from the butt and the rod has split grips. I had planned to just do a re-wrap. Though I was never happy with a chrome reel seat clashing with the black and gold of the Penn SS reel. I'd rather have it look and feel right, so for a few bucks more, a new seat in the suggested position is not a big deal. I went with the Penn 450SS because I wanted to keep it light and quick for tossing plugs all day or a few ounces with a sand worm. I also have Penn 650,750,850SS or Mitchell 396, 386 if you think any of those reels would serve that rod better. But those old Mitchell/Penn Reels are heavy ! I am chompin on the bit to send out the order. I will order enough to try out the 2 suggested layouts, tape it up and see what happens. JimD.
  5. I will try anything I'm from New England Being that I'm a new member please don't think that I'm not following along here .... it takes approval from the mod before my post appears. The only reason I wanted two foot guides was longevity. 8 or ten rods stuffed in the car along with camping gear tends to take it's tole on single foot guides. I'm over it The KL-H will be fine ! Even with using old wire framed guides to train the line down quick, I noticed a marked improvement in casting distance. What ever you recommend I will try as this "concept" idea seems to work !
  6. Test casting now with ( old wire frame guides )30, 25, 16, 10 runners to pass the shock leader knot. I think I have to buy a few KW guides to experiment. Trouble is I'm trying to "land" the first or second guide right next to the ferrule (28.5" out) so I'm thinking of trying KW25, KW16 KW10 then the low profile 10 runners. I can't tell if it will work using software, I gotta have them in my hands or go on advice from similar builds and builders with more experience than I. ok New plan I will go KL-H to solve 30 being too high 25 too low. I just want to wrap this and fish it. There's a spot on the river that I can't reach with a regular COF rod. Sorry for the indecision, I will heed your advice and order what I need to make this rod work. please advise JimD.
  7. Thanks so much Measure Reel Penn 450SS A - 94.73mm B - 90mm C - 133mm Spool Dia. 53.75mm Braid Spiderwire Stealth 30lb From the tip of the spool axle 80" to the rod tip. The KW guides look good to me. I'd like to use double foot guides on either side of the ferrul for durabiltiy (road rash) then the single foot is fine to the tip. I'll be casting light to medium plugs. It's an old rebuilt rod so no specs on the blank. size 10 tube at the tip. Hope this info is enough. Thanks for your help. JimD.
  8. New SO Member, I'm trying to rebuild an old blank using the newer concept idea. Reading on some website, they were recominding 9 or more guides for 8' 6" blanks. 8' 6" 2 pcs. rod blank... maker ? Reel - Penn 450SS 30lb braid 53.7mm/ 2.1 " spool dia. I'm trying to avoid the (to me) "spindly" appearence of the KLH's. so I'd like to use 2 foot guides to the choker or at least on either side of the ferrul BSVLG and BLG running guides 10's or eights to pass shock leader knot. I don't have a bunch of guides on hand to sort out the reduction train using string tied to the spool post to the choke point 57.08" using 27x Is there a way to dertime the correct size guide using the guide placment software using BSVLG guides. I was using the SV tab and it's giving a stripper size 40 isn't that too large ? or is it accounting for the fact that I'm not using a high frame guide. also the choke point seem pretty far out to the tip creating a train too long. I'd like to get it down quicker I've always built my rods by placing the stripper and bending the rod an placed the rest where they need to go. I wish to try this new method. can anyone help with some placement numbers and guide sizes to get the line down quicker to the running guides ? Jim D.