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  1. Pulled the chub trap, usually check to throw back any other species.....the occasional baby fluke, sticklebacks, needlefish ect. Didn’t notice this guy until The next day when I went to feed them. Any ideas ?
  2. So apparently she couldn’t CHEAT death.
  3. Luckily that species isn’t around here. That is an alligator snapping turtle. True dinosaurs.
  4. I’ve put wire around the terrapin nest but not the snapper. Interesting thing about snappers, the eggs don’t hatch every year. Sometimes they will hatch after 2 years. Nature is strange sometimes.
  5. Then a week later this terrapin laid hers right next to the snappers. Lots of terrapins in the river.
  6. This one laid eggs in my side yard after crawling out of the wareham river. Saw one in the water a week later while I was catching schoolies.
  7. Well said gentlemen, I don’t get to fish or post as often as I’d like but had to respond. So many take for granted what we have always had but it didn’t come cheap or easy. Hate or like nascar I make it a point to watch the Memorial weekend race. Each of the 40 cars racing have a banner on the windshield carrying a fallen servicemen's name. Throughout the broadcast the announcers take a moment periodically to tell the story behind how each were lost in battle. Truly humbling. Anyone on this site who served......thank you doesn’t seem enough. God bless
  8. No big fish but another decent multi-species trip. Brookis, Browns, rainbows and smallies. Lost a decent fish at boatside, looked like a tiger but couldn’t get definite ID on it.
  9. True, old habits die
  10. Finally had a chance to splash the boat and hit a new to me pond. Got into some decent bows. Felt good to get out.
  11. Yeah, not as many as last year at this time but there were 5 or 6 of them in the Wareham river today .
  12. Just a little bit downstream from the Elks. You were right they aren’t just sitting there watching.8485AC87-22B8-4358-8D0E-EC9A838B94CC.MOV
  13. There are pods of 20-30 moving through the Elks run.
  14. Two Osprey hunting over the river in the backyard, a Kingfisher sitting on a post and a quick trip to the Elks to see a pod of herring in the pool. Always makes you feel like a little kid on Christmas morning !!!
  15. Ok, They look cool and sound cool and are a bit intimidating when they fly over or swim up to the kayak but............ This year they are out of control, I have been under attack twice this year. Once in the kayak NOT FUN AT ALL !!! lucky I didn't flip it. Once as I walked down to cast a few in the back yard, a swan was at the shoreline between men and the dock and decided he didn't want me to pass. I had 23 of them out back this morning up from the average of 17 or so...ridiculous.
  16. Actually the dog is fine and this is a fake story. First of all why would she take a pic of her dog and not the coyote's. Second of all, just take a look at the dog.....there is no way in hell he is under a threat. He is happily sitting there waiting for his owner to come down out of the tree, his hackles are not up on his neck, he is not facing the threat with teeth bared, he is pretty relaxed. And last but not least, if he were "attacked" by a pack he would not be fine. I think she got creeped out by the howls of a pack in the woods and panicked.
  17. Awwww, thanks for the sweet wishes of many Swans but that's not likely. Seems like the flock is dwindling by the day.....must be something in the water or nature being nature
  18. Hmmmmmmm.......there's your requested quote.
  19. The internet is always good for a few laughs, It so easily brings out the false bravado in some people, and shows that others need to RELAX and lighten up. I had never had any issues with swans before but it is strange to have two attacks in a month. I DON'T go looking for them or go near the nests...duh or bother them, these happened in my backyard and if it comes down to either me making a few casts in the backyard or having a swan try to stop me...the swan loses everytime. My point of this hole thread was there are way too many freekin swans this year.
  20. Glad you enjoyed your cake and go back and read your called us all A holes.
  21. You better not cut your lawn, it has a right to grow but us a-holes chop the hell out of it once a week.....we are just horrible...
  22. Hey happy slappy, Let some hornets make a nest under your front walkway....It's nature ! see how long it takes your sally butt to run for the bug spray....
  23. That is a decomposed Torpedo ray, they are a deep water ray that grow very large but the juveniles come into shallow water and sometimes wash up on the shore. They pack a serious electric shock !!! Found this one last spring in Buzzards Bay.
  24. Pretty sure there is no science involved, they just monitor reported catches as they move North.