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    57 y/o fishing fanatic, I fish alone or with one other buddy. This keeps productive spots productive and enjoyable for years.
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    Fishing Saltwater and fresh. Nascar and local modified racing.
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    Semi retired.

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  1. So true, I’ve got a long way to go to fill the vault, got it 1/3 full about 5 years ago and didn’t buy another smoke for 2 years before I ran low.
  2. I usually partake in the summer and take a break in the winter……usually.
  3. A pour, a puff and life is good !!!
  4. Latest bid wins for the vault
  5. The old saying : I don’t drink anymore, but I don’t drink any less.
  6. Pairing for the night, light but enjoyable
  7. Letting them adjust in the humi for a little bit but I’ll let you know when I torch one. The hardest thing to me is letting new sticks sit for a bit.
  8. When starting out do yourself a favor, take the wrapper off any cigars you like and put them in a cup, before you know it you’ll have a dozen or so that you can reference when you go shopping.
  9. Tonight I got the “ ok, finish the f’ing cigar dad, I’m hungry look !! “. Lmao
  10. Somehow they are more rewarding after coming so close and working so hard for it…..congrats !!!!
  11. You might like Arturo Fuente. “Hemingway”. Very consistent, smooth and tasty.
  12. Too late, but at least I’m enjoying the ride ! And if my humidor goes full My wallet will be empty……2000 capacity would take some coin to fill.
  13. Absolutely only way to drink it is how YOU like it !!!!!
  14. Banking with the cat-dog today
  15. In ten years I’ve never been able to fill the humidor to half capacity……thanks to you guys turning me onto that bid site, this may be the year. It’s even good for accessories !!