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  1. Anyone have a suggestion for targeting stripers (first choice would be on the fly) somewhere near Newburyport/Plum Island area of MA? I'm looking to fill a half day while the family is off doing whatever. I'm open to other suggestions for going inland if you have them. thanks!
  2. Thanks all for the great suggestions, names and referrals. It’s why I love this board....all for one and one for all!
  3. Sunday, Aug 18th. When I go for stripers in a tidal estuary, my sensibility is to start before dawn - hopefully the tides will work in my favor. I fish when I can, not when I want to. I'll probably bring my 7/8 wt and just wave it at whatever water I find in the area.
  4. Anyone have a suggestion for targeting stripers (first choice would be on the fly) somewhere near Newburyport/Plum Island area of MA? I'm looking to fill a half day while the family is off doing whatever. I'm open to other suggestions for going inland if you have them. thanks!
  5. $400 - $600 for half a day is steep for me. If that is what the market is bearing, more power to them.
  6. Thanks all for the info! I don’t begrudge them their pricing, but it’s gotten out of my range I am finding! Getting a guide has become a rich man’s game I guess.
  7. That was helpful.
  8. Do you have a stripping basket? You'll want one to keep line from going all over. Some people make their own. Focus on sink tip lines for now, IMHO. Don't forget to wash your stuff down after every use. Go before sunrise. Looks like a sand eel pattern the tube-like fly which is good and a Deceiver with the dark top. Clouser Minnow is very popular ... search that. Definitely go hang out with Capt Castafly.... I'm sure you'll learn a ton. Get out there!
  9. Ok, you've got your salt rig... you'll want special leaders when blues are around. Depending on the maker, 9wts can be incredibly different, more so, in my opinion, the heavier the rod the differences can be magnified. I have a Hardy that I think was meant to reel in Jaws. The thing is a beast. For salt, you'll want to try to become proficient in the "double- haul " in order to get distance. Better to search than my trying to explain. HJS is correct. Need a bunch more info. In general, you're better off with line that sinks fast... always, even in fresh, way more fish below than top feeding. ... and, get out there!
  10. A few things to consider... join a local chapter of Trout Unlimited. Most are very welcoming of new members and you’ll learn from them, as well as where to go practice in a field ... remember, you’re casting the line, not the fly, so you don’t need a hook to practice practice at a pond without any overhang or brush... catching blue gill or sunnies is fun when just starting out and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Watch YouTube ... tons of great vids. Orvis has a lot since they need more people buying more gear good luck... in RH, you’ll want to eventually get a heavier rod and get a sand eel and a clouser flies to go after schoolies...particularly if you live near a breachway where they follow the baitfish in. Go right before sunrise.
  11. One of the more interesting sights I've seen .... years ago I was in a rental in the Arnolda section of Ninigret on a cove. There was a tiny island in the middle of the cove, no more than half an acre. One day, three deer swim out to the island!
  12. I've been on QP every morning, tons of bait fish, tons of birds... no fish.
  13. Dropping the kid off at Mystic tomorrow coming from NYC and would love to swing a clouser or two for a few hours before heading back. If any kind, giving fly-rodder would like to PM a locale to try, I will be in your debt! ... and willing to share my Catskill locations if you ever desire. Email is also ok: fluid164@yahoo.com cheers! b
  14. That's a great idea. Thanks .
  15. Anyone FF for stripers in the Hudson during their run up? The water seems too discolored for a Clouser to be effective. My typical experience is in RH fishing the salt ponds at sunrise with a sand eel pattern. Would love to hear from any locals.
  16. thanks for suggestions.
  17. thanks for the tip!
  18. The best place is usually a salt pond with good flow on the tides... don't skimp on the rake. Get one with a cage and as light as possible. Be methodical and patient. The best is knee-high water on low-tide. Some people tie a floating bucket, I prefer a kayak since it allows you to move to new spots quickly. A mesh bag that hangs in the water will keep your catch fresh. In RI, there's a clam gauge sold at all the bait shops. If you keep all the small ones, there won't be any soon enough since they are not reproducing.
  19. Next week .... I'm sure fishing is probably thin, but just being on the water is most of the fun anyway for me. If anyone cares to PM me on suggestions for general locations, I'd be mighty obliged. Happy to reciprocate.
  20. So, just got back. The only free time I had was mornings. I went to an inlet suggested by folks here. It is s really great piece of water for my kind if fishing, fly casting. The water was warm, and not much around, but it was absolutely beautiful in the mornings, with the sunrise. Best of all, i met an older gent who was also throwing a fly. He gave me some great tips which i always appreciate and pass on myself when given the chance. I'll be back in fall and spring when the bites on... Thanks everyone for your advice.
  21. Spread my ashes on Quonnie!
  22. thanks for the advice .... I am shore bound.
  23. rock on brother ... good luck out there!
  24. I am a big fan of TFO rods. I have a 6wt BVK that I can almost anywhere with... again, for the money, they are a great value. I've heard some good things about the Fenwick Aetos, but maybe someone else has one that can respond.
  25. It will. After a good rinse, I soak mine overnight in a bucket.