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  1. Hey tight lines.
  2. Sks

    Lures yep time to hook up with you and the fish.
  3. Worth getting wet.
  4. Ethics are how we act or what we do when no one is watching. If all fishermen would stick together like they should but never will we (they) would control the fishery, but when greed takes over and ya see people keeping everything they can catch just like the illegals they figure *** he is doing it it must be how it's done. When the fish are gone so is the future. I love to fish but will not stoop to keeping more than I need or can use. Fresh after all I am a hunter gatherer not a poacher or glutin. I remember the days when the commercial fisherman would put on free party's and feed everyone. Now the only one I know of is up at Reversal falls in Maine, boy times have changed just listen to the idiots on channel 5 next time your on the water...Spot burning, makes me sad when fisherman can't get along....
  5. Yesterday thru all but the kitchen sink at them including trolling niners and tube and worm, rapala's with a fly ahead, mac's. clams etc, had to go home and eat Haddock. from up river ot the shoreline and isles. wow
  6. too much bait available for the lazy girls. Only saw a few feeding in 8hours of putting around.
  7. sks

    Yep it's pretty invasive, when they are not carefull they can mess your guts up. Been there. Look forward to fishing but been working 7days for months.
  8. sks

    Seems different to hear people talking about someones ass then just an ass talking, Got the pipes fixed get ready for the hot n spicy stuff, All kidding aside glad they fixed ya up. Kinda jut in time for tight lines... Time heals all...
  9. I like to come on here for info and tidbits but the banter is for the NH forum. Thanks for the invites to come fishing.!
  10. Aren't there like 10 underwater cameras in the canal allready? How do we link up with those??
  11. Live bait early trolled slower than slow.
  12. Scott ya can use my camp anytime but no pike in the river.
  13. Ok so explain to me why Hundreds of hunters have been running dogs on deer down south for years and years and the dog's never get shot??? Are you telling me it's ok because someone has a badge they can get away with shooting someone. I guess your Mass cops are dumber than than hillbillys runnin dawgs...Just food for your thoughts. No wonder everything is Illegal in Mass. I love to hunt anything that is edible but have never even come close to shooting a human, after all this fuss is said and done I feel sorry for the woman and her family. Just because someone carrys a gun in the woods with a tag in his pocket doesn't make them a Hunter.. But he could be a killer.......
  14. I guess the bottom line should read Be responsible for you own actions whether they intented or unintended. There is no grey line when you are carrying a gun with the sole purpose of using it. You need to have your best wits about you and be vary aware of your surronundings, The term don't go off half cocked must have been said for a reason. Man up and take responsibilty for you actions... Hang him on his own meat pole....