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  1. They just come here for a place to dump their trash. It's much better down here. Eff the northern part of the state.
  2. Yesterday was the wonderful state of the state address. It was pretty laughable.
  3. Please don't do that. We have too many of them already.
  4. Another one pushing for the $15 an hour minimum wage B.S. so other people can "enter" the middle class without getting better jobs. Going union with the wind farm projects. Sending Dreamers to state colleges for little to no cost because they were so unfortunate to be brought into this country or be born here and already live for ****ing free. Talking about how much money is wasted in this state yet just wants to hand more away. Waiting for a new tax anyday now.
  5. Caught some of the replay last night. What a ****ing whack job this guy is.
  6. No walking around bare feet at Reds place. Back in the farming days the boss would put out one of those speaker things that sounds like a hawk screeching to try and keep the black birds and starlings out of the corn fields. Bottom of the thing was a metal box that housed a 12v battery. The owners son had a huge doberman that would run through the rows and bark at the birds, must have been chasing a rabbit one day and caught the corner of the metal right above it's eye. Dog had to get like 20 stitches. Cab of the farm truck looked like a murder scene.
  7. Well that's that.
  8. Saints can win by throwing to whoever Maddox is covering.
  9. ****ing turf.
  10. Jesus christ. Brooks, Cox and Bennet?
  11. Double post.
  12. I think it's even worse when they truck it in. Looser sand. I missed out on a few spots last year and also past fall but I might try more back bay areas in May.
  13. Need to score and need to keep pressure on Brees. 33-28 Philly.