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  1. 15 lb. PP on my back bay rods, 30 lb. PP S8S on my surf rods. My no go braid is tuff line XP. Tried it a few years ago and pulled it off after 2 weeks.
  2. Nothing like a good SSW wind to brown things down back and front. Tide was way low out front cmc this morning and surf was fishing shallow. Bow in line casting and sweep in the water. Not a tap for me. Saw 1 small blue pulled in towards the end by a latecomer.
  3. I've probably hooked into my biggest mystery objects around Grassy Sound area. 30-40 lb wads of seaweed tangled in multiple types of fishing line, metal pipes, remains of a folding lawn chair, doormat (not flounder, it was an actual doormat) I'm sure there's still plenty of other stuff around there.
  4. Another bad one was from those ****ing bacardi smirnoff ice knockoff drinks. Think i got my aunt to pick some up for me when i was still 20. I downed like 10 of them in maybe hour and a half then proceeded to die a little bit after that. I blacked out on my bed and woke up like 3 hours later in a confused state to puke, passed out again and woke up with one of those headaches that pounds with the slightest bit of movement to where you just lay there for a few hours. No more of them after that.
  5. When i was 16 i wiped out a 6 pack of zima and chased it with a 6 pack of bud light in like 2 or 3 hours at my friends house. Went back down the street to my dads house, luckily he was still at the hospital for the birth of my sister, and proceeded to puke like 15 mins after getting there. My ass was in bed at like 730, old man came home a little after and was wondering what the hell i was doing in bed at 830 and why i couldn't get up for the rest of the night and some of the morning.
  6. Nothing good comes out of a glass that is filled 3/4 of the way with 4 different kinds of alcohol (5 of the triple sec is alcoholic) and a splash of coke for coloring. Pasta is one of the worst things you can eat before drinking. Something about the carbs/sugars digesting faster and taking everything with it so it's like an instant alcohol injection.
  7. Worst hangovers for me came from bud light or Bacardi. Or just from mixing multiple things throughout an evening. Had a run for a few months when beer wouldn't do it for me so i would change to long island ice tea in the middle of the night to get things going. Those led to some rough mornings.
  8. Freshman year in college. Guys in the dorm next door were always drinking and had a supply on hand of a few things. Had off from work one night and ended up drinking with them. I remember starting off with some captain then saw the full bottle of soco and asked to pop it open and started doing shots. Nobody else wanted shots so i kept doing them. The entire bottle worth. I was good for an hour then it hit me like a ton of chit when i went to my room to grab something. I woke up against the wall next to my toilet with my arm still dangling from the handicap rails that i must have been holding onto when puking. Couldn't get out of bed the next day and that's all i could smell and taste. Haven't drank it since.
  9. Been a while since i had a bad day on the beach. Re spooled last night and apparently put a few too many wraps on. 2nd or 3rd cast i got that nice thwap sound and knew what happened. Off came the extra wraps. Re tie and back in business. 2 cast later it happens again, and also decided to make a little mess of my spool. Pulled it out, cut the knot off and lost another few yards so no longer over spooled. Fished angry the rest of the morning after losing out on time and new line and ended up with a 16" bluefish who after flopping around a bit placed a belly hook through my sleeve while still dangling off the rear treble. Friggin amateur hour out there. I think I need to catch up on sleep this weekend.
  10. I'm waiting for an end to birthright citizenship.
  11. Gang Starr with M.O.P. great song
  12. yesterday they were all hooked on the outside of the mouth.