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  1. 100% true that Mexicans don't like Central Americans. Goes the other way too.
  2. Why can't they just do an Agent 0010 or some other code number?
  3. Would you want hundreds of thousands of uneducated people incapable of just about anything to return to your country when the liberals of another country are dumb enough to want to pay for them instead?
  4. I've talked to a few people who have been over there to both. My cousin finished his Marines duty last year after like 5 or 6 deployments and some wounds and deafness in his left ear from an IED. Couple other guys to Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq. They all say the same thing of it being pointless and not being able to change that part of the world.
  5. Probably no fishing during lifeguard hours there.
  6. Wonder how many of his 3 world series rings he hasn't sold for coke.
  7. IROC = Italian Ratards Out Cruising
  8. Hopefully Bridgeton NJ is on their list. That place is like a main hub for them.
  9. Found 1 short flounder Tueday morning maybe 14". Out back cmc yesterday 530-730 pm tried a couple spots. First one found a 17" and 12" flounder, 2nd area got another one close to 17". Had something else on for a few seconds, got to the surface and looked like a weakie with the spots on it's back but started splashing and fell off. Maybe 14"-15" long. Also had a strange fight to it that almost made me think hickory shad.
  10. Yeah i couldn't get into the faster bpm stuff, that just sounded like a bunch of nonsense to me. Also saw Tech Itch. Forgot about that one. Most of the people i was hanging around were dj's and pretty cool. Never really fell into the actual scene itself but saw some weird ****ing people out there, but it was in S. FL so that has to be expected.
  11. Probably the ones pumping out the most anchor babies. That's the initial sugar coating. Makes it sound like they are not stealing too much money for the startup. 2021 probably will be a different story.
  12. I spent some time around the DnB crowd from like 2001-maybe 04? Had a buddy i met at college 2nd semester that was into it and had the turntable setup. Dude looked completely opposite of what he was spinning, more like someone who was going to play a round of golf yet total stoner with ADD. Wasn't really my cup of tea but some of it was ok. Break beats are better. Met some interesting people and some real d-bags. The chicks that followed that stuff were a little too crazy for me. I heard way to many stories about them popping ecstasy pills which i stayed away from. As far as more famous performers at the time i did see Diesel Boy, Concord Dawn and AK-1200. To this day AK-1200 had the craziest low bass that i have ever been able to hear or feel - it was an indoor event with some insane sound system and not sure how many thousands of watts. Haven't followed it since.