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  1. i didn't think about that.
  2. I remember when they use to do the DE bay marsh areas of Lower and Middle Townships when i was a kid. Haven't heard of it much in the past decade near me.
  3. Gaiss' Meat Market & Grill in the Villas NJ. Probably best kielbasa around here. Crock pot with sauerkraut all day. ****ing delicious.
  4. That's a big chunk of change. Angels did the smart thing and paid him instead of waiting until the end for negotiations. You know every team would have been throwing him offers. Yankees would have been $500,000,000 easy.
  5. Anyone else have fires going around them today? I can see Wharton State Forests smoking from work. Think they are scheduled in a few different townships throughout the state today/this week.
  6. As a Phillies fan it is sad news to hear.
  7. You ever see one cruising around on the surface before? Watched one next to a bridge this past fall. Thought it was a solo mullet at first the way it was swimming around, then it stopped in front of me for a second where i could actually see it. Probably 6-7" long. There's videos from icast showing how the lure swims. Has good action.
  8. McMaster Carr carries everything. Shipping for something that size should only be like $6 from them considering they probably aren't too far away from you. I order stuff from them all the time for work.
  9. Happy Bday CSj
  10. I think the NJ taxpayers would rather see what the state actually does with their money rather than see Trumps returns. Politicians wrote and use the same tax laws and loopholes that Trump does for personal gain. If they don't want him to use them and benefit then maybe they shouldn't either.
  11. Saw these at the corporate sporting goods store yesterday. I might try one for flounder sometime and see what happens. Wouldn't be the first time i've tossed $14 into the water.
  12. They're touring this summer. June 15th in Atlantic City.
  13. I have an ovation celebrity i picked up 15 years ago, PDP drum set from 7 years back, and went cheap on a squire telecaster package like 3 or 4 years ago. Learned a couple of chords in 7th grade, switched to drums same year and didn't touch a guitar until 22 when i attempted to self learn again. Unfortunately too much other stuff going on over past few years to make time for them.
  14. Water temps are up 4 degrees off Atlantic City and Cape May since 3 days ago. Next week should improve that.
  15. I watched a video last night just to see how these "vapers" work. Apparently they just stand around in a room full of people and see who can suck and blow the hardest. And some of them have vaping clubs with custom t-shirts lol.