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  1. Runaway. Always remember the scene when they are trapped in the construction elevator by the robots.
  2. Nope. No prize for Reed.
  3. At Owens for a bit if you got time

  4. Weekend boaters from out of state that drive a boat on the wrong side of the channel like this is ****ing England.
  5. Easy, I call Progressive and they send someone to get the door open. Been a few years but I've been there a few times. AAA used to do the same thing for their members.
  6. Probably the most highly combustible hairspray to ever hit the market. Never did get a proper distance measurement on the ones we launched.
  7. My FL drinking days would usually end at a pizza place for a slice or 2 at 4am to try and counteract any possible hangovers the next day. That didn't always work.
  8. Hey Red the lid is there but where is the Pringles can?
  9. My drunken hunger is usually for another beer so i can't relate to the eating part.
  10. Yeah eff that.
  11. Boxers fracture 4 weeks ago. I think the doc is gonna screw me and make me stay in it an extra week or 2, or at least cut this one off and give me a removable one. I've been hating life living left handed.
  12. Took a trip to a back bay spot to walk the dog on Saturday morning and saw one of the largest mullet schools I've ever witnessed come running through. Really hope i get this cast off my hand next week.