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  1. Trying to avoid buying anything new but will let you know if it comes down to it.
  2. Looking to see who might have a bail for the Tsunami Shield 8000 laying around that might want to part with it. Also would trade my manual bail kit for a bail, or trade the whole reel for another shield. Bailless kit tends to be a pain for me to use from my kayak. Thanks.
  3. Hey is this still available?
  4. At this point I am not, but thank you
  5. I did not see it
  6. Ah I’m sure it’s a great reel but that’s out of my price range. Good luck with the sale
  7. I’m assuming it’s out of my price range but what are you looking to let it go for?
  8. Dave thanks for the post but I’m going to hold out for a VS/VSX just due to the nature of the way I fish.
  9. Bailed or bailless either way. Must be will to ship or pick up somewhere between Maine and RI. Thank you.
  10. Yes the black spool is metal
  11. Here are some pictures. I may have the original gold spool instead of the drilled one. I’ve had the reel for 3 years and have never used it.
  12. I have a US made 704 I’d trade if interested. Can send pictures later today.
  13. Been really loving this thread and am bummed that nothing has been posted since a few years ago. Sarge I know you posted this in 2016 but has what you hinted towards been put out by Penn? To the gentlemen who have used their minds and time to do something awesome, have you ever had a final product? I may be able to have some parts machined if there is a workup of the part.
  14. Would you take $500 USPS MO shipped for the 250?
  15. I made my own livewell for under $100, but do a search for “kayak bait tube”. Glad you were able to nab some macs!