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  1. A few from this past week: Caught somewhere around 60 fish over 6 days on and off fishing. Helped on stock truck 2 of the days. Nothing too exciting.....the largest there is 18" brown. The one blurry pic is due to the pouring monsoon rain storm I was crazy enough to fish in. Trying to score another big one which I've located a couple but they're not cooperating. Maybe next week.
  2. That's a good choice. I had a pair of Simms that I used for 5+ years and they started leaking at the sock foot. Sent them back to Simms, no receipt or anything, and received a brand new pair no questions asked. Simms stands behind their product. My wife gave me a pair of the new model Simms wading pants and they leaked at the sock foot after less than a year. Sent them back with receipt and received a brand new pair. They were still under warranty though. Replacement pair is holding up just fine on 2nd year now.
  3. I was searching for the same size rod a few years ago for Steelhead fishing and there really isn't alot out there to choose from. I ended up with the St Croix Avid 7 1/2' ML 2 pc and I am very pleased with it. I pretty much use it for throwing 3/8 - 3/4 oz lures only and it does the job well. It casts great and handles large angry fish no problem. Also has a good solid cork handle as I don't really like the segmented handles.
  4. This is a 1000, but I have another Stradic 1000 that is bigger. I think Shimano got a little weird with their numbering system. This one probably should've been a 500, like the Vanford.
  5. Caught 6 more this morning. This one is a 17" Tiger Trout. Haven't seen many of these in my area over the years. This one has very obvious markings: half brook half brown.
  6. Never heard lightning that what they're called down your way? Gold Rush is a thing in West Virginia. They tag a few and if you get one you can win a prize like a camping trip or something. I've been trying to keep up with you and Marlo this year with the big trout, but you guys set a pretty high I gotta figure out where to catch some bigger ones!
  7. Got 12 this morning before the rain started. For whatever reason they stopped biting when it started raining...... .....biggest was 22 1/2". These were stocked by the local sportsmens club yesterday.
  8. I read on-line last year about guys using these beads for Steelhead in NY. I took some along to Erie but didn't get around to trying them. I also saw a guy here back in February using them for trout in the artificial lures area. He wasn't catching anything......said he didn't have a bite. I read somewhere that there is some question to the legality of these in Pa. The hook apparently has to be a certain distance to the bead or it's considered snagging.
  9. Holy crap Bennie! Nice!
  10. I've been using Fireline for many years and after experimenting with a few other brands a few years ago I came back to it. I use the 6 lb crystal on all of my ultra-light and light spinning reels. I can't use the smoke color because I can't see it. It casts great and is trouble free as long as you are aware that it is very abrasive. If you tie a fluro leader to it the fireline will cut through it as soon as pressure is applied. Any kind of knot you tie will get same result. I even had to replace the line roller on the bail of one of my Pflueger reels this year because the Fireline was cutting a groove in it. I just connect the fluro leader to the fireline with a small swivel.
  11. I have a pair of Redingtons that are about the best ones I've had. Definately the longest lasting and they've taken a beating and still in great shape. I've had these for about 4 years now and I fish year-round. They are sticky bottoms with goathead spikes. I originally got them for fishing in Maryland but I soon discovered that they're great for anywhere I go. I always used to wear felt bottoms but when I tried these sticky soles I got very good traction with them. The spikes are actually worn down by now to where they're probably not that effective and I still have better traction with these than with my felt bottom Simms.
  12. Caught 18 more today. Not bad for a 2 day stretch! (43) a few pretty nice ones!
  13. Took a few days off to do some fishing. Caught 25 today. This was the biggest one:
  14. When Walmart first started carrying those mousetails a number of years ago I bought several different colors to try. My results have been ......ehhhhh......not great. I caught a few fish on them at first, but there's never been a time where I caught fish on them and couldn't catch on anything else. I actually had better luck with them when I cut the ball head off and just used the tail part like a power worm. I guess they're worth a shot but I wouldn't put too much stock in them. We have alot of guys around my area here that swear by power bait.....the paste stuff in the jar. Thing is after the first few weeks of the season it isn't as effective, so then these guys give up and stop fishing. That's when the fishing gets good for me. The only power bait product i've had year-round success with is the gulp minnows.
  15. Yeah I was over looking at the club trout nursery on the Falling Spring the other day and they've got some really nice fish in there this year. Hoping to get one of those 20"+ ones on my line that I see swimming around in there.....LOL. Yeah that Brook must be a slow learner. I saw a guy fishing this spot and he started heading my way so I asked him if he had any luck? He said he just caught a big fat brookie in that hole and threw it back. So I moved up there and 1st cast I got a big fat brookie. I'm pretty sure its the same fish he caught. I also released it but it's probably a filet by now.