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  1. I was at Cape Cod and fished the canal last week 6/21-6/27. Drove up Sunday night and as a result I was asleep Monday morning which was the only day there were fish from what I've heard. I went out to test out my gear Monday afternoon and caught nothing. Went back early Tuesday morning, hooked a fish on my 3rd cast and it spat the hook. After that nothing. Rest of the week was exercise in futility. Ended up with just 3 fish for the entire week: 2 schoolies and 1 slot fish. Poorest fishing I've had since I've been fishing the canal over past 7 years. Also no bluefish at the beach I fish. Nothing was caught there that I saw except scup. Oh well.....better luck next time.
  2. I usually fish one particular beach there, which is a south facing beach. I catch bluefish and smaller size stripers most times. Last year I had 1 good day there where I was catching. The next day I went, there were seals there and no fish. Couldn't even get a bite.
  3. Awesome thats just what we needed to know. Wife was worried we'd get stopped at a checkpoint or roadblock and either not allowed to enter or ordered to quarantine for 2 weeks. Thanks so much! Can't wait to get into a little Striper fishing! Bluefish too if they're around.
  4. My family and I are preparing to head to the Cape to stay with her folks for a week and I'm looking forward to some fishing as always. We're wondering what to expect in the way of quarantine restrictions, roadblocks, etc? We weren't planning to stay for 14 days although I wouldn't mind an extended fishing trip. I've been trying to get some info but when I called several places all offices are thought I might ask on here?
  5. Yeah Pa has been doing the same. In fact I think thats more info than Pa has been giving. From what I heard, they had all of their fish stocked before the end of April. Despite all the stuff going on I have to say this has been one of the best trout seasons I can remember here in the local area. Some of the things that were done could carry over and would not be a bad thing.
  6. Went for a walk down in the sticks last week where the stock trucks don't stock, and found a crap load of hungry fish! Ended up going there 5 straight days and caught around 40 trout! ......many of them were good size too. The biggest one I hooked was a brown and he gave me an epic battle on UL tackle. He ended up breaking my line at the last minute. Had another big Rainbow on the next day but he spit the hook halfway in. Finally I landed this nice 20" Rainbow......and it took the old Pflueger/BPS-Browning combo to get the job done.
  7. Just had a big brown on my line 2 days ago. I was using a TFO 6' UL rod and this thing hit my lure like a shark. It was a heavy fish and it fought like a tiger. Probably was not a wild bred fish but may have been in the creek for a season or two. Had my rod bent like a pretzel as I was trying to prevent it from getting under a log jam. Had my drag zinging. I finally managed to get it into shallow water along the bank and was about to net it leader broke. F**&^&^%$##@#@! Last I saw was my lure hanging out of its mouth and it was headed for Chesapeake Bay. It was a nice fish definately over 20".......oh well. Maybe I'll catch it again and get my lure back.
  8. Dang man! You guys are killing it with those big brooder trout! Nice fish! We very rarely see a fish over 20" around here.....unless its a fishing derby. Makes me think maybe I should get a Virginia license next year. I have Pa, Md, WV, and Mass Saltwater for this year and the Maryland was a waste of money. No fishing in Maryland unless you're keeping them for food. I don't eat alot of fish and I surely would'nt eat anything out of the Potomac River.
  9. These are all stocked by the local Spotsmans club. The only native fish that I know of around here are brookies up in the mountains that are usually about 7" - 8" long.
  10. Been catching some nice fish the past few wall mounts like some of the guys on here, but good size. These 3 are 18" Rainbow, 16 1/2" Brook, and 19" Rainbow:
  11. Very sorry to hear. Condolences to you and your family. I lost my mom 24 years ago to Lou Gehrigs. Losing mom leaves a hole in your heart that never heals, but you get used to the feeling after time goes by. I think of her every single day, so I guess in that way shes never really gone.
  12. I have 3 UL spinning rigs I use for trout. I have Shimano Stradics on 2 of them and the 3rd one is a Pflueger President LTD on a Bass Pro/Browning rod. I'd have to say that the Shimano reels are smoother, but I still love that Pflueger-Browning combo. Its caught more fish than the other 2 combined. This pic is from yesterday morning. The 2 rods with Stradics were in my truck. I usually have this rig with me just for backup duty, but I still use it sometimes just because I like it. Its not super fancy, it just does the job. The Rainbow was 19". Hit the lure right at my feet in a fast current and shallow water. Had a nice little fight there with about 5 ft of line out. Fish was safely released after pic.
  13. Oh ok. Looks like about 25" or so from the pics. Nice fish!
  14. Thats a pretty awesome fish you got there! Whats the measurement on it?
  15. I had a pair of Simms Freestone waders for about 5 years. They were about the best waders I've ever used, but they started leaking at the seams around the knee area on both legs. Sent them back to Simms repair department and was shocked to receive a brand new replacement free of charge. They said mine were defective?? After 5 years of use??......Ok. I will say that I never used mine in saltwater, but climbing over rocks, logs, and fences, and falling in mud and rocks isn't really that much easier on them. They are well made and tough, not to mention the fact they fit alot better than my LL Bean ones. Simms will get my buisness from now on. I received a pair of the Simms wading pants for a gift this past Christmas and I am loving those.