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  1. Trout are still hitting around here. Got 10 yesterday with this 17" being the largest.
  2. Well spent the past week at the Cape and returned home yesterday. If I had to sum up my trip in one word I would say ........humbling. My 5 trips to the canal resulted in 3 skunks. I was fishing the wrong end for the early part of the week. After I figured out what was going on I did manage to catch a few fish. Biggest was 36"....not a bad fish. However the guy on my left got a 36 LBer! ......guy on right got a 46 LBer! HOLY CRAP! They were both great guys.....gave me lots of tips and info. These are both local guys with 25+ yrs experience with the canal and fish there all the time. I was watching both these guys technique and tried to copy, but I don't quite have the jigging thing down yet. My 1 week trips per year are never going to result in any great skill level, but maybe I'll luck into a quality fish at some point. Better luck next year. Also took a few trips to the beach. My 1st trip was just for an hour or so and I caught a few bluefish there .......which was awesome as I love catching those hard fighting bluefish! . The next time I went there were seals there and I caught nothing. The seals stayed around there and I never caught another fish at the beach.
  3. There is a beach close to the in-laws house that I like to fish when I'm there. That beach seems to be great for bluefish but I only catch small stripers there......never any bigger size ones. It has a jetty and that whole area does get packed. I'd say the crowded conditions are worse there than any I've experienced at the canal. Plus I see alot of people there that just keep every fish they catch......I guess they are desperate. Small stripers, bluefish, scups by the bag full, etc. Last year I didn't get a single bluefish there.....just a few small stripers. I think the bluefish were late or I was early. Hope its a little better there this year.
  4. I'm not driving hundreds of miles to get to the canal. I'm a PA trout fisherman and up until about 7 years ago I had never heard of the Cape Cod Canal and had never ever tried to catch a striper, but I married a Mass girl and her folks have a house on the cape, so we come up to visit every year and stay for a week or so. So put yourself in my gonna spend a week going to gift shops in Hyannis with wife and mother-in-law?.......sit on back porch all week with Dad-in-law talking about things I know nothing about?......or go catch a few fish? .....what would you do?
  5. I AM! I'll be there on vacation all next week.......can't wait!
  6. I got this 21" Chain Pickerel this morning while trout fishing. Probably weighed around 4 lbs. Not sure how common these are other places but they're not seen much around my area. I've been fishing these creeks all my life and its only the 5th one I've ever caught. Thought I had a big Brown Trout on till I saw that ugly snout......LOL. Put up a great fight though and I released him after the pic.
  7. I may try experimenting again with the single hooks. I'd really like to go that route but the lures action has to remain the same.
  8. Have you noticed any difference in the swimming action of the plugs after changing out the trebles with single hooks? I tried that on my Rapalas and it made a big difference in the swimming motion which made them less effective. Even changing out just one of the trebles, either one, had a negative effect.
  9. This is correct. A soft rod is no good for lures. You need a fast action to set the hook properly. Moderate action softer rods are ok for drifting bait so you don't yank the hook out of the fish's mouth on the hookset.
  10. For early season I like to use a white Roostertail size 1/8 oz. Its gotta be one of the deadliest lures ever devised for trout. Cast upstream and across and reel fast enough to keep off the bottom. I have caught more fish on this than on live bait, or any kinda bait, or any other kinda lure.
  11. Also West Virginia has their own unique strain of "Golden Rainbows". We always called them palominos, and still do. The WV hatcheries have been producing a crap load of them these past few years and stocking them in all sizes.
  12. Might have started out that way, but its not random here in Pa and they're not rare. They are labeled "Trophy Golden Rainbows" by the Pa Fish Commission and they crank them out of the hatcheries every year in good numbers. I helped on the stock truck 2 weeks ago and we stocked about 12 or more in the 20"+ size and some smaller ones also that day. Guys around here go nuts for them. One local taxidermist told me he's had guys come in with ones only 12" or so in size and get them mounted. I've seen people doing all kinds of stupid stuff trying to get one (illegal and immoral). They often have odd behavior and can be tough to catch at times, and they are also known to put up a heck of a fight.
  13. Heres a few from last couple of years...... ......that last one is a Steelhead.
  14. Looks like the creek is in good shape there ^^^ I was gonna go to a new place that wasn't stocked until after youth day, but since youth day had creek conditions blown out, I am gonna go to the local creek here. I am sure theres plenty of fish left in there.
  15. Thats a nice one! ^^^ I'm heading down to North Potomac River tomorrow for a go at it. Hope I have some of that kinda luck!