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  1. Is the season over for Merrimack? I caught a few shads a few weeks ago but have not gone back.
  2. Shad fishing is still super slow at Merrimack.
  3. Is shad fishing something you only do during spring/early summer? Can you target them when they return back to ocean like around fall?
  4. There plenty of Togs in north shore if you know where to find them. I know a few locations where you can easily target them from shore in north. However, i recommend not to target the north one and just let them breed.
  5. I am alittle confuse so are you releasing a 10'6" 2-6oz or they only in 10' and 11' or the 10' and 11' in 3-10oz? Looking to grab the 2-6 once it out
  6. That does not apply to the new Daiwa reel. The saltist back bay 3000 that i use on the 7 ft rods is same size as Shimano 3000 size. Daiwa probably trying to match their reel to everyone else now. Mono 170/8 Weight 9.9 oz
  7. I have the star stella lite and it exactly what you looking for however 5000 size reel might be to big for it. I pair it up with the new Daiwa saltist back bay for fluke and schoolie. 7'6 2 piece M action Rated 1/2 - 1 1/2 SG1020S76
  8. If you were closer to Boston I would pick up that avid. Been looking for M/L avid for good deal.
  9. So are the shad late in Merrimack? I just saw the fish count at Lawrence dam and only about 1700 shad swim through since May 21. The last time it was this low when we had the flood in 08 I think. Hopefully more arrive by June but that number is alittle worrying.
  10. I have backbay 3000 reel and it awesome reel. I was hoping they come out with larger size. Where did you hear this from?
  11. What rod do you guys recommend for under 100? I went out today to Merrimack and caught my first shad. It was awesome but I need to upgrade the rod I was using as it was a 10 dollar Shimano rod that was alittle to moderate. My first shad was over 22" it torpedo out water couple time super fun.
  12. Which one would you prefer for CCC? I am looking to buy the korker Triple Threat, one has spike the other one has aluminum bars. Not sure which one is better for slippery rock. Thanks
  13. I still use swivel : (
  14. I don't own a bike. I just walk a few mile here and there my only exercise for the week lol. Unless you planning on keeping fish then a bike is easier to haul in your catch back to car.
  15. I use a tsunami airwave elite 1102M rated 1-4oz for pencil popper rated between 2-3 oz. I use it for SP minnow to.