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  1. Actually two weeks ago I saw Bald eagle hovering above a pond in Lynn. It was not hard to miss as it was only hovering about 20 feet above the water and those white distinct figure is hard to miss.
  2. Awesome thank I will give it a try Saturday morning
  3. Did Merrimack river water drop yet?
  4. This Sunday look really nice I will probably do that 1 hr drive up and give this a try. I have new rod & reel combo i been dying to try out. I will let everyone know how it goes.
  5. If you put in the effort now you can catch shad now in Merrimack but it really slow better wait another 2 weeks to try.
  6. I also use jigster 11' and that rod can handle those easily.
  7. It pop up once in awhile on Tackledirect, just have to check on it cause it sell out in a week. I luckily score 2-3 of it this winter.
  8. You know what i will take it. Msg me your paypal
  9. Let me know if you can see pictures. I got it last year only used it few times. There is a little scratch if you look at first picture.
  10. Would you trade it for Saragosa 6k?
  11. i used alberto for light leader usually freshwater 10lb braid to 6flb leader. FG for saltwater usually 15lb braid to 20lb leader. I prefer FG knot but it really hard to do it with light setup.
  12. Had everyone tested new black hole striped bass special 1-6oz? How well can it cast 5oz? I want this for plug rod for canal
  13. This is one of those reel that just look so much better in person.
  14. That is sweet looking knob wish we can still get our hand on it.