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  1. Thats awesome, I only been salmon fishing once up in Alaska a few years back when the silver were running. Ill keep you in mind once i get situated. Closest thing to me (inland wise) to fish will be Rio Vista. Can't wait to hit the surf out there, also hope i can get on the fall run here in NJ after thanksgiving. Who knows when I will be back.
  2. Sold my 12ft sit on top that i rigged up for flounder fishing a few months ago, still have my wife 9ft ocean kayak that we are bringing with us. Appreciate the info, time is ticking. Work has limited my time to get out that last few weeks out this way. Trying to get it in before i have to leave. Really looking forward to what the new area has to offer for sure!!!
  3. It’s looking like I’ll be out there for at least 4 years, maybe more. Definitely ready for fall to come around and and fish as much as possible this year. Not too sure when I’ll head back so gotta make it worth it. I’ll probably be taking plenty of am trips and drives after work.
  4. Moving from one expensive place to another, more expensive place. As long as I have my house rented out here in NJ I’ll make due.
  5. I tell ya what, those halibut are like dinosaur fluke. Caught a bunch up in Alaska in 2016 and damn do they taste just as good if not better. It’s like pulling teeth just to get a keeper out here at 18” some days. Really looking forward to coming out that way. Didn’t really have a choice of where to move due to the whole service thing but I’d say I lucked out. Thinking my 6500 spinfisher and conflict2 lc will fit in just fine.
  6. I’m used to driving an hour to get where I need to be but beggars can’t be choosers. Just glad I’ll still be able to fish for these. Haven’t really looked up regs out that way yet. A lot of top water action for pacific stripers? I get them occasionally in the surf and bays on poppers out in NJ but I consider bucktails my bread and butter.
  7. Yea that’s probably where I’ll be living, or around there. Fairfield, Vacaville, or somewhere close to that. I’d imagine I’d be doing a lot of driving towards San Fran to fish.
  8. In between Sac and San Fran. That’s nor cal right?
  9. Moving to Northern California and it looks like I'll still be able to go after those bass. Any decent areas? Mainly bay? Surf? River? I've fished the shore line of NJ basically my entire life along with parts or the Chesapeake Bay in MD. I guess i should really get after is this fall before I move. Headed to CA in February. Any and all insights greatly appreciated. Not asking for anyone to give away their "spot", just some tips on what to expect. Thanks.
  10. Not bad, my brother was talking to me yesterday about the new fierce model. I don’t need another reel currently but if I did it seems pretty nice for the price. The live line option is a must for me. Even if you don’t use it while fishing it makes it pretty convenient for letting line out while setting up/packing up. Love the live line option on my spinfisher.
  11. Yea a lot of good info on there. Ended up making my own rigs with wire. Held up great. Will do, almost there I think. .
  12. Bad conditions yesterday evening but you take what you can get when you have the time. Just small blues tearing up bait, pulled a few in. Did manage to reel in a huuuuge roughtail stingray. Took a bunker head. Better than reeling in skate after skate.
  13. My apologies Chief 1bad350. I will never do it again, I promise. Here’s a refurbished jigmaster that was my grandfathers that I fixed up. I hope I meet the minimum meaningful requirements with this one.
  14. Resident bass. Best striper I've caught from the rocks along Delaware beaches. Jul 4th weekend. 5 year old spinfisher hasn't skipped a beat.
  15. Hello all. I'm looking forward to taking my brother and father out fishing. Due to my fathers health, his sea legs aren't in the best shape so a party boat or boat in general is out of the option for us. I was planning on throwing out some beefy tackle with chunks in the surf with hopes of catching some sharks. Any one been out this summer doing this yet? Was able to reel in a few last summer around the Sea Isle/Strathmere area. Any insight on what beaches are producing or reports would be greatly appreciated. Would love to see my pops real in a shark as he doesn't get the chance to go out often. Thanks.