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  1. Wtf is that? I'm drooling!
  2. Man I hate you balloon knots! Bad enough my wife and kids will be in Florida next week, but now you got a party started?
  3. There's one here in Maine that says "Keepa Way"
  4. No those are swamp donkeys
  5. Red wrestle a gator for me!
  6. Should report finding that turtle. They are constantly looking for info on them, they are becoming more rare.
  7. What is it?
  8. Move along man. This is by far the best website I've ever been on. Been here for like 20 years.
  9. Sound like SIM.
  10. Bunch of balloon knots. Beautiful critters.
  11. That's what the wife and kids think.
  12. The damn thing came back last night. I told the wife and kids we might as well keep it if it keeps coming back.This big bastard already adopted us when we moved in.
  13. Lmfao we have a serial killer cat. Makes little piles of critters.
  14. Haha no it came in when my daughter called to our cat. She didn't realize it was different until she saw them together and screamed.
  15. Only one of these cats are ours. My daughter screamed "dad there's 2 blues!". I come downstairs to this. The picture doesn't show it but minus a white tip on our cats tail they are IDENTICAL. Haven't seen that cat in the 2 years we have been here. My daughter called our cat to come in for the night, this one came in like it lived here for years, letting all the kids pet it and pick it up!