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  1. I'm certainly no Dr. But when I think of fish and the warnings I think of Asians. They eat fish CONSTANTLY, any fish they catch, and they live longer than us and their children always come out fine.
  2. Must be all kinds of critters there!
  3. Wtf do you do for work???
  4. Took my kids looking for snakes on the side of the road, was in/near grass for about 10 minutes and got 6 on me!!! Ef those little bastards
  5. Beatles
  6. My downstairs bathroom toilet has a sink on one side and the shower on the other, upstairs is up against a wall on on the side
  7. Not enough this year. Stupid depression.
  8. My toilet is close to the wall, so I just lean up against it.
  9. Yes, except for the ****n Canadian tourists and out of staters that are here all summer!
  10. Cod. Where did he catch it? Boat?
  11. We had one in Maine a couple years ago! Scared the crap out of me!
  12. My oldest has a guy that just gives her money!!! I told her cut the **** before she ends up dead!