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  1. I've caught them here in Maine as small as 5 inches on a sabiki rig. And got a tagged 12 inch a few years ago that came from the Hudson.
  2. Where was the outcry when I was 14 and got the CRAP beat out of me by the cop that arrested me and then the whole sherriff's department!!!! Oh yeah no cellphones then and I'm white.
  3. Shoot on sight. Farkin scumbags!
  4. Jesus. Sorry to here that brother My family's hearts and thoughts are with you. Too young.
  5. Be fun for a while anyway
  6. All violent protesters should be shot on sight. Period. As well as looters.
  7. I was so drunk I couldn't even edit that. Damn.
  8. Dont pay attention to the title. I'm drunk.
  9. I live in a popular beach town so naturally we draw in the trash. Was walking down the road with my daughter and as these 2 cars of queers drives by one throws his can out the window. Obviously I couldn't catch them so I just checked out the can, TRULY sparkling alcohol water. Unreal dude had a big beard and everything giving MEN a bad image! If I could run I would have fed him that can!
  10. Sexy
  11. Quit shitting on Maine you cork suckers. That's only up north.
  12. Yeah the Walmart sports section.
  13. AWESOME!
  14. So sorry brother. Your family is in my family's hearts.