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  1. The New York Times ( The Progressive's main attack dog ) has already written, that Tax exempt status for church's, should be removed if they do not do gay marriages. The attack on religion has started but than again this whole gay marriage thing was just the first shot against religion. The Left always lies, " your religion rights will be left alone, trust us " Done ( LOL )
  2. Well not to far off. there are Progressives who believe that animals have the same rights as humans and a right to sue.
  3. Hope you reported it to the police. The cost of a VS and CTS rod makes it grand larceny in NY.
  4. Ok question s than...............What last name do the kids use? Truth be told should be the wife's, at least we always know who the mother is (especially in the minority community ).
  5. Come on, lets be real. This marriage equality thing is all BS. It's a attack on religion by the Left pure and simple. Gays have felt, because those of faith, believe sex between two men ( not who they are ) is a sin and thus have to destroy that which people of faith believe in. Already they are starting to attack Church's in Idaho. On TV yesterday there were Gays dressed like the Pope blessing other gays on the steps of the Supreme Court, mocking religion.
  6. What bashing ? Just telling the truth as what you on the Left will have accomplished with your continued attacks on the USA. Progressives leftist are the Communist among us, who were for told " will bury us ". Leftist are just American hating Fifth Columnist.
  7. They are already doing it in Canada. In five years they will be demanding churchs be burned down as temples of hate. Freedom of speech, Ha, not when it comes to gays, You have no freedoms.
  8. Ok lets see, 127,000 Japanese Americans, 11,500 German Americans done by FDR ( a Progressive and socialist at heart ). Now Wilson ( a major Leftist Progressive ) put only 2,000 Americans into camps but did make 250,000 Americans register, if needed to be encamped. Now granted no where near as many that the National Socialist jammed into camps or say the Russian Red Socialist of the USSR under Stalin. Yes Leftist have quite a record of using camps against those who do not follow their agenda. It's for the children, you know.
  9. Ok, here's one for you. Number of years ago, I'm fishing Gilgo. So end of the nights fishing, I clearly remember putting all my gear into the back of the buggy. The next thing, I wake up in the early morning parked, with the engine off, and just sitting behind the wheel, on the side of Ocean parkway, no more than 100 yards past the engineers road. Now I only lived 15 minutes from the beach and made the trip 100's of times. Never ever fell asleep so close to home, plus did not remember how I got there.
  10. The Supper needs his walking papers handed to him. Yelling may be a little over the top but if no one yelled fire, what they yelled is covered under the First Amendment.
  11. If I didn't love my kids and surf fishing so much I'd get out of New York tomorrow. Plus the wife would never want to go. It's not just the taxes but in the end quality of life. Here's a little note. One of the many taxes on my phone bill, is one to help pay for the Spanish American War, no kidding.
  12. So being forced to explain to your kids something they may still be to young to truly understand Is not " putting on one's big boys pants "? Was sitting on a blanket with my three kids in a park with other families all around for a town concert. Two young women on the next blanket starting going at it hot and heavy. It was a damn concert, why the need for in your face sh**. As to how does same-sex marriage hurt me. Simple, for most people who are religious ( Christian, Jews and Muslims ) the act of gay sex is considered a sin. ( being gay is not just the act ). So by calling their union Marriage, the word used by people of faith, is to mock them. Something like how Progressives Leftist like to walk on the American flag.
  13. This from a man, who has the photo of a man, who throws people naked to wild dogs, as his profile photo. Leftist and their hero's, now there's a group who should never own a gun.
  14. Isis seems to hate everything that will interfere with praying to their God ( except killing ). Young boys and men are banded from flying kites too. Don't know what their take is on surf fishing but have a feeling I could lose my head.
  15. Shocked! Shocked I say. This from a man whose religion is the religion of peace? He just had a K bar knock off to cut up some bait.
  16. The trouble is 20% of them, even after the change commit suicide. So as it's said " those whom the God's would destroy, they first drive mad ".
  17. Excuse me but the topic is about the cheapness of the multi millionaire. Now, just because he's rich, does not mean he should just fork over 100 bucks, if that's all he had. Yet lets be real, it was caught on tape because he has probably pulled this " sorry it's all I have " routine before. What political party he votes for not the issue, the man is just cheap and a poor excuse for a humanbeing.
  18. Sorry to hear, get well soon, there's a new season starting. Don't know what's going on but we're all falling apart it seems.
  19. Well thanks to Obama and our America hating Leftist friends here, America's Air Force is now second best to the rest of the world. China's and Russia's new planes surpass our best planes. Which they are now selling to our enemies in the Middle East. Plus the number of pilots and airmen now number at pre WWll levels. At this rate another Pearl Harbor ( this time by China ) is in our future, our Marxist friends must be proud how low they have brought this country in less than eight years. Happy Memorial Day.
  20. In 1964 minimum wage was $1.25 and hour. At that time a gallon of gas was 25 cents a gallon and a slice of pizza was 15 cents. Hell you could take a girl to the movies and a slice after for a total of 2 bucks. Trouble is inflation has pushed those cost to where they are today. Part of the increase has been upping the minimum wage, which makes everyone else wanting more. Here's a thought, all the money you have saved is worth less and less because of the push for more, for the same amount of work. One day you're going to need a wheel barrow to buy a loaf of bread.
  21. Hey bigot, you know what else they say about Italians, want to test the sharpness of my blade?
  22. Excuse me but what happened to the people already making $15 and hour? On another thought. Remember the pictures of all the people on Fords first assembly line. Their now all made of steel and hydraulic tubing and electric wires. I wonder if the machines pay union dues?
  23. Excuse me? If one has read the article, you would see that this poor business owner's beliefs were RAPED. So when are You and your Progressive Leftist friends, going to open the Re-education Camps. Those two women and their friends pretty much did what amounted to painting Jewish stars on that business walls. Why because he did not believe in their agenda! You and the rest of the Lefties here are now trying to white wash it. We have not come that far from the National Socialist to the Democratic Progressive Socialist. Just only took 70 years.
  24. There are many. Look them up. but here are a couple.........International Business Times - China's new stealth fighter NDTV - China Fighter Jets UK Express - China sells jets to Argentina Hell tell the truth you don't really care just some more spin to cloud the fact, from the Left.
  25. Still to cold for blue claw crabs. Probably will be a bad year due to the heavy ice on the bay this past winter. When you get a bad freeze, it not only freezes on top but on the bottom of the bay. Stating from the most shallow areas and into deeper water the colder it gets. This bottom ice smothers anything in the mud ( where your crabs go for the winter ). So bad winter bad crabbing.