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  1. When that time comes, those like you better hope there is a God.
  2. Maybe the Muslims are right. F with their religion and get your head cut off. I'm starting to think maybe us Christians should stop turning the other cheek and take some lessens from the religion of peace.
  3. Well maybe it's a pipe dream but a tunnel across the Sound would be a God send. Worked on evack plans for the Island in the 80's. A second way off would help that and the economy.
  4. Once our atheist friends have removed everything public. Than they will finally do what they really want can and board up all the church's. They will never stop till that end.
  5. Iran not only takes 10 American sailors captive but videos them on their knees. This was than shown to the world ( such action is against Geneva Convention but what the Hell ). The American Left must be in heaven. The is talk that the sailors GPS was hacked putting them into Iran's territory. They have done that with one of our drones in the past. Jimmy Carter and now Obama both Iranian butt kissers.
  6. There is talk that there was no engine trouble. Even if there was, there were two boats. The engines on the one could have easily towed the other. Than you have our Sectary of State apologizing?
  7. I lived in Germany for two years forty years ago. Prostitution is legal, or I should say State controlled. Due to that rape was almost unheard of. If the rape stories coming out of Germany are true, Miss Merkle is toast, in the next election.
  8. The Bundy's are scaring the sh** out of the Left, GOOD. There are 250,000 more just like them just waiting.
  9. The Hammonds are simply political prisoners of the New Marxist Leftist Government, Obama has created in America.
  10. Ok, I have two compressors, one for my jeep and one for my F350 dually. For the Jeep I use a Viair 400P. Does a great job, little pricy but better than all those junk 12 volts. For the Dually I have a attached air tank coupled with a ExtremeAir compressor, which for the dually ( 6 large tires ) works great. Remember if you're going to run the beach better have the right tools.
  11. It's time to demand a accounting of money's spent on protecting these birds. How many millions both State and Federal. The public has a right to know. Fifty years of this BS, enough. They spend more on these birds than they do for many childhood diseases. So which are more important children or the birds, Mr. Politician? It would be terrible if a truck jackknifed on the Mose's bridge early in the AM on a week end morning? All those beach goer's unable to get on or off?
  12. RIP

    There should be a memorial put up at the Point like the one for Percy ( The Fiddler ). RIP Jack.
  13. Well our Progressive Leftist friends here must be dancing in the streets. The US military already at levels below WWll levels is being cut again. The only thing that would make them happier would be the burning of the US flag and one from ( pick one they don't care ) Russia, China,North Korean or Isis. Or any country that hates America as much as they do, put in it's place. Things are so bad the Navy has asked France to send their aircraft Carrier to cover for them till they can return to the Mideast. Obama and the Left will not stop till the only Navy we have is a couple of row boats in Central Park Lake.
  14. Love your Leftist Marxist historical revisionism. Our leftist collages are doing a great job turning out top rated propagandist.
  15. Well sorry you're off by a couple of billion. China is 141 billion and going up by 10 %. Also their budget does not take in what they spend on weapons development. Plus their troop count is 2,333,000 active and 2,300,00 inactive military personal. We are now going to be at 420,000 US Army troops. I know we're still not low enough for a Leftist quisling like you.
  16. After WWll the military was cut to 700,000. Than Korean war broke out and the country was in trouble. We went into Korea with some weapons even from WWl and left overs from WWll. The North even had better Jets. We got our butts kicked in the beginning. Yes I know you Leftist loved it. Which seems to be the whole idea of Progressives. Wilson had stripped the military to the point we had to use weapons supplied by France, going into WWl. Just before WWll, FDR and Leftist ( remember "scholarships not battleships" ) had the military doing maneuvers with wooden guns. So Russia and China doubling their forces and we cut. Usual Progressive thinking. They tried changing the language to German twice, Chinese/Korean once. Since that didn't work, they now are counting on Russia or China again. And lets not forget who really won the Vietnam war, the same Progressives quislings American haters who've been at it since Wilson..
  17. Oh come on now, we all know why the age was set so low. It was so underage girls could get knocked up and have an abortion without their parents consent. As many said give the Progressive Left an inch and it seems there no end low they'll go. Good God, parents raising their own children, how old fashion. It takes a village!
  18. Very true. trouble with them is not that they are criminals but that they suck up all the high tec jobs for have the cost.
  19. They are cutting again. Also lets not forget in 2014 Obama cut 80K Army and 10K marines. Things are to the point some major military leaders may resign putting Obama in a very bad light. Trouble is it could put split this country even further. The Army will be cutting 15K civilian workers, how's that going to help the unemployment numbers.
  20. The whole world is using a maxed out credit card. Just wait, things are going to get real interesting. Spain and Italy next?
  21. Not embarrassed enough I guess. How many more Americans need to die from Illegals before their lives are worth more than a tree's?
  22. Obama doesn't want the Kurds to win, he's a fan of the JV team.
  23. Progressives and Communist unions just love to have their hands in everyone else's pockets ( business ). Just how many people with jobs will wake up tomorrow being fired? Just put cameras in your business hire one manger at a computer run things. Also Obama doubles 5 million people's pay and who do you think will really pay it?
  24. Hell, just ship the jobs out of the country or automate. We've seen just how well Progressives are at keep business and jobs in this country. Detroit come to mind?