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  1. Here is one of my favorite quite water plugs. Down to only 2 left. dan did a nice job on this one.
  2. You could use a link from a stainless shash chain. The same chain we used to make stringers of 15 to 20 feet. Its what was used in old jointed pikies.
  3. The ones I have were original dannys, never used any of beachmasters stuff
  4. If you are going to make plugs stainless is the only thing that will last. Check it first with a magnet. Gold will last but why use it? So will silver it will turn blavk over time. For tins stainless, lead covered in crome or real tin ( thats were the name came from) works fine. Brass eyes on jigs are ok for a time. Don't know what you're making good luck
  5. No weights as far as I can see without removing the paint. But knowing the way most were painted and put together probably none there. Also I believe only a couple were ever made. The other one in black has a yellow belly no weights can be seen on that one as well.
  6. Sorry don't know. Been trying to find some myself. Have been told to hang around garage sales etc you may get lucky. Or you could make one out of body fender putty, they don't last long but they do work.
  7. here's a design you don't see anymore.
  8. Yes like I said never did much with them. If you think the paint job is rough well thats typical Danny art work. Story goes that guys would sit in danny's basement floating plugs in a bucket to see which ones looked like they'd work before they would buy them. But thats wood for you.
  9. No question is ever dumb. Not asking is. been surf fishing 40 years and still have questions & still asking.
  10. Danny p it is. Some people loved them never did much with them. They cold be adjusted to swim from just below the surface to couple of feet down.
  11. oops sorry, here's photo
  12. here's an old timer i've had for 30 years. By who?
  13. Yep its a conrad. Sorry not selling have only 3 in this color left.