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  1. Ok, so you're kind of new to this. There are so many blanks and companies out there it can confuse even the best of us. So go with " KISS " principle. The go to rod for 30 some years 132m. Any shop or builder worth his salt can build you one. Fished one for 20 years, gave it away and ten years into my second. Yes I own a could of other rods but when in doubt, I pick up the Lami. Once you learn how to cast you could even throw 1/2 oz bucks with it.
  2. You who do you think! Typical Leftist Progressive, trying to spin and muddy the water. Any more of these types of attacks and it will be time to sweep you and all Leftist sh**s into the ocean. Enough, better start arming yourselves, Leftist punks will be kicking in your doors next people. They couldn't beat you with the IRS, FBI and other goons in Government or main stream media Hollywood & Marxist collages, now they'll let loose this Chicago garbage on your families.
  3. So is anyone surprised Hollywood elitist and entertainers will not perform for Trump? Hollywood has been a Communist swamp all the way back to Joe M., who tried to flush it. He was taken down by the communist in the main stream media. It's time the black list came back, and not just for Hollywood, but the Main stream media and Marxist collage professors as well. List hell, time for blind folds and cigarettes all the way around. Till than this Country will never be at peace.
  4. Obama on his way out the door gives the finger to the Jews. He didn't have the balls to do it before the coward. On the other hand, the Jews got what they deserved, they put him in office.
  5. With the way this country is spit, and if the election is stripped from Trump, there will be a shooting civil war. The Right and their beliefs has been attacked by the Extreme Left, that's been in power these last eight years to where it will be the last straw. To you Lefty's who think the Military would be on your side, the majority of them voted for Trump. To you Pinko Lefty's here, you want a cigarette with that blind fold?
  6. Was it an assault knife?
  7. Ok, a couple of things are going on. First Steve has moved to new quarters and it's taking time away from plug making. Second they had to get a new plastic guy to push the bodies out. Three Steve is NOT out fishing but working like hell to keep up. While Don does help out he spends more time working on new designs. Lets remember SS plugs are plastic but all hand built and painted. That's why they are so good.
  8. Full auto? Depends on rifle. M1 carbine only needs a rubber band on a spring to turn it full auto. AR, if you have access to a drill press and a metal router. Just extending the cut in bolt will do it.
  9. Ok just so we know what is what. bull pup , The Tavor coast $1800. fires 223 semi, no Saturday night special AK47 ‚Äč
  10. Ok, something has me wondering. The MSM was saying the Baton Rouge shooter was using a AK-47. Well they just came out with a bunch of stills, showing the shooter walking. He was carrying a military Bull Pup rifle no where near even looking like a AK. This is no sniper rifle but a close contact weapon. If full auto where did it come from?
  11. She should be given a one way ticket to some Isis held city. They 'd cut her liberal head off before she got half way off the plane. Hey, we should do that with all the Liberal Progressives in this country.
  12. People forget the world had to fight these people before and drive them out of their countries. It's time all Muslims are driven back to there home Muslim counties and than the world needs to build a wall around them. The Koran tells them to kill everyone not Muslim and till they out number you, to lie and tell you what you want to hear. Religion of peace? You believe that I have a bridge to sell you. The world needs another El Cid.
  13. Fear mongering? Tell it to the people of Nice.
  14. If anybody believed America stood for the rule of law, that thought was killed today. My advice is if you are even a inch right of center stop texting today. The Left owns the IRS, DOJ and now the FBI and every other department of Government. So much as spit on the sidewalk and you will be in a Leftist re-education camp tomorrow. Yesterday was the last Fourth of July for Liberty. Our Leftist friends have won.
  15. Ok, kind of POed, just got off the phone with a Editor for a major fishing mag, about an article claiming the bass are jumping out of the water. WHAT the hell! I guess you have to sell papers some how. Now if I was a once a month arm chair fisherman, I could except their story. Or that it must be due to poor fishing skills ( 50 years on the beach don't think so ) is why I'm not killing them on every cast. Yet this same day to support my feelings that the bass are in trouble. I got a call from a very wired in buddy, asking did I do anything last night throwing eels. No, nothing not even a pick up was the answer. He laments that everyone is crying the blues, putting in nights of a thousand cast for little to nothing. We discussed a surf guide who is having trouble finding fish. Than I talked to a friend in the local Fishing reporting business, who agrees with the terrible surf fishing, him having spent many nights for nothing. To hammer the point home while picking up the first guys magazine, some customer in the tackle shop, asking where he could take his kids to catch a striper from the beach, was told to take some bunker he'd have better luck catching sharks. My circle of surf fishing friends is pretty big and I hear the same thing from them all, bass fishing from the beach this year has been pretty bad. Yes the boats are killing whats left of the large bass out on the bunker schools, but for how long. Now we hear the commercials are going to get to raid the Federal protect areas out in Montauk. WTF! It's like everyone is out to catch the last bass. Maybe It's time to take up golf.