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  1. a river produced three keeper bass on opening day based on reports out of Absecon
  2. I will take this
  3. Looking at these two in 2500 size... the specs look very similar and so does the price. Anyone have experience with both? I can't decide.
  4. it's been insane
  5. any tips on picking a spot to anchor with clams? is there any structure in GB?
  6. I'm out of Brig and will make the run up when I get the boat in... likely around April 15. Earlier if I can. Looking forward to seeing you out there. I've learned quite a bit about crabbing from you already.
  7. I'm IN north philly if this does not go through I'm interested
  8. the osprey is excellent. JP is an amazing cap, and the mates are wonderful.
  9. seen calicos in cape may point last weekend.
  10. the fish dept at the asian market on 4th and spring garden is basically a bait shop. i seen eels in there, but not 100% of the time.
  11. live jawns?
  13. My buddy sent me a pic of a jetty yesterday that was insane... a crowd of 40+ "fishermen". This weekend should be interesting.
  14. i also picked up a net. very excited to drop it.